An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
12 The First Fight, Martial Arts put to use.
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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12 The First Fight, Martial Arts put to use.

"I am here under the call of the City Lord, Lord Ye Zong, my name is Shen Yuan."He said and showed the City Lord's Token, showing his identity as a guest of the Snow Wind Family, the guard nodded.

"You may enter, the City Lord is expecting you in his office, just head straight and turn right, the guards there can escort you to the office. Please be quiet along the way there." He removed the spear, allowing him to enter,"Thanks."

He started to look around, his eyes exploring the mansion, while also heading the way the guard told him to,'It hasn't really changed that much since my visit with my father for the banquet.'

He took a deep breath, as a guard appeared in his sight, the said guard was staring at him, clearly wondering if he was ever going to say something, he showed the City Lord's Token to the guard and said," I want to meet the City Lord, he has invited me to his office."

The guard nodded and said,"I'll escort you to there, please follow me." And then started to walk in the large courtyard of the City Lord's Mansion, Shen Tian had to say they had done a quite good work on it.

They reached a large building soon,"This is the place you are supposed to be." The guard said, as he motioned for him to knock on the door, he wanted to return to his assigned place, he could not be missing for too long.

Shen Tian nodded and said goodbye to the guard, and looked as he left, before turning his head to the doors of the building. He took another deep breath before knocking on the door, upon gaining permission to enter, he did so.

The City Lord, Ye Zong was a muscular man, very tall, and had long purple hair, not even a strand blocking his sight. He also had purple eyes and a serious looking face, when he saw Shen Tian enter his face slightly eased up.

"I assume you are Shen Tian...Right?" He said with a serious face,"Your projects...Were rather good, and all suited our budget this year, how did you know exactly how much we can spend?" He asked.

Shen Tian had a sheepish smile,while internally he snorted,"I… Just asked one of my servants to do a bit of spying you know… I didn't want to use more than what the budget for this year was, Lord Zong." He said.

Ye Zong had a slight frown on his face,'This boy is not as simple as he appears to be… He has a Soul Force of 25, even as a 8 years old brat.' He thought,'He is Shen Tian, the person with the Indigo Grade Soul Realm.'

He did not know, that currently, Shen Tian had a physical strength of 600 kilograms, meaning he was a Silver Rank Fighter, even before becoming a Bronze Rank Demon Spiritualist, which was quite rare among the major and noble families.

"I want to discuss about one of your projects here, the slum sewer system you want to create." He said as he grabbed a few paperwork from his desk and showed him his drawing of the project.

"How are you so sure that the total cost won't exceed a hundred million Demon Spirit Coins, you do know our total budget is less than three hundred million Demon Spirit Coins, the rest have been already designed an use."

Shen Tian gained a slight cold smile on his face,"Let me start explaining,Lord Zong…"

~~ * A hour later*~~

Ye Zong sat on his chair, as Shen Tian left his office, the City Lord was covered in amazement, he was astonished at how amazing this little boy was, such complicated plans, at any age were certainly to be cemented in history books!

He looked at the ceiling of his office and then took a deep breath, he stood up and left the office,he had many stuff he had to get ready if he wanted to do those projects Shen Tian proposed.

"I need to talk with the principal of the Holy Orchid Institute, tell him It's about a very important and interesting project…" Ye Zong handed a letter to one of his guards, who immediately rushed towards the Institute.

"Call the elders, I have something important to discuss with them, Glory City will have new reforms in the coming years!" He said with a smile,'Those projects he said he was considering are also amazing.'


Shen Tian frowned, he saw that someone was inside the mansion he and his now dead family lived, then he suddenly remembered the words his aunt had said, and his lips curled into a smile.

He had recognized the aura the moment he was close enough to the building, his cousin, a fool,Shen Yue, and he could also feel several more auras, probably people he hired with his allowance, to beat him.

Shen Yue had decided to take this as a chance to take revenge upon him, about a two year grudge, it seems he had invited several Bronze Realm Demon Spiritualists, probably gave them some money.

He smiled,'My physical strength is about to enter the Silver Realm, I should just test it on Shen Yue's lackeys.'

He cracked his knuckles and slowly entered his home, upon entering, a single fist was thrown at him, which he easily dodged,'I must say this boy has quite a lot of nerves, to call people to bully someone at his age.'

'The one with the highest Soul Force here is the man in the middle, almost at the second star of the Bronze Realm.'' He smiled and slammed his own fist at the owner of the previous punch, sending him flying away.

'For some odd reason my Martial Arts don't feel correct… I'll need to fix this issue later, for now this should suffice to deal with some morons way below me in terms of stars, and almost an entire realm lower.'

Shen Tian took a stance, and the boys in front of him, barely a few years older than him, dashed at him, he slightly frowned,'I can easily see the gaps in their attacks, but if I make it seem like I destroyed them easily, they'd get suspicious.'

How could he not know who killed his father, after all it was very obvious, however his strength was lacking, and he was not in a rush to destroy the Sacred Family, no one killed an ally of his, and lived to tell the tale, and the worst thing was that it was not ally who died, but his own father.

It was even worse.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》