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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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1 Rebirth

Alex Black, did not expect to be teleported into a white space, all of sudden, after being smashed by a truck, who sent him flying into a nearby building. He could swear in his name, that the truck had no driver!

He quickly took that thought out of his head, when he noticed that he did not know where he was, his cold glare searched for an answer to his weird situation. He had never been a person who was talkative.

A black crack appeared in the white space, and a book just appeared out of nowhere. Now, while he was not talkative, he did like to read books sometimes, but a book which basically came out of a white space, was not in his reading list.

He did not have many choices remaining, as it was his only clue to where he was. Alex extended his hand, and grabbed the book, which had a blank book cover, which made it look extremely spooky.

It was not that thick, a total of 4 pages, he estimated, before opening the first page, blank. Second page… Blank…

Each page was blank. He raised an eyebrow to this weird situation, before taking a deep breath, relaxing. He then re-opened the first page, and surprisingly it had something written in it.

"Do You Accept to Reincarnate?"

He raised an eyebrow, what was this silly situation? Reincarnation , as if that was a thing, that was merely something religious people created to cover their Gods even further, he was an atheist, he did not believe in such things.

The next moment he froze, thinking for another time, his current situation was not something which happened to others right?! This was not normal,not at all!

In the first place, he had never seen such a thin book in his life before, and he did not appreciate the fact a truck suddenly slammed into him, but did that mean he was currently in what they called the Afterlife?

"Ah, well not like I am going to lose something If I accept. I accept, show me a good time, you shitty book." For the first time in his life, Alex, cursed with an expression of amusement on his face.


In his second life, Alex was named Ling Tian, he quickly realized he was in a world of immortals, he quickly grew up as a prodigy, and using his knowledge of modern medicine and martial arts, and much more, because known as a prodigy among prodigies.


In his third life, he was named Long Tian, but he liked to call himself Ling Tian even after that. He was reborn in the Naruto world, he remembered it as an anime in his first life, he remembered it due to his amazing memory.

After that, he went back to his original 2nd universe, and became the overlord there with an extremely high power level.


Now… Ling Tian was in his palace, trying to achieve a breakthrough, to become a soaring god, who becomes the overlord of the entire space dimension, something beyond mere universes.

A multiverse.

And he failed.


When Ling Tian felt his technique malfunction, he definitely did not expect to be teleported somewhere outside his domain. It was quite funny, he was used to overwhelming other's domains with his own one, but now he did not have it anymore.

'Weird, I can feel my Soul, but I can't feel my boundless Spirit Energy anymore? Neither can I access my Chakra, meaning Yin and Yang Release cannot be used right now.' He was not in a good spot.

A second ago, he was experimenting, trying to create a technique which could create a multiverse. He controlled several universes, but a multiverse was something beyond his reach. He sighed.

'I probably overestimated my current power, despite possessing so many powers, including dojutsus and powers from the Elemental Nations, and powers from various powerhouses, I lacked the final touch it seems.'

He started to wonder… Where the hell was he even? He tried using various powers he had, but none of them worked, finally, he tried using a Soul Technique he had learned from an ancient ruin.

It was basic movement of one's soul, that one finally worked. He sighed in relief,'Otherwise, I'd be basically forced to stay like that for the rest of my life… Maybe for an entire eternity!' He thought.

He tried using Spirit Energy, but failed to do so, he then used Soul Energy, but failed similarly,'What if I mix the two…' a thought which had never entered his mind, finally did, mixing the two was...surprisingly successful!

He started to laugh to himself, internally, since he lacked a body, and what remained of him was just a white sphere, which you could see through. His boundless Spirit Energy and Chakra was now spread in this weird realm.

'Who'd have thought that the day I die, would also be the day I reach the apex?! I finally entered the next realm I was sensing! I finally became a Primordial Entity, the strongest of all!' He thought,'I am soon going to die… but the last thing I can do before my soul shatters is… detonate all my spread out energy!'

He took a deep breath, something he couldn't actually do, and with a thought of his, the entire boundless energy in this space started to surge, going towards his soul and a large sound could be heard across all this realm.

His white soul, had transformed into a large red sphere, with bulges around several places of it. After finally absorbing all the chaotic energy, it finally exploded, destroying everything in front of him.

'Now… Time to reincarnate!'

He who rarely even laughed, released a smirk.

He had already developed an ability to reincarnate using the book he found that day in his first death, however he already had it binded to his soul, and the moment he died, it would also get destroyed.

Of course, as time passed, he had also gained many more abilities through his powers, and basically did not need to rely on the book as much as he had to in his early days as a cultivator, not anymore.

Everything in his sight turned black, as the book appeared in front of him and shone in a white light


His eyes hurt, no the proper thing to say would be, that every part of his body hurted. That was a feeling he had not experienced in a very long time, as the number of people who could even make a cut on his skin was 0.

Using his incredible experience in life, Ling Tian guessed that he was reborn successfully, and into the body of an infant. He was quite used to being an infant, as he had already experienced being one… Three times, this was the fourth.

"Shen Tian, that is your name, and you shall bring Glory City a new age of prosperity." He heard a voice rang inside his undeveloped ears, but he did not have much trouble hearing what the man in front of him was saying.

So Shen Tian was his new name. God's Heaven… That did have a quite strong meaning, he chuckled internally, but only released a cry to the outside world.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》