A killer With No Soul
5 Chapter no: 5... Agreemen
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A killer With No Soul
Author :Goldshadex
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5 Chapter no: 5... Agreemen

@@Adelram: Now your talking, but i will call you tomorrow night, right now you go and rest. You need to take rest if you didn't then you won't be able to get the job done.

And just as he said that he disappeared in the woods without another word.

Me: Just where did that guy came from? and why did he smacked my neck earlier i forgot to ask him that!?...

why does he wants you to be a killer? why was he following you was it really just for helping you and himself?...

but one thought came to your mind as your began to walk towards your home, is that if you become strong enough to be a killer maybe you can use that strength to kill the one who murdered your parents? Maybe Adelram can help you find the person who killed your parents?...so many questions were in your head right now that you didn't even noticed you reached home.

you opened the door and went inside, The fire was not burning so you lit the fire and warmed yourself.

Then you went upstairs and drifted to sleep with your all the questions and thoughts in your mind....You were tired.



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