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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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18 Rage Of a Man

Ye Zong frowned,as Shen Tian started to talk,"This man assaulted me in my mansion, if not for my sacred flame attribute inscription pattern, this man… named Shen Fei would have killed me while I was relaxing!"

Shen Hong gained a similar looking frown, just much deeper,'How the hell did he manage to defeat Shen Fei...I see an inscription pattern, that explains quite a lot.' He scowled, but did not say anything/

"I want to know, why did you send this man to my mansion, Patriarch!" Shen Tian looked at Shen Hong, his face expressing a very cold attitude, it was clear that he was very angry, and Gu Yan could see that he was also faking it a bit, a small smile entered his face.

'This brat… He really is very cheeky, at his age I was only thinking about how to improve my alchemy, but he keeps surprising me and joining such discussions with little regard about the others.'

"So… Why did you come here?I'm sure none of us here have a connection to this little fellow, he probably was acting due to some grudge he had with your father."Shen Hong said with a snort, and refused to look at Shen Tian's face.

Shen Tian's face gained a frosty expression, the others could feel the air becoming colder, probably due to him unconsciously releasing his Soul Force, making Ye Zong feel amused,'So he has an ice related-attribute.'

Shen Hong, was not affected, after all he had experienced life and death situations several times in his life, what could a mere Shen Tian do to him, he was just a small brat who had yet to become a Demon Spiritualist.

Shen Tian took a deep breath,"So you're telling me, that it's a coincidence he was muttering your name the entire fight?! Why would he try to kill me, if you, the patriarch didn't want the son of your 'opponent' to survive?!"

Shen Hong smirked,"It is an coincidence, unless… You can actually prove that he was sent by me, I'm sure no one here is going to believe your empty words, little nephew." Shen Tian smiled as he said,"Of course there is a way to prove all of this."

The patriarch of the Sacred Family gained a slight frown on his face,"What do you mean by that? Nephew?" He said, when his nephew just waved his hand, and a paper appeared from his interspatial ring.

"This is an inscription pattern I found in a chest, located at my mansion's courtyard. " He showed them some random scribbles, but any half-decent knowledgeable man in this room immediately realized what it was.

Shen Hong, who did not know what this 'chest' was, started to laugh,"My little adorable nephew, can you explain exactly what this 'chest' you found in your courtyard is? It's probably what some kid buried ages ago."

Shen Tian smiled innocently,"I'm sure Elder Yan will be able to explain it completely to you, Uncle Hong, after all… I explained everything to him, when I revealed my identity as an alchemist."

Gu Yan nodded, looked at all of them, before proceeding to explain the story, of what happened a few days ago, between him and Shen Tian.

At the end of it, Shen Hong had a ghastly looking expression, he was no longer even trying to hide that he was the culprit, and Ye Zong internally had a cold expression, he felt anger at how Shen Hong had treated a genius of the Glory City.

"Now, let me use this Inscription Pattern, to reveal your memories, just touch the man's arm, and it'll reveal every memory you have of him, based on the dna of both of you." Shen Tian said as Shen Hong snorted,"Why should I touch him, do you want me to be infected?"

"Are you saying that… You want to be proven guilty of sending an assassin to assassinate me?" Shen Tian's frosty expression deepend,and Ye Zong added salt to the statement,"We are two Black Gold Demon Spiritualists here… We can stop you from leaving, Shen Hong."

Shen Hong gnashed his teeth before exclaiming, with an relax expression,"I'm sure that I will be proven innocent by this inscription pattern." He then proceeded to touch Shen Fei's arm and then touch the inscription pattern.

It then shone in a white light, revolving in the air for a while, before slowly taking shape, into two figures, Shen Fei and Shen Hong, and the background behind the two figures started to change visibly.

This image, slowly revealed every interaction the two had done, including the one memory where he clearly ordered Shen Fei to spare Shen Tian for another year, and also accepting to killing Shen Xian.

Shen Hong's face slightly turned pale, but immediately recovered his previous expression as he shouted,"Why are you showing those scenes?! You faked all of those! How can you all believe him so easily!"

Ye Zong glared at him with cold eyes,"I have lost all the respect I had for you, Shen Hong, not to only murder your own brother in cold blood, but to even try killing his only son he had in his life? That is low."

Gu Yan had a calm face, but clearly, he had the same opinion as Ye Zong, he would've never expected for someone of the Sacred Family to do such a crime, killing one's brother was something which disgusted him.

Shen Hong growled,"So what, even if this is true, you cannot do anything to me, I am the patriarch of the Sacred Family! One of the three major families of the Glory City, you cannot kill me."

Ye Zong sighed,"It's true I cannot kill you, as it would severely change the balance of power in the Glory City, but that is only true for now, in the future, the city won't need any of the major families to survive."

Shen Tian's frosty expression deepend and he took a deep breath to keep himself cool and calm, before he grabbed the paper, and rolled it and put it back into his Interspatial Ring, and waited for the decision to come.

"Since, Shen Hong, you made such terrible crimes, I'm expecting for you to at least not be shameless enough to change the arranged marriage of Shen Tian with the Winged Dragon Family's Xiao Ning'er." Gu Yan coughed.

If looks could kill, then everyone in this room would've died over ten times each, due to Shen Hong's cold glare.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》