Abe the Wizard
675 Passed
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Abe the Wizard
Author :The Mass of Eating Melon Seeds
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675 Passed

The young Tauren was quite powerful. It stood up again after being thrown so far away and did a few tumbles on the ground. However, at that moment, he was shivering with a face full of horror. He seemed stunned by the words of elite priest Dono.

"This wolf rider used a royal worgen secret technique, not combat qi. It was the orc god who gave the spear power!" beginner priest Enli sneered. They then yelled, " you have questioned the justice of the Master; now I will confiscate your belongings. Get out of the temple!"

Suddenly, admiring gazes landed on Abel, especially the ones from the worgens.

Wolf rider Bloom was also filled with excitement. He was one of the first ones to connect with Abel, and he finally understood why Abel didn't want to disclose his identity.

There was no need to explain; Abel definitely had some kind of connection with the royal worgens. Everything could be faked, but not a royal technique.

Soon, another round of fight had finished, and a large chunk of the orcs in the stadium had failed. Of course, even the failed ones did not intend to leave, other than that unlucky careless young Tauren.

The orcs were there to join the orc god ceremony. Besides getting rewards, they also wanted to avoid that mass training, so none of them were desperate to leave. Instead, they stayed by the side and watched.

Elite priest Dono also understood this, so he didn't act cold and kick out the failed orcs.

Under the conduct of beginner priest Enli, the leftover 75 orcs began to fight again. However this time was even faster. All then fights had ended in 5 rounds.

However, even after all the fights had finished, Abel realized his name had never been called. It seemed like he was the lucky one out of the 75 orcs that did not have an opponent.

"Beecher, you don't need to fight. Master said your skills and techniques could directly get you into the 30 candidates!' Beginner priest Enli said to Abel.

Although the words of beginner priest Enli had made the 37 orcs who had just passed the second round of fight a little irritated, none of them complained too much. The ability Abel had shown was basically at the pinnacle of wolf riders; it was far superior to any orcs on the spot.

If combat qi was allowed in these fights, maybe these orcs could use it to make up for their lacking in ability. But everyone knew it could be stupid to fight against a secret orc technique with brutal body strength.

Abel leisurely sat by the side and waited for the fight result. Finally, the 30 candidates were picked out.

10 of those candidates were worgen. But the Tauren, Bearman, werecat, and lion man also had their fair share. Those were all the most powerful races in the orc empire.

The holy lion family of the lion-man had authority from the orc empire royal. There were not many lion men in the first place, and they were very close to the werecats. The werecats had always been the guards for the lions. But most importantly, the lion-man had the full respect of the behemoth, which was why they could maintain their authority in the orc empire for so long.

The reasons were not any behemoth around here was entirely due to their special nature. The behemoths were the most powerful fighting force of the orc empire. They had the title of the number one fighting race. Every behemoth could reach 4 meters tall as soon as they reached adulthood.

The behemoth could use the heaviest weapons, so no orcs dare to fight a behemoth alone.

Because of this, the behemoth had always lived alone in a wealthy mountain range in the orc utopia. They would rarely interact with anyone other than the lions.

You could basically say they were basically a private army for the lions—the underlying force for their authority.

Of course, there were other races in the orc empire and the fox, rabbits, dogs, and some other even weaker races. However, these weaker races were still quite important to the orc empire due to their different abilities.

For example the foxes were known for their intelligence, so most of the economic works were done by foxes. The foxes were also one of the rare races that could possess the power of the will, so there were also many fox priests.

As Abel kept looking around, Elite Priest Dono should be a fox looking at how short he was.

The foxes had always been quite good with wolves. They had an alliance, so maybe this was also why worgens filled 10 of those 30 candidates.

'The orc god ceremony will take place in a few days. Make sure all the candidates rest well and join the ceremony in your best condition. Off you go!" Elite priest Dono said to the 30 orcs who had just passed the fight.

"Yes, Sir!" The 30 orcs said simultaneously.

It was a miracle that those intermediate level orcs could have an opportunity like this. If it was not because all the head wolf rider captains were recruited to the wolf garden, no way these orcs could have this opportunity.

After they had gotten their confirmation from elite priest Dono, everyone bowed in excitement and left.

"Beecher, you stay for a bit!" Elite priest Dono said suddenly.

Abel felt his heart drop. Did he do something wrong? Did he get exposed?

He was scared, but he still had White Snow on his shoulder. If something broke out, he should be able to escape even though he might not be able to win against this elite priest.

But of course, how could a temple like this only have one elite priest? It was best not to get exposed at all.

"Sir, you need me?" Abel stopped and bowed in respect.

"I like you the most out of all the orcs. You are the most powerful, and you also know how to do a royal wolf technique. You support the orc ceremony for longer!" Elite priest Dono said in an extremely amiable tone.

"Thank you for the compliment, Sir; I will try my best!" Abel said in gratitude.

"I asked you to stay to do something for me. If you can do it, I will turn you into a head wolf rider captain!" Said elite priest Dono.

Although this offer might seem extremely appealing to wolf rider captain Beecher, becoming a head wolf rider captain wouldn't mean much to Abel.

But Abel still pretended to get excited and asked, "Sir, please tell me!"

"I want you to find some gems with a perfect skull shape. You will know it when you see it. Although most orcs who tried could get those gems, you needed to go a lot deeper this time. After many years, all the easy ones were picked out by priests!" Elite priest Dono lowered his voice.

Abel's mind was a mess. Would the orc priest venture into someplace and fight?

Were those gems with a perfect skull shape that elite priest Dono was talking about the perfect skull gems?

All the ones Abel had gotten were flawed. The less flawed it was, the higher quality it would be, and the perfect skull gem was basically flawless.

If elite priest Dono had found out that Abel already combined a few perfect skull gems in his bag, what would he do?

"Yes, Sir, I will try my best!" Abel bowed.

'Good. As long as you can do it, I will definitely turn you into a head wolf rider captain!" Elite priest Dono nodded.

Originally he thought the candidates in the orc god ceremony this time would not be powerful enough to get any perfect skull gem, but Abel had given him a ray of hope. Although new perfect skull gems might be formed every 10 years, you still needed enough power to reach the place where they were formed.

Although the strength Abel had shown was nothing too extraordinary, he was not expecting him to grasp a royal wolf technique. Only a small number of orcs only grasped these techniques. It was almost exclusively possessed by royal members. It seemed like Abel was the love child of some royal worgen.

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    《Abe the Wizard》