An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
3 The Journey Of a Legend Begins
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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3 The Journey Of a Legend Begins

Shen Tian snorted at the sight in front of him, his father was teaching him the basics of cultivation in this world, he was now six years old, and it was around the time he should at least start to understand how to cultivate, despite he couldn't cultivate for another few years.

He had read that the starting age for cultivation was around 11 to 12 here. If he really wanted to, in that time he could reach the fifth star of the Silver Rank, but he did not want to rush the things, he was not in a rush to reach the apex.

Right now, his Soul Force was 0, but his physical strength was around 100 kilograms, which signified he was around the 1st Star of the Bronze Rank right now, as a fighter, for his age that was amazing.

One day, his father brought a strange crystal home, and made him use it, but he felt some kind of heat come out from it and enter his palms, so he quickly let it go, however his father gawked at the results

He had taken the crystal from his father's grasp later on, and tested it with his Chakra, it did not have any kind of reaction, but it did react to his Soul Force, which was pretty weird, it seems it was a way to test one's talent.

For some odd reasons, he was called a genius, he still did not know why, maybe he'll understand in a while, right now, his father Shen Xian was giving him money,"You can use this money to buy whatever you want for now." He gave him around 1000 Demon Spirit Coins, which was a lot for a kid.

Shen Xian, however had a clear reason at why he he was a genius, or rather one could say he was a prodigy among prodigies. His Soul Realm was Indigo, something of the legends only, and even in the glorious empires had never appeared.

An Indigo Soul Realm, signified that by the time he was 13, the age he'd join the Holy Orchid Institute, he could easily be at the 3rd or 4th Star of the Bronze Rank. He also could breakthrough into the Silver Rank, but no use rushing it.

He did not lack techniques which improved his talent, but Indigo was enough for now, he was still getting familiar to this type of cultivation system, it was quite different from the one in his other life.

The first technique he started using was called [Buddha's Mind] which basically increased his inner perception of his soul, which directly increased his control over the Spiritual Energy he used.

Today was a rather important day according to his father, there was going to be a banquet between the three Major Families and some other families, which included, aristocrats and nobles. which were allied to the three families.

He also marked this day as a very important day too, because he'd meet the young generation, the one he'd be working with until his late teenage years, so he needed to have a good relationship with some of them at least.

He could also rate their personalities and talents, and if any of them were worth nurturing in the future, to be valuable companions for his growth. The Buddha's Mind technique also influenced others into having a more favorable opinion of him.

He had also noticed that people here called Spiritual Energy, Soul Force, which was a rather weird name, so he'd just stick with Spiritual Energy when talking to himself, but use Soul Force when talking to others.

Shen Xian suddenly stormed into his room, demanding to talk to him for some weird reason, not like he could refuse anyway."I've secured a marriage for you my son! With someone your age!" He said cheerfully.

Shen Tian raised an eyebrow,marriage. Something he had not experienced in all three lives of his, and he never expected to marry in his fourth life, but it was not like he could just say no, right?

"Marriage?" He asked with a slight frown in his face, indicating his confuse. Shen Xian chuckled,'I forgot he is a little kid… He probably has no idea what I am talking about, even when I went through all that trouble to secure this…'

"Yes, you will have a cute wife,my little brat, from the Winged Dragon Family, her name is Xiao Ning'er, she's the same age as you, just a bit older though, a few months older than you." Shen Xian chuckled as he ruffled his son's hair.

Shen Tian internally frowned, but did not show it on his face,'A wife… I wonder if she is like any of those girls I meet on those other lifes of mine, if so I do not wish to marry her, people like them are troublesome.'

"You can meet her at the banquet tomorrow, be nice to her! If I heard that you did something to bully her…" Shen Xian made a dark face, allowing his expression to speak instead of his words, which was far more effective.

"Ah,by the way, since you might no recognize her, here is a picture of her, just to be sure you don't mess up." Shen Xian chuckled as he showed a picture of her to Shen Tian who's face eased up,'She's beautiful.'

Shen Tian definitely took the threat seriously, his father was a Black Gold Rank Demon Spiritualist,despite him losing a good chunk of his powers, was still far stronger than any person below the Black Gold Rank.

Not like his father would kill him anyway,"I want to meet her!" He said with a hint of curiosity, he never felt the need to hide his real personality, thus the cold and usually calm personality of his expressed itself most of the time.


The banquet was being held at the territory of the Snow Wind Family, showing their superiority as the strongest major family of the Glory City, of course the Divine and Sacred Families did feel pissed about it.

The City Lord's Mansion was quite large, Shen Tian noted. While it was not comparable to any of the buildings in the Immortal Realm he had lived previously, this surpassed the Hokage's Residence in Konoha.

"Interesting…" Using his Soul Force, or what he also called Spiritual Energy, he noticed that there were several Black Gold Demon Spiritualists in the City Lord's Mansion, either patrolling or just simply resting.

This itself, showed the difference between the Three Major Families, the Snow Wind Family could afford to have so many experts on the free, and even had the only, single Legend Rank Demon Spiritualist.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》