An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
22 Feng Hao“s New Cultivation Technique.
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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22 Feng Hao“s New Cultivation Technique.

Feng Hao had an uncomfortable expression on his face, clearly not liking so many people staring at him, Shen Tian had brought him and his sister to a proper clothing store, and bought them clothes.

"With this, you can count as a proper partner of me, Shen Tian." The boy himself, Shen Tian said with a nod, approving of their current clothes,Feng Hao laughed sheepishly, and looked at his sister, who was pouting.

She was eight years old herself, not much younger than Feng Hao, who was four years older than her, at twelve years old, but was at the first star of the Bronze Rank, with no proper cultivation technique, which was amazing.

Shen Tian shifted his lower body, to meet her eyes, and asked her,"What is your name, little girl?" He could obviously ask her brother, but he wanted to put an impression in both his and her mind.

"Feng… Feng Mei." She said with a mutter,and Shen Tian ruffled her hair before standing up,"You can both stay at my Mansion, I don't have an use for all those rooms anyway." He told them.

Feng Hao was about to interrupt him and object, but Shen Tian just raised his hand,"You are my partner, it's obvious that you need to live very close to me, and since I live alone it's perfect." He said, silencing him.

"Then… Can I at least gather whatever stuff I deem important in my former house, I also want to destroy it… I don't think I can endure seeing it again." He said and Shen Tian nodded," I'll ask my men to ruin it."

"Feng Hao, I need you to come to my room later, after you get comfy with your new home." Shen Tian said, as he lead both Feng Hao and Feng Mei to their room at his Mansion, both at awe at the sheer size of it.


*Later that night*

Feng Hao knocked on the door and said," I came, just like you asked me to." Shen Tian nodded and said,"Enter, I have something a bit important to talk with you." Feng Hao opened the door and entered.

Shen Tian grabbed something from his pocket and said,"Have you ever seen something like this before, Feng Hao?" He showed him a Soul Crystal, he was planning to check his soul force and attribute.

Feng Hao raised an eyebrow,"I've never seen something like that before, but I have heard of it's reputation, is that the famous ' Soul Crystal' I've heard in rumors before?" Feng Hao answered a moment later.

"Put your hands around it, it'll show you your soul attribute,form and current soul force." Shen Tian threw the Soul Crystal at Feng Hao, who suddenly got covered in panicked as he barely catched it.

Feng Hao then sent an angry glare at him, and did as instructed, the soul crystal shone in an azure color, signifying his talent was of the Azure Grade Soul Realm, which had never been seen before.

It then showed a red black dragon creature, which Shen Tian did not know what kind of creature it was, but it was clear it was a dragon, and he had the perfect technique to cultivate such a soul form.

His Soul Attribute was… Dual Attributes, which was never seen before in Glory City, even Shen Tian's eyes widened,'Both Dark And Holy… That's a fearsome combination,Interesting.' He thought,'I have the perfect technique for this really…'

Feng Hao had a nervous look on his face, he was not really sure what was happening, since the rumors he had heard were only limited to rumors after all,then Shen Tian chuckled," I just found the perfect cultivation technique to give you, I bought it off the black market." He found an excuse.

Feng Hao's face was covered in excitement,"Really?! I've been using a broken cultivation technique to cultivate, which is really annoying me a lot." He exclaimed, his eyes shining in happiness.

The one cultivation technique he had in mind, was just a few levels weaker than the [Gates Of Void] and it was called,[The Nine Holy Dragons Of Darkness], which also gave him nine stages to cultivate through.

Shen Tian was confident that it was perfect for him, so he took out a scroll, and started to write on it,"I don't have it with me, but I have good memory, so I can perfectly put it on paper, just wait a bit." He said, and Feng Hao nodded, good memory was common among the nobility

Less than thirty minutes later, Shen Tian had perfectly put the entire technique on paper, and gave him the scroll, Feng Hao received it with an excited face,"So this is the incantation for it…" He muttered.

"When you go to your room, try it before sleeping, it should improve your foundation considerably, especially since you already are a star 1 bronze rank Demon Spiritualist." Feng Hao raised both eyebrows,"I'm a Demon Spiritualist already?!" He said.

Shen Tian nodded,"I don't know how, probably due to a broken technique you used previously." Shen Tian said, when Feng Hao shook his head," I never used any cultivation technique, I just felt the Soul Force."

'So he is a natural talent huh… It won't take a lot of time for him to reach the Silver Rank, then I can give him a Demon Spirit which is suitable for him, after all I gathered a lot of them while traveling around the universes.'

Feng Hao then excused himself and left Shen Tian's room with a grin which was visible on his face. The Sacred Family member sighed,' My cultivation also just entered the first star of the bronze rank.'

The Abyssal Void Dragon was roaring, he needed to quickly enter the Silver Rank and integrate with it in his Soul Realm once again, since the effect of it had lessen with time, and he did not have the power to stop it's rampage.

However, the book, [Undying Cycles Of The Overlord and Overseer] was restricting the demon spirits from leaving his soul, and it was doing a very good job at it, so he was not really worried at the moment.

"There is always another day to worry about something which is still not a problem."
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》