Abe the Wizard
673 Elite Pries
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Abe the Wizard
Author :The Mass of Eating Melon Seeds
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673 Elite Pries

After wolf rider captain Bloom had introduced him to the rest of the wolf rider captains, Abel was easily accepted into this noble wolf circle. And he too also learned a thing or two about them.

But of course, this also had to do with the full leather armor and snow eagle on Abel, and most importantly, his generosity.

Abel was happy that he didn't put on that disgusting armor of wolf rider captain Beecher. If not, he might not even pass the gate before being blocked by that black-cloaked priest.

After a bit more thinking, maybe that black-cloaked priest was so nice to him not only because they were from the same race but also because he thought he was a noble wolf.

He also realized why so many orcs had come here 10 days early. The actual orc god ceremony would take place in the middle of October, but the orcs needed to be selected before the ceremony.

Abel almost wanted to bang his head on the wall. If he was unlucky, the information wolf rider captain had sacrificed 2 sheep to attain could destroy his plan.

It had been 2 days. It looked like no more orcs were arriving. There were already around 150 orcs in the square, and most of them were clearly from noble families. It was almost Ike this orc god ceremony was exclusive to noble orcs.

"Everyone joining the selection today, come with me!" The black-cloaked priest from the other day emerged on the square again as he yelled. Afterward, he turned and walked towards the main temple.

Soon, the 150 orcs picked up their weapons and dragged their mount towards that black-cloaked priest. They took a left turn and headed, proceeded towards the back of the temple. Soon, they saw a mud stadium.

The battle would not take place in hard concrete. One was to minimize unnecessary injury. The second was to avoid vicious attacks from damaging the ground.

There were a white cloak priest and 8 skeletons by his side standing on the top of the stadium. The bones of these 8 skeletons were thicker than any skeletons Abel had ever seen.

Abel could sense how powerful each of their flames of the soul was. He felt like he was about to face a head commander. Actually, maybe more intimidating than a head commander.

At first, those 150 orcs were still chatting amongst themselves, but they immediately lowered their head as soon as they saw that white cloak priest. Even their mounts felt intimidating and humbly lowered their head as well.

"Elite priest!" There is no need for explanation; you could tell this priest was far more powerful than any intermediate priest just by looking at those skeletons.

He could not sense a single bit of death qi coming out of this priest. It was almost like he was a dead body, but his intuition told him that this priest in front of him was extremely dangerous.

"I am elite priest, Dono. Most of the other priests in the orc temple are busy, so I will be hosting this selection!" Elite priest Dino's voice sounded so raspy, it was almost like sandpaper rubbing against each other, but his tone still sounded extremely amiable.

Abel guessed it was because most of the orcs here were nobles. Although an elite priest might not care, a bit of respect was still reasonable.

Wolf rider captain Bloom had said that every priest in this ceremony were worgens, but Abel could not see how this short priest could be a worgen.

He quickly turned to wolf rider captain Bloom; what he saw was a face of shock.

Even wolf rider captain Bloom did not expect Elite Priest Dono to host this selection. Maybe something had gone wrong?

Since a team of humans had been spotted going into the depths of the orc empire, most of the priests from the orc god temple were sent out. Some were sent to strengthen the defense, and some were sent to track down that team of humans.

Normally the orc god temple was not responsible for these types of tasks, but since most of the fighting, power had been recruited to the wolf garden. The defense within the orc empire itself had become very weak. Therefore, even the priests in the orc god temple were sent out.

Of course, the orc god temple still kept quite a bit of fighting power to themselves, and this was the case for most of the places in the orc empire as well. Therefore, that little team of humans could not approach any important sights easily.

The most powerful force of the orc empire, elite priests, had not been recruited. They remained in their original position. The only ones sent out were intermediate priests.

The orc empire wanted to unleash an attack on the Miracle Wall, but no matter how important it was, they still would not send out elite priests. Once they did, this would no longer be a battle of the Miracle Wall, but an ultimate battle between 2 races.

Of course, there were still some things Abel couldn't understand. The Miracle wall and the orc battlefield was not as simple as they seemed. There were some rules both the orcs and humans could not violate.

"Sir Dono!" The 150 orcs simultaneously bowed down and said with a respected tone.

"There are 8 battlegrounds, and 8 different fights will take place at once. Enli, organize them!' The raspy voice of elite priest Dono emerged again.

Beginner priest Enli was the black-cloaked priest that led the 150 orcs to the battleground. He was a worgen priest.

Abel saw excitement emerged from wolf rider captain Bloom and the other noble wolf riders again. It would be very favorable to those noble wolves to have beginner priest Enli as the organizer.

Soon, beginner priest Enli had announced each team's opponent and their designated battleground.

In the first round of the fight, wolf rider Captain Bloom was facing a Bearman.

That Bearman was holding a shield and a battle-ax, riding a grey bear. He had a classic defense style fighter. That Bearman looked very young, but all adult Bearman would have the power of a head commander anyway.

Abel could tell this Bearman was not a noble just by looking at his gears.

The battle-ax and the shield of that Bearman looked quite normal. There were no markings on them, signifying that this Bearman was from a noble family. He didn't even have armor on; he was wearing an orc leather suit.

Although an orc leather suit was made with leather, it was not made with the most protective orc skin. It also did not have thickened layers on the most vulnerable areas since most of the time; those layers were made with metal, bones, or extra orc skin.

The orc leather suit could only regulate temperature, and it almost had no defense at all. Therefore, as a fighter representing a race skilled in defense, it truly showed how low status this Bearman was when he didn't even have any armor on.

Abel wouldn't believe it if someone told him that the beginner priest Enli was not biased.

Abel also remembered what wolf rider captain Bloom had said, of course, and he was facing a young Bearman who didn't even have armor on.

The biggest weakness of a Bearman was their speed. But if these a wolf rider and a Bearman fought, the Bearman would have a massive advantage.

By the time the 8 fights began, Abel had already gained an idea of how scary an elite priest was. There was a skeleton guarding by the side of each of these 8 fights.

The fight between wolf rider captain Bloom and the Bearman did not last for long. Due to his dominance in speed and gears, as well as their difference in skills, that Bearman fell back almost as soon as the fight began.

Wolf rider captain Bloom kept striking with his long spear as he ran circles around the Bearman on his mount wolf. Although the Bearman tried his hardest to block, his grey bear could not catch up to the mount wolf.

The Bearman grew desperate as he saw long spears kept appearing by his side. His defense was on the edge of breaking, and his grey bear had also grown dizzy from the kept turning in circles.

Suddenly, his grey bear wobbled a little; there was a weakness on his defense. Wolf rider captain Bloon quickly grabbed this opportunity and struck out his long spear, penetrating this Bearman's defense.

A second before the long spear plunged into his chest; a skeleton hand emerged between wolf rider captain bloom and the Bearman. It grabbed the long spear, and the fight ended.

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    《Abe the Wizard》