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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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17 A Win Nonetheless

The man soared in the air, and flew backwards, the results from the jutsu was amazing, the effects were multiplied by several times due to his perfect control over his different energies in his body.

His body was covered in small cuts, due to the gust of wind which had engulfed his body.

Shen Tian's blue hair, was now covered in blood, while his face was the same, the blood came from the several wounds he had caused to the man, he was also quite injured from the wind and lightning attacks the man attacked him with.

He took a deep breath,'My Chakra Control is amazing…' Suddenly a blast of lightning diverted his attention, and with a snort he used the substitution jutsu to switch places with another vase, dodging the attack.

"You are very annoying… Who sent you to attack me?" Despite knowing the answer, Shen Tian wanted to be sure he was not wrong, the man did not answer, it seems he was a trained assassin, and not just a man sent to kill him.

The man was taking short breaths, despite being a trained assassin, the genjutsu Shen Tian had put him through, almost distracted him to the point he could've died, he did not know how he managed to do it, but he wasn't going to let him do it again.

The two engaged in a physical fight, and Shen Tian was losing, obviously, even with Chakra boosting his strength, it was only around the peak of the silver rank, still lacking a bit when compared to the man's own strength.

Not to mention, Shen Tian was not trying to kill the man, but to knock him out, while the man was trying to assassinate him, meaning, he was here with the intention to kill Shen Tian, which made everything troublesome.

Shen Tian took a deep breath, and his eyes changed to red with three tomoes,startling the man for one second, but he didn't have much time to think, as Shen Tian slammed his fist at the man's temples, sending him flying away.

"You bastard, you'll pay every coin which will cost for me to pay the repair cost for those damages you've done to my courtyard and mansion!" Shen Tian had a dark expression on his face.

The Sharingan, raised his awareness,strength,speed and many more, it was basically a cheat code, but with his current power, it took a lot out of him to keep it activated for a very long time it seems.

The man slightly shook before he extended both of his arms and created two beams of lightning from each hand, and shot both beams at Shen Tian who used his sharingan to dodge the attacks.

He then inhaled a massive amount of air into his lungs before a thought entered his mind,'Fire Release - Great Fire Annihilation!' And he exhaled a massive amount of fire, capable of rivaling a sea.

The reason he did not use hand seals, was because of his perfect control, chakra did not require hand seals to gather in his lungs anymore, he could just will it to go there, and it would do it.

'It's ironic, a Blue Horned Bear has several weaknesses, which include fire, and a massive amount of like this B Rank Jutsu… Will probably cause this person to fry to death! I should've used less chakra on it…' Shen Tian groaned.

He stopped the ninjutsu a second later, and sweated at the effects,"My Courtyard! It was cultivated by me with hard work!" Technically that was a life, since he used shadow clones instead of his true body.

The body of the assassin was revealed, almost dead, he had reverted back to his former appearance, a man with dark short hair and blue eyes, he was currently unconscious, and a massive part of his body was burned.

"Man...To think I forgot I could just use Ninjutsu to defeat you, sometimes I can be quite a big moron." Shen Tian chuckled as he took a deep breath and ate a Vermillion Sun Pill of the highest rank to heal himself.

'With my current cultivation, I cannot use the Rinnegan, otherwise I'd just kill him to find out who sent him here, but I can always give him to the Snow Wind Family, or the Alchemy Association, I can give the 'chest' the credits for defeating him.'

Shen Tian crossed his legs and sat on the ground, looking intensely at the unconscious man in front of him,'I think I remember him now… Ah! He is a lackey of Shen Hong, wasn't his name Shen Fei?'

"So this is how you want to play...Shen Hong, I'm sure you are regretting your actions now that you know who I am… But it's too late… I'll destroy and absorb the Sacred Family, from the moment you killed my father, it was already decided!" He growled.

He took a deep breath and decided to go to the place the 'meeting' of the five factions was being held, he wanted to ask for Shen Hong's answer, of course he also used Inscription Patterns to cover his mansion, so no under the Black Gold Rank could enter it, and they had to also use a lot of raw power.

He took Shen Fei's body, and dragged it together with him, he was going to take his body to the meeting room, it would be so funny to see Shen Hong's expression when he sees his lackey beaten up.

He could of course, just call for the guards, but there was a high chance the news would be suppressed by Shen Hong and the Sacred Family, so making a big commotion about it would the right way.

Now… He just had to find where the Sacred Family's headquarters were, since he rarely went there anyway, he could just ask a servant, not like it was something secret. Shen Tian left the courtyard of his mansion.


Shen Hong gnashed his teeth,'Dammit, I literally sent Shen Fei to kill him… If they discover that I did that, my reputation in Glory City will be severely damaged… I need to find someway to stop him! We can always kill Shen Tian later.'

Yu Zong noticed that something was not right, and he noticed a small frown on Shen Hong's face, so he knitted his eyebrows slightly,"So, hopefully you won't destroy this marriage, otherwise that will be like slapping both your late brother's and son's faces!"

Shen Hong had to fight the urge to yell at all the factions here, and tell them that it was not going to change no matter what, Shen Tian had no backing, but it seems that had recently changed… For the best or the worse.

"Of course… I won't mess up the arranged marriage my brother set up with the Winged Dragon Family, and since Shen Tian has contributed so much to our city, it would be a shame for him to feel depressed like that." Shen Hong faked a smile.

'Shen Fei, you better not kill him, or even I cannot save you from your certain death, unless you join the Dark Guild that is, that Demon Lord, he made everything so much troublesome!' Shen Hong growled in his mind.

Suddenly, the doors to the meeting room were slammed open, and none other than Shen Tian stepped inside, with a cold expression,"I just had this random dude, attack my mansion and almost kill me." Shen Tian threw the bloodied body of Shen Fei into the table, startling a few of them.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》