An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
21 The Pickpocket With a Rare Talent.
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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21 The Pickpocket With a Rare Talent.

Shen Tian's lips curled, his 12th birthday was nearing, after that he'd be finally able to cultivate soul force again, and with his improved foundation and perfect control, he'd achieve breakthroughs extremely fast.

Soon… He'd be able to stand at the apex of the Glory City, not just in terms of physical strength and influence, but also in terms of actual power, he'd be comfortably at the top of it, and he could also venture outside.

An amused grin entered his face, quickly replaced by a cold expression,"I can't wait until I can explore this continent by myself… Glory City is too small to contain me for my entire life, I must say."


A month passed, Shen Tian finally regained his ability to cultivate… And his Soul Force skyrocketed, from 25 dots to 50 dots, and finally settled at around 90 dots. If he wanted to reach the first star of the Bronze Rank, it would be easy!

He had basically went past any other member of the young generation, right now he was walking around the Glory City, his minds somewhere else, he was going to check the Scout Division, he did not notice a dark shadow nearing him.

Suddenly, out of nowhere the shadow extended his arm, and in a moment, went for his bag's pocket, trying to check if there was money, Shen Tian had an amused expression,'He's definitely at the Bronze Rank, and he's around my age too, what has Glory City been doing, ignoring such a gem.'

Shen Tian allowed him to grab several hundred Demon Spirit Coins from his bag, and made an expression which said he was not noticing him, earning a smirk from the boy, thinking the mission had been successful.

The pickpocket looked around carefully for a moment before going to a corner of the road, turning left to enter a dark alley, and a door appeared in front of him, and he opened it and entered.

Shen Tian who was following him smiled, he was using the transformation technique to make himself into a Demon Spirit Coin, and enter the boy's pockets, so he was literally next to the boy, despite him not knowing.

He frowned, the pathway the boy had made them enter, sent them directly to the slums, as expected the boy was from the slums. He entered a broken house, and Shen Tian had already transformed himself into a person again, as he jumped from his pocket.

The boy removed his cloak, revealing dark raven hair, and crimson red eyes, and a slightly thin complexion, obviously from lack of food, Shen Tian had a slight smile on his face,"His Soul Realm is definitely near the Cyan Grade, maybe even Azure."

The boy grinned when he checked the amount of wealth he had stolen off Shen Tian, who seemed to be the son of a noble or a high ranking official, it was in the three digits.

Such a talent had never been seen before in Glory City, and Shen Tian was the only Indigo Soul Realm Cultivation in the entire history of the city, but his actual talent far surpassed the Indigo Grade.

It was merely what the Soul Crystal had said, if not from him removing his hands almost instantly, the Soul Crystal would've cracked and break into several smaller fragments, that is why he also did it.

He then froze slightly when he saw what the boy was doing, inside the house. He was holding a younger girl on his lap, petting her smooth hair, and smiling at the sleeping girl, who appeared to be around 7-8 years old.

After a hour or so, Shen Tian suddenly appeared in front of the boy, who retreated backwards, his face covered in panic for a moment, before he suddenly swung his fist forward, trying to hit Shen Tian.

Shen Tian did not move at all, and the fist connected with his forehead, and the boy winced in pain,"Is your forehead made out of metal or something?!" He shouted, tears forming on the corner of his eyes.

Shen Tian chuckled weakly,"No, my physical strength is just far above that of my Soul Force,obviously a brat like you wouldn't be able to even make a single injury on me." The boy got pissed.

The boy growled,"Why are you inside my house, I swear if you are here to pester me about those debts I owe…" Shen Tian had an amused expression,"Debts?" He raised an eyebrow as the boy snorted.

"I own at least around five hundred thousand Demon Spirit Coins to the Sacred Family… My parents weren't exactly the best people to have children, they liked gambling a lot." The boy sighed helplessly, raising an eyebrow at the fact he did not know, despite looking like someone from the Sacred Family.

"What is your name?" Shen Tian asked, using his soul force to lessen the suspicion of the boy on him, it seems to be working, as the boy replied,"My name is Feng Hao… But why are you asking?"

Shen Tian extended his arm forward," I want to create a partnership with you my friend, I'll pay your debt to the Sacred Family, but you need to work for me for the next ten years, I'll also secure your sister's future."

Feng Hao had a dumb expression on his face, and Shen Tian slightly chuckled,"I am not joking, my name is Shen Tian, you probably have heard of me before,Feng Hao." He said, as the boy grasped his hand,"I agree." Feng Hao said.

"...But even if you are that 'Shen Tian' how exactly are you going to pay for my debts, I doubt you have five hundred thousand Demon Spirit Coins just lying around, and even pay for a complete stranger." Feng Hao said as he retracted his hand.

Shen Tian yawned, as five Demon Spirit Cards appeared in his hand, each worth a hundred thousand Demon Spirit Coins, Feng Hao gawked at the scene, as he felt his throat get very sore, he had never seen this much money in his life before.

"This…" Feng Hao looked at his palms, where the cards lied, and his eyes widened in amazement, before he suddenly frowned," I cannot accept this, I am a pickpocket, but…" He froze.

A pickpocket tried his best to get more rich… He silently took the money and put them in his pocket, and made sure they did not fall on the ground, and his crimson red eyes glared at silver and orange eyes.

"I will pay this, when I become a Demon Spiritualist." Feng Hao exclaimed, he was not going to be in debt to some boy his age. Shen Tian had a calm expression,"I'm sure in the future you'll be easily capable of paying this."
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》