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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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19 The Even

Shen Tian took a deep breath, six months had passed since then, everything slowly calmed down, Shen Xiu had stepped a level higher, and now was even colder to him than ever, her cultivation reached the 2nd Star of the Silver Rank.

It was a quite deep surprise, since her talent was never that high, but it seems the death of her brother, and many other factors had affected her mentality, and Shen Tian had noticed she was far colder, but less annoying than before

However, Shen Tian's main focus was somewhere else. His current physical strength was nearing that of a Gold Rank Demon Spiritualist, and that was probably also due to his Chakra, which enhanced his strength.

The power focus had shifted in the Glory City, a new faction, which was called the Scout Division had popped out, whose aim was to improve Glory City's influence over the Ancestral Mountain Range.

The Scout Division had three Black Gold Demon Spiritualists, making it stronger than most Noble Families, and even formidable for the Major Families, and all of the three were commoners!

It was made of over 500 members, each being a Demon Spiritualist, while the death rate could be very high at times, each member was resolute, and brave at what they did, they were not afraid of death.

Shen Tian had a lot of shares in this powerhouse, speaking of the city, after selling so many pills to the Alchemy Association, he had finally decided to give them the pill formulas, for a very large price.

Recently, a massive event was proposed by all the major forces of Glory City, to celebrate a thousand years of peace, inside the walls of Glory City, and for the century where they'd finally fight back against the Demon Beasts.

This probably would be the first time he meet Xiao Ning'er and despite being an immortal, he didn't have much interactions with women,but he had read several books about it, so he wouldn't be in a very tight spot.

The Winged Dragon Family had been basically ignored in the negotiations, and only Shen Tian bothered to give them any importance, and they did appreciate that for once, they were not being the one in the weaker side.

This banquet was being held at the Glory City's Square, which was a massive open space, recently built after confirmation from the Scout Division, that they had killed every Demon Beast close to Glory City.

Shen Tian was going to be one of the main men there, since he was an alchemist, the grand master to suggest every new addition to Glory City, over 15 Projects, suggest the creation of the Scout Division, which had been a major success until now and was part of the Sacred Family.

"Shen Yu, prepare my clothes, I'm going to go to the Square a bit earlier, since there might be someone who requires my presence." Shen Tian said as he stopped cultivating, now aged 9 and seven months, he looked far more muscular.

Shen Yu nodded, he was one of the few old servants Shen Tian still allowed to stay in his mansion anymore, so he was really thankful, otherwise,he'd be in the roads, begging for money, a beggar.


After a hour or so, Shen Tian was at the Glory City's Square, and talking to some important nobles of the city. The number of commoners and nobles entering the square slowly increased, by the time it was the time for the event to start.

The number reached around two hundred thousand people, and was not stopping increasing, it was just because the city square couldn't hold more than a million people, that it wasn't getting uncomfortable for now.

Ye Zong had a very happy expression, he was the City Lord, and always did what was the best for the city, to see it prosper like this, was something he had always dreamed of, ever since he became the City Lord.

Gu Yan was not present, he was learning how to make pills, through the pill formulas given to him by Shen Tian, he was already amazed at how complicated they were, and what raw materials they used.

Shen Tian had a smile of amusement, when he looked at the large crowd, how much had he missed being looked by so many people with awe in their eyes, talking about him, not like he particularly cared, but it was indeed a nice feeling.

Ye Zong took a deep breath, and decided to start the event, with his already prepared speech, Shen Tian was listening to it, but at the same time his focus was somewhere else,Shen Hong was missing.

That was not actually weird, since for the last six months, the Sacred Family kept losing prestige, and their family properties had started to be sold, and all of them were being sold to Shen Tian, just under other names!

He owned around 5% to 15% of the Sacred Family's property now, but his personal balance of money was slowly lowering, he basically only had around five hundred million demon spirit coins in his balance.

Shen Tian suddenly gained his attention back, as Ye Zong called him to start talking a bit, which raised a bit of comotion, since a kid was told to come and say his own prepared speech to the public.

Shen Tian had a small smile as he walked forward, his appearance looked celestial, as if he was an angel sent by God, however that was all fake, since he was cold,empty and never expressed deep emotions.

" I thank the City Lord for giving me the chance to come to this event, and even have the chance to say my thoughts,it's a truly amazing experience. Through this, I can see how much the City Lord keeps on his back."

Shen Tian started, focusing on Ye Zong, giving him all the attention, and actually lowering his own 'influence'.

"When I was younger, I wanted to find a way to help Glory City, I was helpless, since I was too young to aid the city militarily, so I had to go for another path, and books was the way wanted to use." Shen Tian added.

"And I'm very glad I managed to do this much for our city,and my way to here was not easy." Shen Tian took a deep breath before continuing.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》