A killer With No Soul
3 Chapter no : 3 ... Meeting The Devil For The First Time
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A killer With No Soul
Author :Goldshadex
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3 Chapter no : 3 ... Meeting The Devil For The First Time

It was morning i woke up and remembered that i was again late for school, i put on my uniform quickly and went downstairs, Grandma was still asleep, i made breakfast for her in a hurry and woke her up so she can eat with me , we both had breakfast and then i said goodbye to grandma and went to school.

It was cloudy today , maybe it will rain tonight again, i keep thinking about last night as i walked to school in a hurry.

I arrived at st.Crimson school , it was my school, i ran towards my class as i heard the bell ringing, i was glad i got there on time because the teacher was late today or maybe it was just my luck.

just as the teacher was giving lecture i felt like someone was staring at me or watching me other than the teacher and students but it could be just my imagination, then as the class was over , i took out my lunch i had packed this morning and i began to eat it , i usually eat in my class since nobody is there everyone hangs out with there friends, i never had a friend, i wish i knew how it feels to have a friend, just as i was thinking that i heard a scratching sound and i looked up and saw a black cat near the closed window scratching the window like it wanted to come inside, i opened the window and the cat hissed at me and looked very fierce, i was scared , so i took a step back, suddenly i felt someone touch my shoulder from behind , it was a boy with black hair and almond eyes, kinda handsome.

Boy: sorry , if my cat scared you he is not used to strangers.

Me: That's your cat?

Boy: Well,you can say that but i feed it during break time in the school yard, so i was looking for the cat, since i checked the school yard he was not there so i was passing by this class, so i saw the cat, this cat follows me around sometimes.

Me: Aww, Thats very kind of you.

Boy: Actually i have 5 cats at home too they r my own, maybe i will show you sometime.

Me: Yes , i would love to see your cats, by the way whats your name?

Boy: It's Tynan, and yours?

Me : My name is Clarice, Nice to meet you Tynan.

The bell rang again,

Tynan: Ohh, i gotta go, see you later clarice, bye

Me: Bye.

The cat followed him as he went out the class, wait are pets allowed to walkin the halls of school? this guy is gonna get in trouble if a teacher sees him with that cat.


Why did i felt like something was strange with that guy? eventhough he talked like a normal person but still i felt like he was hiding something and some secrets, maybe it's just my imagination....

I attended the classes and when the last class ended i went home...

I didn't expected what was waiting for me at home...something bad is going to happen, why do i feel that?...


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