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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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8 The City Lord Faction

Shen Tian looked at his new interspatial ring, because interspatial rings basically looked the same, he didn't have to bother covering his new one, it was a few more square meters big, and could hold most of his Demon Spirit Coins, in cards.

He had a total of 3 million Demon Spirit Coins in his possession which took a week or so of hard work to create, and Shen Tian was extremely exhausted, however this also helped him in his cultivation.

However, there were many problems he wanted to solve right now, one of those problems was the Sacred Family. Shen Tian had recently used a technique, to explore his father's body, and found out a massive amount of poison on his body.

He had started to mix up a bit of herbs in his father's drinks daily, which would slowly get rid of the poison, and it would even make him stronger, he estimated he'd hit the fifth star of the Black Gold Rank a year after he got healed.

He had also sold some medium rank pills to the Alchemy Association, and the elder had started to search for any signs of such a pill existing in other period of the age of humanity, but found no such proof.

It was impossible, a person had created a new pill, not even basing it on other pills found in the Glory City, but it was completely original? He also tried to decipher the ingredients and method of concocting,but failed to find any.

The president had immediately tried to ask Shen Tian for a deal, he wanted to grab the method of concocting such a pill,but he was not easily swayed by any amount of money, and so they had yet to reach a deal.

However, currently Shen Tian, was not bothering with the Alchemy Association, but was creating a plan, he was planning on absorbing the entire Sacred Family, since they were all evil,it wouldn't matter.

It had taken a while, but he had deciphered every code used by the Sacred Family, and another party.

First of all, using deciphered codes, Shen Tian had found out that the Sacred Family had connections with the Dark Guild,meaning that if he wanted to expose them, it would be rather easy. However, the problem would be showing actual proof, which would take a while to gather.

However his goal was not to destroy his family, as it would only serve to make his life harder, but to absorb it. How would he do that? By gaining support from all factions. With his pills, he had already secured a solid place in the Alchemy Association.

He also wanted to improve relationships with the City Lord's faction, the Snow Wind Family, which was not going to be very easy, however he already had an idea of what he was going to do.

After people graduated the Holy Orchid Institute, they could either return to their families, or become guards or soldiers for some strong families or organizations, meaning their objective was not set on ground.

Shen Tian always found it weird, how the Glory City never actually was obsessed with taking control over the world once again, defeating all the demon beasts, yes the mere thought of it was weird, but if they didn't even desire so, they'd never be capable of becoming something stronger.

So he suggested, that the City Lord created an army, funded by the Glory City, which would scout surrounding lands for the city, and see if they are safe for exploration, it was more like a scouting division.

Of course, such armies would take extensive training to even reach the level where they could dodge the strong Demon Beasts, he suggested that each team should have 9 members, where each member would have a job, and they could protect each other.

Every two months, or six, they could explore surroundings lands of Glory City, to deem what was safe or was not safe, to explore for the Holy Orchid Institute, which would be included in another plan of his.

He'd sent the entire project to the City Lord's Mansion, under his name, he was sure they wouldn't just ignore it for some childish plans, any person with some eyes would understand it was not simple.

Next, he wanted to create a sewer system in Glory City, he had seen the slum of the Glory City, it was highly over-popular and stinked a lot, he wanted to suggest to the City Lord, that they created a new sewer system, which he drew using the projects in his previous life.

He had also created several professions which would help make several people in those slums gain a job, which would help in lowering the slum numbers. The total population of the Glory City was more than five million, and over a million lived just in the slums.

However, there was also another problem here, would the other families accept such changes in the city? Would they allow their city to change so much, after all this could change the stability of Glory City.

However, he did not care, he just wanted to strengthen his position in the city, and the Snow Wind Family was the best choice, since they were the strongest of the three major families in the city.

The Divine Family was not known for much, the Sacred Family was an evil family, he already knew of their plans together with the Dark Guild through spying at the discussions of Shen Hong with their members.

Thus, it only left a choice, the Snow Wind Family.

This sewer system, however, would also cost a lot, probably also take at least a year to complete, even using the best technology Glory City has to offer, it was just too low when compared to his Earth.

He could already see the mad faces of the Sacred Family,but now that his father was slowly healing, he did not have much to worry about. He'd suggest all of this, and even give it to them, for just one condition, to support him against the Sacred Family.

A family like the Sacred Family, had a total amount of over 10 billion Demon Spirit Coins in their reserves, and the total family's market shares in the Glory City surpassed 100 billion, it would be nearly impossible to scratch their foundation.

It was not easy to actually scratch their true depth, and even Shen Tian was not sure of it, he was just basing it of some sources which were shady, and could not be easily trusted.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》