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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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10 Misfortune...Or Fortune?

"Your father died."

The sentence muttered to Shen Tian, by Shen Xiu, did not make his expression change at all. In fact, she'd think he was not even affected, if not for seeing him flinch for a visible moment, for that split moment, she felt him waver.

"Can you please leave me alone, aunt?" Shen Tian's usual cold and calm voice rang out, Shen Xiu nodded, before leaving him alone, she had already known that Shen Hong would not leave his brother alone… But to do that… Was despicable, not that she could complain.

"I knew I should've given him...Some way to protect himself...It's my mistake...My own pure mistake!" Shen Tian growled, and showed emotions, something he rarely did, before he calmed down and took a deep breath.

The eight years old boy silently looked at the walls of his room, before sitting on a chair, putting his head on the table. His eyes only revealed… Emptiness. Shen Tian remembered a story he was taught by his mortal mother in his first life.

'When God first created humanity, he made them emotionless. The humans at the time, were like toys, they only talked when asked to, ate only when told to, slept only when told to,drank only when told to…

God was helpless, when an angel told him,'My Lord, why do you not give them emotions?' God was excited, and quickly asked for the angel to escort the humans here, the angel did so.

However, God sighed the next moment,'I can only give them Emptiness, what comes out of it? Nothing!' He still had not found an answer to this problem.

After a day, he decided to give the humans that only one emotion,Emptiness. He did not expect that, due to it, Humanity would start to progress, and soon several kind of emotions started to blossom in them.

However, while the Emptiness blossomed into different emotions, it still survived, that was ruthlessness,anger,rage,fury. Those emotions were all branches of Emptiness… Which eventually destroyed what God even called Humanity originally.

God felt the negative emotions coming out of every human, and we poisoned him. Emptiness… Was the cause of God's death himself!'

At the time, Shen Tian had found it absurd, he thought it was a mere legend, a creation of the church, however… After living through a total of three lives, he had matured, he did not find it that weird anymore.

He took a deep breath, maybe cultivating right now wouldn't be such a bad choice… He crossed his legs with each other, and focused himself properly, he did not notice that spark of Emptiness inside his eyes suddenly transform into a white light.

He closed his eyes, and when he opened his eyes, he found himself in another dimension… A very familiar one. To confirm his guess, he opened the first page,"Do You Wish To Reincarnate?" was written in it, as expected.

He then flipped the page, wanting to see if the second page had changed at all.

"In your first life, Emotionless you were, in your second life, Merciless you were, in your third life Ruthless you were… Those three together form the Undying Cycle Of The Overlord…"

"In your first life, you showed Kindness, in your second life, you sparked Forgiveness, In your Third life… You were Empathic… Those three together form the Undying Cycle Of The Overseer…"

"In Your Fourth Life… The Two fused… You are the Overseer, You Are the Overlord! Behold, Oh, you cursed creator, This is the destined one, to dethrone you! Rise Forward, The ruler Of the Two Undying Cycles!"

That was only a quarter of the page, he received a headache when he tried to read the rest of it, as if something was stopping him. Something entered his mind, and he flipped the pages back, to the cover.

There was a name.

[Undying Cycles Of The Overlord And Overseer]

He took a deep breath, for some reason, he felt like he was walking in a very thin bridge. A single tear escaped his eyes, and the title slightly blurred. He did not notice it, because the next moment he returned to his Soul Realm.

He used his Spiritual Energy to check his Soul Force...A total of a fifty dots! It seems his soul had not absorbed the soul force he had gathered today, for some odd reason, sending his Spiritual Energy over his soul realm, he found out it was no longer cracked, it was fully healed!

His glare narrowed,'It seems that book is not as simple as I always made it to be… To think I had eyes but couldn't see Mt.Tai…' He sighed, previously, he had intensively experimented on the book, and he had thought he had reached the limit of it's abilities,but in the end it was barely a scratch on its surface!

However, suddenly, his Soul Force which was originally 50, suddenly halved, to 25, which earned a confused look from the Immortal,Shen Tian frowned,"It must be the side effect of me healing my soul."

It seems even that did have a cost, suddenly in front of him, a wall of blurry white words appeared,He was surprised for a second before reading,"The Cost Of Healing Through Time… Is Essence… You have been stolen of 4 years of essence, the cost for a better foundation and power!"

He sighed,'It's just like I thought, it used a time technique to travel forward in the future, and heal my soul using Soul Force, which did not exist in this time period, however… that does have a quite deep cost.'

Suddenly another wall of words appeared in front of him,in front of the former wall,which slowly disappeared,"Though… You should not be worried, you have been granted two abilities.

The Ability Of Training Inside The Undying Cycle's Realm, where time can be several times slower, with your current capabilities, you can only enter the first zone, where it's 2x times slower!

Perfect Control over Your Foreign Energies, your soul was broken for several years, thus your control was unstable,chaotic, but now that it's fully recovered, you have increased your control of all your foreign energies, thus you can focus your energy to the point it's as thin as a needle's tip!"

The wall disappeared after he read it. A smile appeared in his face, not a happy one, not a scary one, merely… An amused one.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》