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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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15 Your Answer is?

" I never would've thought… That the one who brought so many new alchemy pills to our Association would be you...Shen Tian, the prodigy of the Glory City, who has an Indigo Soul Realm."

The President of the Alchemy Association, Gu Yan smiled,"The future of our Glory City is safe in your hands it seems, you are a Master Alchemist, has an Indigo Soul Realm, and is even known for the many projects you gave the Glory City."

Shen Tian nodded, but then Gu Yan's smiled wore off,"Can you please explain to me… How you managed to fool all of us, and also produce pills which have never been seen before?" Shen Tian sighed.

The man was not a fool, how did a 9 years old, produce new pills, create projects for the city, when many old men could only helplessly watch as their city decayed? There must be a reason to all of this.

Shen Tian faked a nervous expression before saying," When I was taking a stroll in the backyard of my mansion, I stumbled across a very sharp object, I digged around it and found a chest."

Gu Yan knitted his eyebrow,"Please continue, I'm interested in what you found in that chest." Shen Tian nodded, even if he felt like he was being questioned like he was a criminal, which was weird.

"I had a hard time opening it, and asked my then alive father to open it, but he was also helpless about it, he just told me to throw it away, thinking it was a defect, but I was stubborn, and after a while, I somehow opened it."

Gu Yan started to believe more of it,"How exactly did you open it, Little Tian?" He asked, and the boy answered very quickly,"I believe it had to do something with my blood, since I hurt myself trying to open it, and a bit of blood fell on the chest."

'A blood treasure, they only connect to the owner by spilling a bit of their blood on top of the treasure, which then sucks the blood, it can be also used by families as a storage for their treasures.' Gu Yan immediately remembered the description of a treasure from a book he had read.

"So what did you find inside that treasure chest? The pill formulas?" Gu Yan asked, he still felt it was weird that he had managed to put an Inscription Pattern on all the pills he sold, thus leading them to being unable to decipher the formulas.

Shen Tian nodded,"When I opened it, I found several things, including the Sewer System construction maps, the pill formulas, and a few more books and stuff, but I had to decipher what the formulas said, since there were no drawing in it."

Gu Yan internally was amused,'Those books should be written in an ancient language, for him to be able to decipher what they say, he is indeed a genius, and to make pills…. Even with instructions, it should've been hard for a beginner.'

"In the beginning, it was very hard for me to produce pills through the use of those formulas, so I had to waste a lot of money in the ingredients and raw materials, and then I also used the Transformation Technique I found in the chest, to fool you all." Shen Tian said innocently.

"I also used different combinations of ingredients, and even created a pill, which I gave to the Alchemy Association several months before." Shen Tian said, and he noticed the wariness in Gu Yan's eyes dimmish.

His lies were working perfectly, his lips curled slightly, however Gu Yan did not notice it, as he was too focused in comprehending what this little fellow just told him,'Who would've thought such treasures still exist in our world…'

"Are you even listening to me, anymore?" Shen Tian had an upset look on his face, and Gu Yan started to awkwardly laugh,"Anyway, so did you manage to create new pill formulas from the former ones, and did you find out from which period they came?"

Shen Tian nodded,"I'm not very sure myself, but they come from before the Age Of Darkness, before the Sacred Empire Era, the language does not match up with our records of the language, and it's not the Woodland Empire Era either."

"It is possibly from the Snow Wind Empire Era, however I couldn't check due to me not having enough experience with the books of that time, and due to my identity. I have created several new pill formulas from the one I saw in the chest." Shen Tian said,"However, I also had to crack the pill formulas, since sometimes they had raw materials which did not exist anymore."

"What about the inscription pattern you put on each pill you gave to the Alchemy Association, we couldn't destroy it no matter how hard we tried!" Gu Yan had an angry and dark expression on his face, it could be seen that inscription pattern, or also called a rune gave him a lot of problems.

"That is… One of the other stuff I found in that chest, it explained how to create it, and that it can destroy any unknown energy from entering it, thus leaving you hopeless into deciphering it's formula." Shen Tian said,'I've really prepared too well, the chest thing is working way too well.'

"The final question I have for you is… How the hell did you manage to learn how to concoct pills at your age? Even geniuses struggle to learn basic pill making, at your age I could barely understand alchemy." Gu Yan fired the bullets.

Shen Tian looked at Gu Yan, his eyes showing void, seemingly struggling for an answer for a moment before smiling brightly,"It can be easily explained by using a single word...Prodigy, I'm one, have you ever heard of them?"

Gu Yan sweatdropped,'Is this boy serious… Does he think that it is that easy for everyone?! I'm seriously starting to think he is some reincarnated immortal or something like that.' Oh the irony…

"Now...Sir, will you help me with my original question,'To keep the marriage between me and Xiao Ning'er of the Winged Dragon Family alive?' What is your answer… Gu Yan?" Shen Tian revealed a cold face.

Gu Yan smiled,"That…"
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》