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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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4 Banque

He slowly separated himself from his father, and started to venture outside the City Lord's Mansion, it was a quite beautiful place indeed. Walking around, he found a young boy, in his teenage years, sitting on top of a rock.

He recognized the young boy from what his father told him of the City Lord's family, he had an adopted son called Ye Han, and the boy was him, he was 14 years old with pure black hair and a good physique

"Who are you? Little kid, this is not a place you should be wandering alone." Ye Han noticed his presence, and he let his hair wave in the air freely, while still looking at Shen Tian, with curiosity. The boy did not waver at all.

"I'm Shen Tian… But shouldn't it be proper manners to introduce yourself first, and then me? Also, I am fully aware I shouldn't be here alone." Shen Tian said calmly, a tick appeared on Ye Han's forehead.

"... So you are from the Sacred Family after all. You surely didn't trick several Black Gold Demon Spiritualists and Fighters to come here, didn't you? You shouldn't wander everywhere without even knowing where you are, boy." Ye Han said.

'Soul Force 135, Strength 212. He is quite talented both as a Demon Spiritualist and Fighter, his Soul Realm is Green, still lacking when compared to Ye Ziyun, but still very good when compared to others.'

It seems the City Lord's successor was already being trained to become extremely strong, his glare slightly narrowed when he remembered there was a boy named Ye Han in his aunt's class at the Holy Orchid Institute.

"You are my aunt's classmate, aren't you, Ye Han?" Shen Tian asked with one of his hands at his chin, making a thinking pose. Ye Han raised an eyebrow,"You are Shen Xiu's nephew? You are almost half her age."

Shen Tian shrugged,"Not my fault my grandfather is a horny old bastard, at least he is dead now." Ye Han chuckled, if he was to talk like that to his adoptive father he'd probably get beaten up.

This boy really sounded so loosen, and if he remembered correctly, he had a talent which was never seen in Glory City, maybe even in the Ancient Sacred Empire Era, it was never seen. Only if he knew…

He could manipulate him… To be of value to his future plans, but it would be troublesome to keep the Sacred Family on check, no matter how weak they were when compared to the Snow Wind Family.

"You are the same age as my little younger sister, her name is Ye Ziyun." Ye Han chuckled as he jumped off the place he was on, and ruffled Shen Tian's hair, making the latter grow in annoyance towards him.

"Your hair is a quite rare color, I personally think Black is way better. " Ye Han said," I did not ask for your preferences, Ye Han. Release me right now." Shen Tian frowned as the adopted boy smiled weakly.

Ye Han exclaimed,"Look at the time! It's getting late, maybe you can meet your fiance in this banquet." He smirked, with a teasing tone, Shen Tian just rolled his eyes,"Shut up and go away, overgrown ape."

Shen Tian looked at the figure of Ye Han slowly disappeared in the darkness, before sighing,"My strength is still inferior to any figure here, the only people I am stronger than are those little brats."

His Soul Force was still 0, since he couldn't cultivate until a later age, and he was nurturing his wounds in his Soul, but his physical strength was another case, it was now around 120-125 kg's, meaning he was at the first star of the Bronze Rank as a Fighter.


Shen Tian finally decided to join the Banquet, when he entered the hall where it was being held, he was almost overwhelmed, due to him being so short, and the sheer amount of people. He was not unfamiliar with such situations, but it was usually him who was the focus of those, not the opposite.

Then he finally found his father, talking with some other nobles, he rolled his eyes and decided not to interrupt him, and just headed to where the younger generation was staying, a bunch of kids.

He saw his cousin, Shen Yue talk with Ye Ziyun, but to be more correct, it was more him pestering her, and she was not really enjoying the discussion, one could see that from her expression.

He just took a seat and started to drink from a random cup, which no one was keeping close to themselves, and just looked around. He did not see the one called Xiao Ning'er at all, it seems she either was not here, or hiding.

"Look who we have here… My cousin, the son of a person our clan banished." Shen Yue saw that their discussion was going nowhere, so he changed the direction if it, towards Shen Tian who just frowned.

"What do you want, you dumbass?"

Shen Yue snorted,"Your father has been weakened, he is not even comparable to the Grand Elders of our family anymore, but his son gets the political marriage, and not me!" He growled in annoyance.

Shen Tian's glare narrowed,he did know that his father had become quite weak, but he was also a prodigy, meanwhile, while their father was at the 4th star of the Black Gold Rank, Shen Xian had been a 3rd star Black Gold Demon Spiritualist when he was almost half Shen Hong's age.

He was pretty sure, Shen Hong had poisoned him in a way or another ,despite the Sacred Family and other doctors claiming it was a disease. There were no records of such a disease ever appearing in Glory City before.

"I don't think any of us are here to discuss about our clan's inner politics, and why are you releasing important information out so freely?" Shen Tian exclaimed, and regretted it, they were all 6 years old, they weren't exactly supposed to know THAT much, but there was not much he could do anymore

. Besides, if you had a few more brain cells, maybe you would be far more successful with your current attempts at THAT." Shen Tian hit his cousin, where it stung the most, however he was just a kid, so he didn't know what 'that' was.

Shen Yue was very confused, as a six years old, you weren't really exactly the smartest of the bunch at that time, however a smarter boy whispered at his ear, before the boy suddenly started to blush.

"SHEN TIAN!" He shouted as he stormed to leave the banquet hall,"I'LL MAKE YOU PAY!" He roared, but the music of the banquet covered any sound, so only the small kids heard it, the boy himself just shrugged it.

He had a smirk in his face a second later, and he said," He must be storming out to reach the bathroom, the little boy was embarrassed to just tell everyone here that he needed to go to there" He innocently whistled
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》