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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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6 The Passage Of Time

The older woman slightly narrowed her eyes, but still sighed in defeat, she was only 14 herself, still not as smart as much adults, and there was not much she could do about this situation, at least she tried.

She ruffled her nephew's hair before saying,"Do whatever you want, my little nephew, but… Remember that your past actions will have consequences, and I cannot save you from those." Shen Tian internally narrowed his gaze.

He perfectly understood what she meant, it was not that hard after all. She was indicating, that Shen Yue would keep a grudge against him, honestly he'd probably still have made a lot of problems for him anyway.

However… She did not realize that, with his Indigo Grade Soul Realm, Shen Tian was destined for greatness, she did also not realize, that his true grade was far higher than of the Indigo Grade!


Time passed, Shen Tian was now 7. He had grown a lot, his body had a more muscular physique, and his eyes emitted a 'mature' aura, it gave everyone confidence, that was the aura of a ruler!

However, until now Shen Tian had been silent. He was used to being in the Shadows, even in the previous lives he had experienced, he tended to stay out of trouble most of the time, but it seems he need to take a different approach this time around.

The noticeable difference in his power was that, his physical strength had hit over 210kg, meaning he was at the 2nd star of the Bronze Rank, it was a quite amazing achievement for his age.

His Soul Force was still 0, however it has experienced a change. He could feel it becoming stronger and stronger by each passing day, due to the elixir that his father kept giving him at least once every three days.

The cost of those raw materials which made up those elixirs, could reach a total of four digits, one of the elixirs he gave Shen Tian even costed over five digits, and the boy did not waste any of those elixirs.

He was using his own money to pay for all of those elixirs, but it was not going to last long. While Shen Tian continued to drink elixir after elixir, he also read a lot of books, he also took a lot of walks outside, reaching even the place where they grew the alchemy ingredients.

At first, Shen Tian did not understand how a lot of those ingredients worked, but after reading several books, he kept absorbing more and more knowledge, and technically he was confident he could create a few pills with his current knowledge.

However, those pills were not of Glory City, they were all pills from his world, where alchemy was far more advanced than that of Glory City, perhaps even that of the world where they were in.

He could not risk having his information spread out, so he put an Inscription Pattern on the Pills he created,thus if someone seeked to decipher the ingredients and method of creating this, it would be very hard.

The Inscription Pattern he put on them was one of his originals, he had created it after thinking of the Seals and Runes back in his home, he was not very knowledgeable when it came to Seals, but he was one of the few who became a god in the law of Runes.

Others would not suspect it was such a Pattern due to the fact it was not the same as the 3 surviving Inscription Patterns, and did not use the blood of any demon beasts, it was simply ink. It resembled a Rune.

It basically would activate on a command programmed by the creator or owner, in this case it was when 'Soul Force was sent into the Pill'. It would also activate if any foreign energy enters it.

Of course this was probably not going to be a long lasting solve to this issue, but it would work for now. He wiped the sweat from his forehead,"Inscription Patterns require a lot of focus, otherwise they won't work…" He groaned.

The pill he had just concocted was quite amazing,he had bought the ingredients from the market in the corner of the city, so that the Sacred Family was not suspicious. The pill was called ' Soul Recovering Pill'.

When a Fighter or Demon Spiritualist was low on Soul Force, it could recover over 10% of their Soul Force, which gave them an incredible advantage over their enemy, Shen Tian was sure the market would explode with the need for this pill.

That was the low rank pills he just concocted, there was still the medium and high rank ones, which costed a bit more, but also were far higher in quality, the medium one could give a increase in soul force to Gold Rank Demon Spiritualists, and the high one to Black Gold ones.

Of course, he could create far better pills, however the alchemy in the Glory City was already mediocre enough, he just had put a 'slightly' better than average pill in the market, for everyone to raise their attention.

He just needed to bring his creation to the Alchemy Association, but first he needed to hide his identity somehow,he smiled weakly,"This is the perfect time to use the Transformation Jutsu to hide my true identity."

He did 3 hand seals, and suddenly in a poof of smoke his appearance changed from that of a kid, to a young man covered in a black cloak, he put his interspatial ring on his middle finger and sucked the pills inside it.

He had around ten Pill Bottles, with each having 5 pills, so a total of fifty pills. It had taken him several hours to concoct this grand total of pills. With his current cultivation, it was a miracle. It was only due to his physical strength that he had managed to reach this amount. All of them were of the low rank, for now this was all he could manage. He wanted to make a few mediocre rank pills, but for now, those were enough.

He'd sell the pills for a low price, since the pill market did have a few pills of similar effects , merely a bit lower, for now a low price would work, and then later he'd suddenly increase the price.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》