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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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7 The Alchemy Association

He set the prices for his pills based on the rank of the pill. The prices he used for the time being were 30000 for the high rank, 15000 for the medium rank and 5000 for the low rank, as for the pills that didn't reach the standard of low rank he sold them for 3000 demon spirit coins. He thought it was fair.

The total price of the pills he was going to sell would be around 250K Demon Spirit Coins, which were barely enough to buy a decent bronze rank equipment. However, he was planning to make better pills with that money.

For now, the amount he'd gain from the low rank pills was enough to cover his spendings for a while, but it would be very troublesome to hide it from his father, he'd have to find a reason soon.

Shen Tian frowned, he was not being allowed to enter the Alchemy Association headquarters, because he lacked an alchemy identification, meaning he was not an alchemist recognized by the association.

It seems he had to take a test before he could sell the pills to the association, not that he was highly bothered by it, after all with all the knowledge he had stored in his brain, using the Sharingan's comprehension speed, he was confident he'd pass.

He had gained the Sharingan in his previous life, because he was born as an Uchiha. In the end, he had also managed to decipher an Uchiha's DNA, to the point he could create sharingans at free will, however, why would he do that for someone else?

His current sharingan used an excessive amount of chakra, but he could compensate for it using his Spiritual Energy which was mutated. For now, he could use it up to two tomoes, allowing him to perfectly master any technique he learned in the books.

If he managed to complete the exam, and became an Apprentice Alchemist, he'd finally be capable of selling his pills to the Alchemist Association. However, his fake also needed an identity.

He used a servant of the Sacred Family to bribe the officials, and produce a fake identity for the transformation of his, as a servant of the Sacred Family. It was quite funny actually, since there was no way to prove it was fake.

However, he had also slightly changed the appearance of the transformation, now, the cloak no longer could hide his appearance, and the skinny and thin face was shown. He had light brown hair and brown eyes.

Basically, he looked very plain. Just like how a servant was supposed to look, since their pay was quite low, and they could barely survive off the pay they received, but it was quite surprising for one to become an alchemist.

Shen Tian quickly paid the amount he was required to pay, and said he was here on the name of his master, Shen Tian, who thought he was good enough to be an alchemist, and had given him books to study.

Eventually, he passed the exam, and now was standing in front of the office where he could apply for his own pill discovery, which was very rare, as most Apprentices just tried to find a master to learn under.

Shen Tian sweated, when there was a box for him to leave his discovery in, however , he needed to contact with the director of the alchemy association, and not to just leave a message for him.

He knocked on the door, and heard a masculine voice, probably telling him to enter. When he entered, he saw a very old man. He used his mutated Spiritual Energy to sense his cultivation, and saw that he was a demon spiritualist.

'Soul Force… 3rd Star of the Black Gold Rank,Physical Strength, 4th Star of the Black Gold Rank.' Shen Tian immediately pointed out his power,'He is very old, he probably will die in a few years.'

Shen Tian realized that the old man was knitting his eyebrows, not enjoying the silence which was brought. "Excuse me, I am here to show you my creation here." Shen Tian said as he took out a pill bottle from his sack on his back.

The old man received it, and started to inspect it carefully using his eyes, before taking one out and asking,"Can I try using it? I cannot properly inspect it's effects if I do not at least try it." He said, and Shen Tian nodded.

The elder's eyes widened as he tried one of the pills,"This pill has extremely great effects! It's definitely in the top best pills our Alchemy Association has ever had the opportunity to see before!" He exclaimed.

"I want to buy all of your pills! What is your price to sell those pills?" He asked and then continued,"Of course I'll buy them under the name of our Alchemy Association." The elder said as he pulled out a scroll, wanting to set up an agreement between the two parties.

Shen Tian decided not to be hasty, a Soul Assembling Pill costed around 6 thousand Demon Spirit Coins… He could use this to his advantage,"Each pill costs 6 thousand Demon Spirits Coins." He decided to increase the price by a thousand.

In total, he'd gain over 300K Demon Spirit Coins from this. It was more than plenty enough for him to create a lot of those pills, and even in various grades. Soon he'd have a million demon spirit coins in his balance.

The elder tried to haggle the price at first, but after noticing the cold stare of Shen Tian, he knew that he might lose the deal if he continued to be this stubborn, so with his quick thinking, he just signed the scroll.

300K was not a lot, but for the first batch it was a quite good sum, typical aristocracy families gained around 2 to 3 million Demon Spirit Coins yearly, while Noble Families gained up to a hundred million, with the best even earning a few hundred million.

It was said that the three Major Families earned several billion Demon Spirit Coins yearly, and thus their position as the three major families was set up solid, as no other family came up close with them.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》