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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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13 Fear

He dodged another fist, blocked a kick with his forearm and threw a fist at another person, sending him backwards, however he received another kick to his stomach, making him cough, and widen his eyes.

'It's really annoying to pretend that you didn't see the attack, at least I'm wearing some armor to cover my body, so the one who actually got hurt is actually the moron who hit me just now.' He thought.

Shen Tian quickly recovered and headbutted someone, before using his elbow to break free from the arms holding him from behind. He then slammed his fist into another person's chest, sending him away.

"You brat… Just let us beat you!" One of them growled, they had thought it would be very easy, but instead, Shen Tian was proving to be a very difficult opponent to defeat in a fight of physical strength.

However, they also had their Soul Force to rely on, Shen Tian frowned, he also had Soul Force, albeit his was just 25, compared to their 100-200 Soul Force, he could only rely on his physical strength right now.

Suddenly, they started to use their Soul Force upon him,Shen Tian's eyes narrowed,'Are they trying to cripple my Soul Realm.' The thought of that made him chuckle, it was an almost impossible feat.

His Soul Realm was currently incredibly sturdy, due to the use of four years worth of Soul Force, and his soul itself, which had reached the apex was incredibly powerful, so some tiny Soul Force wouldn't leave a dent on it.

He suddenly performed an axe kick, slamming his foot on a random boy's head, he was pretty sure he had nearly cracked his skull open, with his foot still in the air, he used this chance to jump in the air, using his hands as support, and slam both of his feet at two people.

His eyes suddenly changed to red, and a flash of red followed his eyes, whenever they moved, before he suddenly rotated his body slamming his fists at two people's abdomens, he had basically defeated all the lackeys Shen Yue had brought, and the boy himself was at the corner of the room.

However, suddenly another fists was sent at him,'I probably didn't hit with enough force… They got up very quickly.' Shen Tian said as he barely dodged the fist by the width of needle's tip. He narrowed his eyes.

Someone grabbed his arms from behind, and Shen Tian quickly reacted, dodging another punch, which hit the person behind him, and pushed the owner of the punch with his foot, using it as support to break through from the man's grip, and push him into the wall.

His sharingan fully appeared, with three tomoes, and he dodged another punch, which hit the wall behind him, earning a groan of pain from the boy, who he quickly hit with an uppercut, sending him flying away.

'Three left… Just how many people did Shen Yue bring? There are at least six… Just how much did he even give them, to tempt them into trying to bully a member of the Sacred Family, probably told them they wouldn't get punished due to his father being Shen Hong.'

Shen Tian chuckled as he was hit with the full power of a second star Bronze Demon Spiritualist's Soul Force, he suddenly dashed forward, and did not even let him complete his attack, slamming his fist on the man's stomach.

He then took a deep breath,'I want to focus all my Soul Force to bombard their own Soul Realm… Would be funny to see them wetting their pants when their Soul Realms are almost destroyed.'

'Ah … On second thought, my Soul Force is too low to damage all of their Soul Realms, instead, I can do something much more interesting with my Chakra.' He smirked as he made a single hand seal, and widened his eyes, shadowed by his hair.


He smiled, he had manipulated the Sharingan, so it was effective against Soul Force, he could use genjutsu on Bronze Demon Spiritualists, but Silver ones were a bit out of his reach right now, but not for too long.

He then made eye contact with every Demon Spiritualist in front of him, almost everyone was at the first star, besides one who was already at the second one, but he was older than most of them, almost 15.

"What did you do to them?!" Shen Yue shouted, when Shen Tian's cold glare engulfed his sight,"It's not your turn to do the questioning, my little cousin…" His glare made the former shiver.

Shen Yue wetted his pants,'This is the power of an Indigo Soul Realm… This sort of power should not belong to the trash of the Sacred Family, but to me, a son of the Patriarch of the family!'

Noticing the look he was sending Shen Tian, the boy decided to do something… Rather evil, he opened the pocket behind his leg,a thing he got from the Elemental Nations, and took out a pill bottle, he opened it and took out a single pill.

He then shot his fist forward, slamming it into the wall,"I guess I need someone to fix the damage to my house… I wonder who would be as kind as to do that." Shen Tian's eyes revealed coldness.

Shen Yue's cold look was replaced with a look of fear, he gulped,"Yeah...Maybe I can ask my father to send a repairman to fix the damage?" He laughed out slightly, when Shen Tian smiled," I knew I could trust you! Here, this pill here will return all the stamina you lost coming here in a flash, eat it."

Shen Yue nervously stared at the extended hand of his cousin before refusing,"I'm pretty sure it would be a waste for me to eat it… You should save it for yourself, maybe another time." Shen Tian continued to smile,"It was not a question, it was an order."

Shen Yue froze, before nodding and extending his hand, taking the pill and throwing it inside his mouth in a flash, feeling the bitter taste he felt like vomiting out for a moment, but he endured it and ate it.

Shen Tian smiled as he released the others from the genjutsu, and all of them fainted, falling into the ground,'Ah, you could also use some help with taking their unconscious bodies out." He chuckled.

The blue haired boy nodded and felt the need to immediately leave this mansion, Shen Tian was a scary person, he regretted trying to bully the boy, he was truly fierce, and who knew how this could've ended for him.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》