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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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11 Planning

Shen Hong's eyes narrowed, when he received the paper in his hands,'So my younger brother is finally dead… My instincts were indeed right, that fellow actually managed to wipe out the poison I gave him.'

He looked at the person in front of him and handed him a scroll, containing a message,"Send this to the Dark Guild, I want them to act and kill his son too, he has an Indigo Soul Realm, it will be troublesome to leave him alive."

He touched his silk beard, and had a calculative look on his face,"Right now, it wouldn't be wise to kill him, as they will think we did the killing, but wait a year, after it you can kill him." Even a year later, Shen Tian wouldn't be a threat to him.

"Also, do not make him feel uncomfortable, allow him to hold the same servants he's had before, in fact do not even bother to change his daily routine, I want him to feel as comfortable as possible before you kill him."

"That's...The best way to repay my little brother's contribution in the family,hahahhaha." Shen Hong let out a mad laugh out, before the other figure nodded and only let out a single word before leaving.



Shen Tian wiped the sweat from his forehead,"2931." That was the number of pills he had concocted by now. With that amount of pills, he could probably earn around 10-20 million DSC, it varied from the grade of the pills.

He, since it did not matter if he tried or not, wouldn't gain any Soul Force for the next 4 years, practically his body was incapable of absorbing it, but it did not mean Elixirs were useless to him, just that their effect would take 4 years to work.

For now, getting more money would be his main concern, he had also introduced the pill which healed wounds at a very fast rate, called the Vermillion Sun Pill, which basically made your body shine in a vermillion light, and healed your wounds very quickly.

The cost, was of course major, over a hundred thousand Demon Spirit Coins per pill, he only sold around ten such pills to the Alchemy Association, who'd have to sell it for +100k to generate profit.

With such a progress, he already had gathered around 30 million Demon Spirit Coins. It had been a week since his father died, and the funeral was already held, right now he was focused on becoming stronger.

Not just for himself, but also for his father, who always desired for him to be strong enough to protect himself, Shen Tian regretted not giving his father some pills, which could've saved the latter's life, but it was all in the past right now.

He used his sharingan to the maximum, absorbing as much knowledge as possible, to the point he could call himself the peak master of the Glory City in terms of knowledge, he was pretty sure almost no one exceeded him.

Quite weirdly, Shen Tian had secluded himself in his room for days, and he only now, had noticed the letter which was put below his door, he took it and ripped the paper open. Reading it he smiled,'The City Lord wants to meet me… He accepted the projects I sent him.' He smirked.

He ran to the mansion's bathroom, and checked his appearance, terrible, he noted. He quickly wore some proper clothes, and fixed his hair style slightly,"At least I look a bit decent now." He smiled.

He took a deep breath and opened the door to the outside, it was going to be a long way until he could defeat the Sacred Family, and force it to fall into its knees, but the Undying Cycle Realm will help him into that, a 2x slower time is a quite valuable gift.

According to what the text of wall latter said, that meant that 12 hours inside there, were just 6 hours outside, and a month there was just half a month here, and he aged normally too, which was wonderful.

Shen Tian just had to choose his cultivation technique, according to his attribute, which was neutral. He was not sure if his techniques could work, but he did have a technique which could be considered 'neutral'.

Walking in the city, he found out that many were talking about Shen Xian's death, and how he was not even slightly affected by it, it was quite funny, Shen Tian rarely expressed his emotions, and even when he did, they were small ones like a smirk or annoyance.

He did not bothered by this, and returned his mind to his previous thoughts.In his second life, he had cultivated a technique which was the hegemon of chaos, in this third one, he had also trained in such a technique, however in his fourth, he did not feel like it.

Over millions of years, he had ventured deep into forgotten ruins, into the apocalypse itself, on stars ready to cause a Supernova, however, what really left a mark in his mind were the multiple black holes, the size of stars, or even galaxies, and the extremely large planets, which could also be desolate.

After experiencing so many interesting situations, after many wounds and pain, just like they said, you don't gain without experiencing pain, Shen Tian created a technique, which he plainly called,[Gates Of Void].

Simple, but elegant, ordinary but mysterious, powerful but weak sounding, it was his masterpiece. Shen Tian's most valuable technique, even among the millions of treasures he had gathered.

Until now, Shen Tian had managed to create 8 imaginary gates, basing it off the Eight Gates used by several people in the Elemental Nations, where the name was inspired from. However, he had yet to prove it's use.

It seems it was the chance for this technique to shine soon… Shen Tian chuckled, noticing that he was not far from the City Lord's Mansion, it was soon going to be the time for him to discuss with the City Lord,Ye Zong.

"Halt!" A guard moved his spear, and stopped him from crossing through the gates to enter the Mansion, they did not remember Shen Tian's appearance, since he had only been here once before.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》