An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
9 The Project For the Holy Orchid Institute
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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9 The Project For the Holy Orchid Institute

Shen Tian, was also thinking about doing some changes to the Holy Orchid Institute's education system, it was pretty much as good as it could be, but there were a few things which could be improved.

Most of the time, those students would freeze in their first contact with the Demon Beasts, resulting in several occasions, to kill several people due to them breaking the formation, because they were used to a peaceful life in Glory City.This caused the number of Demon Spiritualists and Fighters to dwindle a lot, and it haunted the City Lord.

This difference he planned to make into the Holy Orchid Institute's education system would change everything. It would indeed raise the number of deaths,probably, but it also would create strong fighters and demon spiritualists.

One of the changes, he wanted to bring to the Holy Orchid Institute, was the usage of the Training Ground, while it was encouraged that it should be used by the students, in reality, it was rarely used.

Most people, managed to buy their resource from the auction houses, or simply from their families, only the commoners used the Training Ground, and even then, it was seldom, that was something he wanted to change.

Using his project of the Holy Orchid Institute, he wanted to make a change, where each class was forced to enter the Training Ground until they reached the Silver Rank, at least 4 times yearly, of course as a class, and while being watched by a teacher, and they always needed to be a group of at least 4.

This, would also give experience to the new students, who might think life in Glory City was very easy, just because a Demon Beast Horde hasn't happened in ages, they would not be soft, which was a very good thing.

Another one was the classes, the Apprentice Classes, amounting to a total of six, would be taught more helpful things, instead of it being only basic knowledge, Shen Tian suggested that every student was required to have a basic mastery over at least one weapon.

The Intermediate Classes, should have tournaments to test their power, twice a year, and also at least 1 trip outside Glory City once a year, this would help in sharpening their strengths and weaknesses.

The Senior Classes, should do basically the same, expect that they should have 2 trips outside Glory City, exploring together with the Scout Division or Army, which he had suggested previously.

The Genius Class, should be the one the most intense one, over 4 tournaments yearly, 6 trips outside Glory City, testing of their Soul Force and strength four times yearly, and if any of them slacked off, Shen Tian suggested that they were thrown out of the Genius Class.

Another thing, Shen Tian wanted to suggest, was giving money to those who could not afford the tuition of 3000 Demon Spirit Coins, or loaning them a student loan, and they could repay it through serving for the army.

The genius class, as an example, instead of giving money to the school, would be excused from tuition, and also would receive an allowance, if they were commoners, of around fifteen thousand Demon Spirit Coins.

This was one of the ways for the Glory City to recover humanity's lost pride, to take over their continent again.Thus, Shen Tian gathered all those projects and plans, and decided to send them to the City Lord's Mansion, to be sure, he made 3 copies.

After that, Shen Tian decided to start concocting pills, after a hour, he had already concocted several dozens. He was getting better and better at this, since he only missed Soul Force to do it.

At the moment, his Soul Force was 13, but it always got absorbed by his soul at the end of the day, his soul was around 50% already healed, and he was confident that by the time he was 9 it should be completely restored to normal.

His physical strength, was not neglected either, he increased it by using a plot hole he had recently found in the system, shadow clones. With his Chakra Control, that was the best thing he was good at.

Using this plot hole he found, his physical strength… exceeded 500 kg! He was a 5th star Bronze Rank Cultivator. Shen Tian would typically read at least one bookshelf worth of books daily, using his sharingan, it wouldn't be hard for him to read an entire library's worth of information.

He was using a trick, he used his sharingan to read at an very fast pace, while also using his mutated Spiritual Energy and Soul Force to inspect the bookshelves, resulting in him accepting knowledge in a massive amount.

He also noticed that he retained a few skills from his previous lives, like a close connection with blades, and his mastery over alchemy still showed itself, he was using foreign herbs to create pills from his homeland.

It was quite ironic, since one of the basic skills any cultivator in his homeland gained upon starting cultivation, was advanced memorization, and improved intelligence. He, who was at the apex, was much more advanced in any of those than the others.

Shen Tian, however, lacked the same intelligence as the former body, because his soul had lost most of that kind of abilities, and now was stuck with a slightly higher than average intelligence than the rest.

However, one could not deny his incredible experiences, after all he had explored his universes for hundreds of thousands of years, and even cultivated for hundreds of millions of years, it was practically unmatched.


A week later, Shen Tian's room in the Sacred Family Territory.

Shen Xian glared at his son, with a dark face, it seems something had happened, and it clearly was related to Shen Tian, and he was not happy about whatever was the cause of his visit, he could see it in his eyes.

However, he was wrong, it was indeed related to Shen Tian, but not that closely,Shen Xian sighed,"I've been chosen as part of the expedition to go to the Dark Ruins together with a few other elders of the family."

Shen Tian raised an eyebrow,'Maybe… I could give him one of my pills in case he needs protection… Nah, no need, I'm sure he can properly take care of himself, he has been cured, and has a cultivation of a third star Black Gold Demon Spiritualist. '

"Okay, please do make sure you return healthy, and without injures,dad." He said with a calm voice, earning a chuckle from Shen Xian, who ruffled his son's hair, much to his annoyance,"Don't worry, nothing can stop me from returning to my son, I promise."

"That's a father's promise to a son, a matter of honour." He said.

"Promise?" Shen Tian started at his father's orange eyes, which were filled with resolve,"Promise." The man smiled.

He'd return for his son, he would, after all… What could go wrong?
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》