Abe the Wizard
674 Combat Selection
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Abe the Wizard
Author :The Mass of Eating Melon Seeds
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674 Combat Selection

Abel watched the fight from the side. He was shocked when he saw how the skeleton had stopped their fight at the most important moment.

His spirit guardian knights were similar to skeletons, and his resurrection spell had reached level 20. Skeletons. His skeleton support spell had also reached level 20, and considering how well they worked with their spirit wolves, Abel's spirit guardian knights were far superior to any normal skeletons.

Not to mention their full set of rune word gears. Because of this, Abel's spirit guardian knights had the power of a head commander.

However, Abel felt a difference in power when he stared at those skeletons from elite priest Dono. To stop a fight in the most crucial situation like that, the skeleton's intelligence needed to be extremely high, and its ability also needed to be superior to both of those fighters.

Of course, Abel's spirit guardian knights were also more powerful than a wolf rider captain, but in regards to intelligence, only his spirit guardian knight captain could reach this level.

This was only a small part of elite priest Dono's power as well--it made Abel a little self-conscious.

Skeleton summoning was only one part of being a priest. They still had skeleton summoners, other summonses, as well as bone and poison spells.

With all of these elements added up, it was no wonder Abel was worried.

Wolf rider captain Bloom bowed towards elite priest Dono and happily returned to his team.

The 8 fights had ended, but Abel realized one thing. None of those orcs had used combat qi. Was this a rule?

But he could no longer ask the other worgens. Although elite priest Dono was resting by the side, Abel could tell that he had already sifted his power of the will onto all the land on the 8 battlefield and the near surroundings.

If he said something suspicious, it would attract elite priest Dono's attention.

Abel didn't want to ruin everything he had done so far. He was way too interested in the place in which the orc god ceremony would take place. 

It was his target. He had spent so much time reaching to the depths of the orc empire. He had even pretended to be a wolf rider in this dangerous place--all because he wanted to see that ancient sight.

The battles between orcs often ended quite fast. Although they had spent time training, most of their power was still coming from their natural body strength. In regards to skills, human knights were miles ahead of them.

Therefore, most orcs were a lot better at attacking than defense. With this in mind, how could a fight with constant attacking last for long?

"Second round, get ready!" Beginner priest Enli yelled. He then said the names of the next 16 orcs.

Abel's thoughts were confirmed again. The wolf rider captain called out was going to face an orc that was clearly less powerful and had a disadvantage against wolf riders.

This was clearly cheating. But, it had nothing to do with him after all. He was on the side that benefited anyway.

After 6 rounds of fights had passed, and the worgens had only lost once and failed a wolf rider captain. It was the highest preformed race of the bunch.

In the 7th round of battle, Abel heard the name Beecher being called. He was about to face a Tauren.

As soon as he entered their battlefield. He knew this Tauren was noble. His gears were not bad, and his double-handed battle ax could be classified as high quality.

However, this Tauren was obviously way too young. Of course, it was kinda ironic for Abel to call someone young, but the wolf rider Beecher he had transformed into had quite a lot of years in his belt.

Abel thought that Beginner priest Enli had picked a good opponent for him. Young meant less experience, and Taurens were often quite slow, especially if holding a double-handed ax. The inferno bull under him was also not known for their speed.

Inferno bulls were known for their charging power. When a group of inferno bulls was charging, there could be a big chance of breaking humans' defense formation.

However, it clearly lacked in many aspects in the face of a mount wolf, including speed, dexterity, and explosive power.

However, the Tauren didn't seem to think anything of it. He was deliberately provoking Abel--totally disregarding him.

"Fight!" As the words of beginner priest, Enli landed, that Tauren dashed forward on his inferno bull, waving his battle-ax with both his hands.

Abel knew he was under the surveillance of an elite priest, so he could not use any human knight fighting skills. However, this was not a hard thing for him to do.

With the world stone's analysis, he had more than enough time to react. Maybe he could even defeat this young Tauren without any special techniques.

As the young Tauren dash forward, Abel's mount wolf viciously jumped and speeded forward as well.

Abel struck his long spear towards the chest of that young Tauren. It was a technique he got from royal worgen—the special long spear technique 11.

As he was struck his long spear out, he mumbled some strange spell. It was at that moment his mount wolf gracefully came to a halt.

Although Abel held back his force to match those other wolf rider captains' power, he had used a royal worgen technique. As his mount wolf gracefully came to a halt, all the momentum was concentrated on the tip of his spear.

As he mumbled the spell, a strand of green energy wrapped around the tip of the spear. This not only boosted the power of the spear massively, but it also added a scary sense of vigor to it. 

That young Tauren was extremely confident in himself. When he saw Abel's long spear coming, he did not dodge. Instead, he aimed at the long spear and viciously struck down with his battle-ax.

Both parties were extremely fast. Everything happened in the blink of an eye.

The young Tauren was confident in the strength advantage of his race. Worgens were not known for their strength, but taurens were.

In this situation, a wolf rider should dodge the charge of the same rank Tauren, and then strike back when he got the chance.

So what Abel did had made the Tauren very happy. That was why he decided to face him head-on. 

The double-handed battle ax hit on the long spear. Normally, the battle-ax would have an advantage, but at that moment, the Tauren felt like he was striking on a giant rock. The great rebound force then followed and weakened his hands. His battle-ax was thrashed out, and it landed heavily on the ground behind the Tauren.

On the other hand, the long spear just paused for a moment. Abel then quickly stabbed again, this time aiming at Tauren's throat. By that point, the Tauren was weaponless, and most importantly, his hand was still numb from the previous impact.

Abel saw the hopelessness in the young Tauren's eye, but at that moment, a skeleton grabbed his long spear. The fight had ended.

"Mr, this is not fair; he used combat qi!" That young Tauren yelled.

Although the Tauren didn't know what that green energy on Abel's long spear was, he was sure that it had dramatically boosted the power of Abel's strike. It was beyond logic that a wolf rider could have the strength of a Tauren.

However, as that young Tauren was yelling, the skeleton holding Abel's spear suddenly grabbed hold of that young Tauren and dragged him down his inferno bull.

Afterward, the skeleton directly threw the Tauren away. It was not a normal throw. It sent him flying for 20 meters.

"Get out!" Although elite priest Dono had his eyes, he knew every single thing that was happening during the fight. This Tauren just questioned his justice. It was an insult. Throwing him out was already a light punishment.

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    《Abe the Wizard》