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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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25 Money is not an Issue

Nie Li, would normally need around three to five years, to reach the 1st star of the Bronze Rank, to reach it in two months was simply a dream, and everyone knew it, no one knew what was going around his head.

Shen Tian did not bother to listen to what they were talking about, Li Piao was asking Nie Li if he liked Ye Ziyun, and the boy replied with full confidence, and said yes, Shen Tian was wondering what changed.

Less than ten minutes ago, Nie Li was your average boy, he was a bit shy, maybe even a bit of a coward, but now he stood up for the commoners, that was way too suddenly, he still had to ask him what happened.

Du Ze snorted,"You two should be more realistic! Ye Ziyun, has a Cyan Soul Realm, Nie Li, compared to her you are far weaker, she soon is going to be enter the Bronze Rank, instead you should focus in training!"

Feng Hao nodded,"I also think the same, training is required, if you want to reach the 1st star of the Bronze Rank, I'm sure I can help you Nie Li, as a commoner, I also got pissed at Teacher Shen Xiu."

Shen Tian yawned, class was finally over,"Nie Li, if you need money or anything like that sort, just ask me, I can give you any amount of it you require… I don't like how my aunt is treating commoners, after all my friend here is one." He patted Feng Hao's shoulder.

Nie Li being shameless said,"Fine, can I borrow five million Demon Spirit Coins?" He was just joking around, he did not expect Shen Tian to actually give him that money, even though he knew he was rich.

Shen Tian nodded, as he took out fifty cards from his Interspatial Ring, and passed them to a calm Nie Li who grinned,"I'll pay you back in a month!" He replied,"Don't worry about it, it's mere change to me."

Li Piao,Du Ze and the three commoner kids were gawking at the amount of money Nie Li received from Shen Tian,however Feng Hao did not have any reaction, he knew that Shen Tian was very rich.

Currently, the man basically was a walking bank, having billions of demon spirit coins in his possession, and even many family properties of the Sacred Family, he was the richest man in Glory City.

Li Piao neared Shen Tian and grinned,"Can you give me some money too?! I have an allowance, but I have only saved two thousand Demon Spirit Coins! You are too rich man!" He begged.

Shen Tian chuckled, as he took out two more cards,"Share whatever you want together, I have other jobs, Nie Li, don't disappoint me, I need to enter the Gold Rank myself, but if you need help, just call me."

He took out a pill bottle from his bag and threw it over to Nie Li, who caught it with surprise on his eyes,"Those are pills from the Alchemy Association, yet to be released, so you are lucky, eat them and your soul force will grow."

He said as he left the classroom,"Feng Hao come, we need to make preparations for the test two months later." Feng Hao nodded and walked together with Shen Tian, not noticing the faces they left behind containing shock and surprise.

Nie Li had a visible grin on his face,'I'm slowly understanding who this Shen Tian is… But still, I've never seen pills like this before, even ancient notes of the Sacred Empire Era or earlier, do not contain such pills.'


Shen Tian had many ways to increase his power in a very short time, but he was not here to reach the apex in a single moment, as an example, he had millions of Shadow Clones gather Soul Force and different energies in the Undying Cycles Realm.

If he wanted to reach the Gold Rank, it would be very easy, he just had to explode a few Shadow Clones, and the soul force they gathered would return to him, making him a Gold Rank Demon Spiritualist, and it wouldn't even damage his foundation.

Honestly, the only reason he was still in Glory City, was because he was still not completely finished with reading the libraries of the city, and there might be something valuable inside them, and he was not in a rush either.

He also wanted to see if the arranged marriage between him and Xiao Ning'er could go somewhere, in none of his lives had he married, because he only concerned himself with reaching the apex of cultivation.

"Feng Hao, how is your progress in the cultivation technique I gave you?" Shen Tian asked Feng Hao, who smiled sheepishly," my progress has been superb I guess, it's really the best one for me."

"How is Little Mei? She should be almost 10 right now." Shen Tian said, his voice was warm, but his face said otherwise,"Thanks for your concern, Mei has been very healthy thanks to your money…" Feng Hao had a grateful look on his face.

"Feng Hao, are you willing to come with me to the Scout Division for a moment? I need to check on their pill supply, I might need to fill it again." Shen Tian asked, and the boy nodded, and the two went to the corner of Glory City.


The Scout Division was one of the strongest factions in the city, going head to head with the Three Major Families, with over seven Black Gold Demon Spiritualists and Fihters, even the City Lord's Faction supported the division.

The leader of the Scout Division was a man who was called a Maelstrom, Xuan Fei, the strongest of all commoners, a brave man who tried his best, was loyal and brave, his men loved him a lot.

The Scout Division headquarters were situated in a corner of Glory City, due to the members being outside the city most of the time, they did not give a lot of focus on how the building was built or looked.

Shen Tian and Feng Hao greeted the guards responsible for the pill treasury of the Scout Division, and entered it, the former noticed that there was a lack of pills, so he waved his Interspatial Ring and dozens of hundreds of pills appeared.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》