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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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14 The Changes

Shen Yue held his word, and had fixed his mansion, he was even forced by Shen Hong to send ten thousand Demon Spirit Coins as an apologize, not like that amount mattered to Shen Tian, who just gave that portion to servants.

Shen Tian massaged his temples, his current power was too low, he had sent several Shadow Clones to the Undying Cycle's Realm, each training at the two times as slow area of the realm, and his power increased each moment.

He had tried to test if two years in that realm equaled the 4 years he was forced to use, but it was no use, it seems he'd have to wait for four years until he could use his Soul Force to enter the bronze realm.

Seems there was not a plot hole he could use for now, however who was he? He'd eventually find one, he was sending waves of shadow clones to enter the realm, and fully explore it, but they had not found much.

Shen Tian took a deep breath, his knowledge was limited beyond the last stronghold of humanity, if he was suddenly thrown into the wild, he wouldn't have a very high hope of surviving.

The main problem was knowledge of this world.

Since Glory City was the last stronghold, it was comfortable, being in relative peace for the last one thousand years, they peacefully coexisted with nature, and hunted demon beasts when they needed to.

Few expeditions outside the city were made, which was another reason Shen Tian wanted to create a scout division, which would explore the wild around Glory City, and increase the range slowly.

The one his father participate in, the one to the Dark Ruins was an one in a decade situation, since most Demon Spiritualists feared the demon beasts living around those lands, there were rumors a Legend Rank Demon Beast lived there.

However, that was slowly changing, due to Ye Zong's encouragement of not hiding comfortably inside the walls of the Glory City, but to go beyond them, because that was the only way for the city to grow!

Shen Tian was having a very good time in the city, he had decided to still live in the mansion he and his father lived before, but was considering to move out, since it really affected his movements.

Now that his father was dead… He didn't really have many reasons to stay in the Sacred Family territory, the family which had taken his father's life, just because he was a threat to Shen Hong's control.


A year passed, The Glory City was in a period of peace,as always, however an aura of fierceness covered the city, the recent reforms done to the city, had brought a wave of talent to the Holy Orchid Institute.

The most interesting thing however, was the fact that the Holy Orchid Institute had completely removed tuitions, and what students had to pay was paid through materials gained in the Training Grounds.

The Glory City's expenses became lower and lower, and the other families did not really like it, as it was affecting their income, in a bad way, which of course they would not like at all, but there was nothing they could about it.

One thing was also changing in Glory City, more specific, in the Winged Dragon Family, they had lost over 80% of their family property to the Sacred Family, and were forced to make an arranged marriage with the Sacred Family, originally Xiao Ning'er was supposed to marry Shen Tian, however the two families were in intense discussion, and that might soon change.

The only advantage Shen Tian was his Indigo Soul Realm, while Shen Fei, had the support of the entire Sacred Family, originally it was going to be Shen Yue, but they were thinking of arranging a marriage with him and Ye Ziyun.

Personally,Shen Tian did not really care, however one of his father's last wishes for him, before leaving for the Dark Ruins, was to have a happy life, that's what he always said, and he couldn't just exactly abandon his marriage.

He stormed to the Alchemy Association, he was planning to reveal his identity, that was one of the ways he could use to save his arranged marriage, although that was going to cause an upset in the city.

'At least one of my father's last legacies will still stay strong, I don't want to see the arranged marriage my father worked hard for to just disappear like that, even though I don't like it.' Shen Tian thought.

He reached the Alchemy Association's headquarters and entered, he was still using his disguised appearance, it would be hard to explain who he truly was, since they'd be suspicious of him.

He had fooled several Black Gold Demon Spiritualists for so long, of course they'd be suspicious of him, who wouldn't?

However, he had already prepared several answers to those questions, which hopefully would make them feel less suspicious, if it wouldn't work, he'd have to try using genjutsu upon them, even if the chance of succeeding would be incredibly low.

He noticed the looks the apprentice alchemist sent him, of course, since he was not wearing his alchemy robes, he typically wore a cloak when he entered the building, and there were several apprentices who did not recognize him.

He pushed the doors to the Director's office open, revealing a beautiful woman,'So they finally changed the Directors huh… Well he was getting old after all,I'm sure he was at least near his 90s'

The woman was very beautiful, and had a rather interesting hair style, if not for the fact Shen Tian was a very experienced Immortal with a cold attitude, he'd be probably looking at the voluptuous chest of the woman right now.

"Aren't you sir Hu Yang? What brings you here, you want to sell more pills to our Alchemy Association?" Yang Xin revealed a beautiful smile,"I'm the new director, my name is Yang Xin." She said.

"I am not here for that, I need to talk to the President for a certain issue." Shen Tian said, Hu Yang was the name he was using to cover his true identity, it worked quite well until now, however it was unfortunate he had to give up on it.

"The President...I think he is free right now, follow me,I'll send you to his office." Yang Xin said and stood up from her chair, and patted the dust away from her clothes,"He should be reading some documents about ancient alchemy."

"Let's go."
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》