A killer With No Soul
4 Chapter no : 4 ...Your Destiny
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A killer With No Soul
Author :Goldshadex
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4 Chapter no : 4 ...Your Destiny

I reached home tired and grumpy, as i open the door i heard grandma coughing hard, i asked her if she was okay? she said i m fine child, i made tea for her so she would feel calm, but just as i returned with my cup of tea to give it to grandma, i saw that her nose was bleeding and she was unconcious, i got worried, so i called a ambulance,

as i arrived at the hospital the doctor and the nurses took her to a room where her sickness can be treated.

After some time the doctor came out of the room and told me she has liver problems, her liver is almost about to fail in a few months and she needs surgery otherwise she may not survive for longer, But for the liver surgery we will take extra money.

Me : How much will it cost?

Doctor: $577,100. since its liver transplant so we need at least that much.

I don't have that much money....how will i pay him? maybe i should get a job or find some other way...i have to save my grandma no matter what...

Me: I will arrange the money , but i need some time.

Doctor : You have one month time, we will treat her till then , you can visit your grandma sometimes if u want and remember, we won't be able to do the surgery until u bring the money.

Me: okay, i got it...please take good care of my grandma...

Doctor : Don't worry we will.

I checked on grandma in the room and she was still unconsious, so i went back home, i had to find a way to get the money..but how do i get it?... just as i was passing by i felt like someone was following me , it was almost dark and it was hard to see anything. i kept walking towards home but then i heard the footsteps from behind getting quick so i began to ran.

Someone griped me from behind and the person's hand was covering my mouth , i couldn't scream for help.

i felt dizzy, and i fainted as i felt someone smack on my neck....i woke up and it was raining again...my clothes were wet, i tried to stand and i saw i was in the same dark forest, but this time something felt different...

???: Hello there.....maybe i can help u save ur Granny...hehe..

i was surprised at the sudden voice coming from the woods, who was that?

Me: Who's there?! Show yourself!.

Someone came out from near the trees it was a dark figure, he was tall and it looked like he was drunk, he had raven black hair and bluish eyes.

Tall figure: I am Adelram, and i can help u save that old hag if you serve for me as a killer. im looking for employees and you look like the one who belongs in our gang.

what did he just said?

Me: First of all, Don't call my grandma that and why are you stalking me?! and why would i serve you? i don't trust strangers and i don't hurt others.

Adelram: i can do and say what i want, You have no other choice either you help me or see your granny die...hehe.

Maybe he could really help me save my grandma? but i can't trust him, and why does he wants me to be a killer?!

I am always too scared to see any blood, i won't be able to kill anyone...

Adelram: You only have to kill some bad guys thats all, they are being worthless and creating trouble for everyone in the society.

and if you succeed i will give you a huge amount of money to save your granny and you can even work further too i have many other jobs for you too if u agree right now.

Me : you are a stalker, how do you even know my grandma is in the hospital? and i am too scared to kill anyone , i can't hurt anyone.

Adelram: Maybe i am a stalker but i only want to help you if you help me, i will teach you what you have to do and you can be a killer there is a drug which kills fear from the human mind and then u can easily kill them. you don't have to do anything , all you have to do is take the drug and you'd be invincible. It's easy but you have to agree if you want to save your granny. If you succeed its a win-win situation for us both your granny will be saved and i will get those people killed who are messing up the society, so what do you say?

Maybe this is the only fastest way to save grandma...i should give this a try...since i have to kill bad people so i don't have to worry about hurting anyone innocent....

Me : Okay, i am in, So what i have to do?..


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