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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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16 Use Of Perfection.

If one looked at Shen Hong, they'd notice he had a pissed off face, clearly from the pressure he received from three other factions, The Alchemy Association,Holy Orchid Institute and the Snow Wind Family.

"Shen Tian is a prodigy, he is an alchemist, and gave so much contribution to our city, and his father died while trying to contribute to our city, on what claims are you voiding the marriage his father set up with the Winged Dragon Family?"

Shen Hong knitted his eyebrows,"What do you mean by him being an alchemist, or contributing to the city, is that related to the one time he visited the City Lord's Mansion, explain it!" He growled.

Ye Zong exclaimed,"You don't know? He is the one who gave me the projects, which included a better way to manage the slums, and the idea for the Scout Division." Shen Hong frowned,'How has he been doing all of this behind my back…'


Shen Tian was currently not there, he was focusing his attention into concocting a pill from his homeland, which could boost 20% of one's Soul Force, and he'd probably sell it to the Alchemy Association, the pill formula that is, at a very high price.

He was also testing what the effects of the second ability he gained from the lost of 4 years of essence improved his fighting skills, and it did, his movements were much more fluid right now, than compared to one year ago.

In the last year, he had honed his senses, since he lost his touch, his soul was something else, his body was something else, in the last several years, he had trained so much, that he was confident he could endure gravity seals which gave him a pressure of a thousand kilograms.

Now that his arranged marriage with Xiao Ning'er still stood strong, he did not want to concern him too much with the issues of the city, despite him following all improvements of the city, to see if he could add something.

The only reason he was even bothering anymore, was to keep an appearance in front of the city, and to still have a stronghold inside it, the Sacred Family's influence would be too powerful for him to stand against.

Suddenly, he felt an aura engulf his mansion, and he frowned,'A peak Silver Realm Demon Spiritualist, he has a Demon Spirit in his Soul Realm...From the information I've gathered, it's a Blue Horned Bear.'

Blue Horned Bears, were of the Wind Lightning attribute, and could reach the Gold Realm at maximum, at the fifth star, the demon spiritualist probably was going to change it soon, but it was very powerful.

Shen Tian was in a clear disadvantage, he couldn't fight a Demon Spiritualist with a Demon Spirit, especially when he didn't have one himself, he needed to enter the Silver Realm for that to happen.

He immediately started to think of a plan, in case the fight got too one sided, despite him having too many techniques, with his current cultivation, the number of those he could use, was too low.

Shen Tian took a deep breath as the aura locked into him, and the door to his courtyard was slammed open, and a blue furred claw shot at him, he barely dodged before frowning,it was clear the person was very near the gold rank.

He probably would be severely wounded if he tried to meet his attack head on, since his physical strength had just entered the second star of the silver rank, when compared to the other's peak silver rank strength.

He looked up, and saw a fur filled face with blue eyes looking at him, a horn at the top of the person's head. He took a deep breath,'This probably is the aura I felt one year ago, the one which spied on me…'

He looked around, trying to see if any guard was nearby, most guards which the Sacred Family had hired, were around the peak of the Silver Rank, or at least at the middle of it, so they could hold off the man for a while.

He waved his hand, and his Interspatial Ring shone, a pill appearing on his hand, a pill which would temporarily boost his power, so he could escape as fast as he could, and also survive the barrages of attacks the man was sending at him.

The man roared as he thrust his bear arms at him, unleashing a gust of wind, Shen Tian crossed his arms, and coated them in chakra, trying to lessen the damage done to his body, before making a single hand seal,"Genjutsu!" He shouted, slightly making the man freeze.

He smirked and a blue orb was formed in his hand,'I completely forgot I could just use Chakra… Or my mysterious mutated Spiritual Energy against this enemy, assassin or not, I'm going to make you regret what you are doing!'

"Rasengan!" The man felt curious about what this sphere… Or was it an orb, but he sure wasn't going to wait to see it's effects, and he roared,"Lightning Roar!" He shouted as yellow blue energy was exhaled from his mouth.

Shen Tian's face made an amused expression, as he used the Substitution Jutsu to switch bodies with a random vase in his room, and appear behind the man, slamming the rasengan on the man's back.

He earned a painful groan from the man,'This is a Rasengan combined with Spiritual Energy which is mutated and Soul Force, another use of perfect control over every foreign energy in my body.'

The man roared, as blood fell from his wound,obviously he had underestimated Shen Tian, and was now facing the full retribution upon him, Shen Tian let out a cold snort as he increased the amount of chakra and Spiritual Energy.

The man let out a cry, then he gritted his teeth as he shot his foot high, and slam it at Shen Tian's waist, the prodigy of Glory City was sent flying away unable to react due to the man's speed.

Shen Tian quickly gained his balance, but found himself shoved to the corner of his courtyard by a blast of wind, he gnashed his teeth and used chakra to stick his body to the walls of his courtyard.

"..." The man was amazed.

It was not something you saw daily, a person's body not moving from a wall, which was not exactly supposed to hold into anything, however after a moment he finally regained control, but it was too late.

"Wind Style - Great Wind Breakthrough!"
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》