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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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5 The Change In The Soul.

Silence covered the place where the younglings were talking, when suddenly they exploded in laughter. No matter how much the nobles tried to teach them, they were still kids after all, they didn't understand what the adults talked about.

Ye Ziyun, who was a bit smarter than the rest, was trying to cover her laughter, but failed at it. Shen Tian himself had a small smirk on his face,'Kids are still kids, they laugh at the worst jokes of the bunch.'

He was never the best entertainer in the world, but when it comes to kids, seriously who couldn't even make a single kid at least laugh slightly? It was one of the easiest thing in this world. If only he knew…

Honestly, he tried to make friends with several of those kids here, but most were very stupid, or rather innocent, there weren't many topics they could talk about, the only he felt could give him a decent discussion were Li Piao, who was a quite funny person and Ye Ziyun.

With who was he kidding, he was a man who was thousands of thousands years old, when compared to those younglings, he was far more wise, and even when compared to a lot of people, he was far more knowledgeable.


The rest of the banquet passed slowly, Shen Tian got to know a few of the kids here, Ye Ziyun, Li Piao and a boy named Nie Li, who he swore had an unique aura around him, he'd investigate that later.

It was a very faint aura, but as Immortal whose soul was divine, he could easily see it. It was the same aura he had seen in several other people. He remembered it from previous people… He called it 'Plot Armour'.

A more proper way to say that, would be that Nie Li would have a great future, with many fortunate occasions, and even fight stronger enemies than him himself, and still win all of them. Shen Tian rolled his eyes, he'd deal with it later, just like he said before.

Shen Tian for now, was trying to stabilize his Soul Realm. The days passed quickly, one of those days Shen Xian brought a bottle home, he called it an elixir, he recognized it at first sight, but did not know what the ingredients.

"This is a Spiritual Enhancing Elixir! It's in its liquid form , so it costs even more than its solid form." Shen Xian said with excitement, Shen Tian took the Elixir with delicacy, he'd have to explore the library for information about Alchemy, he was neglecting it.

"You have to slowly drink it, I'll give you Soul Force, which you cannot use for now, but it'll be of use later on, when you start cultivating at around the age of 12. It also will enhance your cultivation speed for a while, when you start your journey." Shen Xian said and gave him a manual to read.

The younger boy nodded,"Okay,father. I'll drink it before falling asleep." The older man smiled, and left the room, he had some other problems to take care of, like the jobs the family gave him to do.

Shen Tian started to investigate the elixir. He poured his mutated Spiritual Energy into it. Currently, he had 3 foreign energies, Chakra,Spiritual Energy(mutated) and Soul Force, it did not necessarily make him stronger.

He only had strong control over his mutated Spiritual Energy, he did not have many chances to use his Chakra, and still couldn't access the Soul Force due to fear of damaging his soul, which already was almost crippled.

'I should just use my Chakra as a physical enhancement, just like Tsunade and Sakura, in my current situation, it would be the best, since I still require hand seals to make jutsus with my current chakra control'

Shen Tian took a breath before he drank the Spiritual Enhancing Elixir, in a few gulps he was already finished. He could feel the liquid slowly vanishing, transforming into something else, Soul Force.

Then, something quite surprising happened, the Soul Force was initially impure, Shen Tian found difficult to even move it due to that, then when it came in contact with his soul, it got purified immediately.

His soul, was using the impurity to recover even faster, it was not a really big surprise if he considered his previous life, because he had used a chaotic technique in his previous life, which endangered his life, if one did a single mistake, but the fact his soul was using some kind of way like it to recover was indeed surprising, since that was another life.

He had considered using his Chakra, to recover faster, however his Chakra Control was very terrible at the moment, so it was a plan which would take a while to complete, however it seems such Elixirs did the job…

Now… How would he make his father bring him more Elixirs like that, if not for his current situation, he'd have gone out and seeked the ingredients himself, but he lacked power and knowledge, that reminded him of the fact that he needed to go and read several books about alchemy soon.

Suddenly, the doors to his room were slammed open, interrupting his session of training, it was his aunt, Shen Xiu. She could be a bitch at times, she was a very proud person, but she was also loving to nephews, of course way less to Shen Tian.

Who knew why she was here… Shen Tian was not going to just stare at her, just like she was doing right, he immediately acted,"What brings you here, Aunt Xiu?" He said with an innocent expression.

Shen Xiu had a slightly angry expression on her face," I heard that you made Shen Yue cry, he is your cousin, why did you do such a thing to him?" She had a questioning expression on her face now.

Shen Tian did not fear her at all, and did not even slightly feel the dark aura which she was pouring off, to influence his answer, she wanted him to apologize to Shen Yue,"Because he called me out in front of all my new friends there, was I supposed to just stay like that,aunt Xiu?" He said with a pout.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》