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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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26 Training Ground

Being a Silver Rank Demon Spiritualist, Shen Tian could now cultivate his cultivation technique,[Gates Of Void], which had several gates, however until now he had only created 8 gates.

The First Gate, Gate Of Darkness, could only be used when one entered the Silver Rank, and was located in Shen Tian's chest, and was the size of a needle's tip, making it extremely small. When opened, it releases an extraordinary amount of dark energy or matter, which absorbed the Soul Force around Shen Tian.

This gate was not the fastest, but it absorbed a lot of Soul Force, and in terms of density, it could absorb the most Soul Force, it also increased his physical strength by around a rank, making it very powerful.

He obviously could use that gate, and the million shadow clones in the Undying Cycles Realm were also using it, meaning there were a million gates of darkness opened right now, if he just closed the jutsu, he'd gain an immense amount of soul force.


Shen Tian and Feng Hao were walking in the Training Ground, it was the classroom's first journey to there, Shen Xiu was being very careful with most of the class, to not allow any injury to them,expect Nie Li's group.

Nie Li's Soul Force had grown decently, reaching a Soul Force of over forty, mostly due to Shen Tian's immense contribution of over five million Demon Spirit Coins, even Du Ze and the rest had grown.

A Horned Sheep appeared in front of them, a bit taller than Shen Xiu, the teacher smiled and decided to make an example out of it,"This is a Horned Sheep, a Bronze Rank Demon Beast." She explained.

She then ran forward, at a very incredible speed and slammed her fist at the Horned Sheep's horn, cracking it,"Usually, you cannot defeat a Horned Sheep with raw strength, but when you are at my level, it's very easy."

Nie Li's glare narrowed, clearly not happy with Shen Xiu showing her strength,"Teacher Shen Xiu is a silver rank Demon Spiritualist, and of course a fighter of a similar rank, of course it's easy for you." He said

Shen Xiu just ignored him.

Shen Tian patted Nie Li's shoulders and shook his head as he said,"Please do not take it badly, my aunt is just like that. My father's death probably made her personality become even more cold, just focus on the bet."

Nie Li sighed, he was still adapting to this alternate reality of his world, his memories from the old host was really helping him, but it was still weird, when he went to the Alchemy Association, yesterday, his pills were a bit less appreciated than what he expected.

This made him feel even more suspicious of Shen Tian… He was very sure that those pills the boy had introduced to the Alchemy Association did not belong to any previous era, and as far as he was are, the previous history of the city was the same.

Nie Li had one conclusion after all this time, Shen Tian was the cause of all this change, he was an enigma, at age 13 he was at the Silver Rank, and even made a bet that he would enter the Gold Rank.

He would make sure to reach to the end of this issue, he'd complete the puzzle called Shen Tian, Nie Li gave his word to it, otherwise, people shouldn't even call him Nie Li anymore, that was the word of a man!


Ye Ziyun had a curious look on her face, Nie Li did not act like a newbie at all, his movements were all similar to the masters who had taught her, even the Inscription Pattern he fixed for her was considered above average.

She could also feel that his Soul Force had grown a lot, since he had bullied Shen Yue when they were at the library, last week. Speaking of that, she did not really understand why Shen Yue did all of this anyway.

The relationship between the Snow Wind Family and the Sacred Family was starting to worsen with each passing day, Shen Yue was only destroying his reputation by sticking up close to her, it was a foolish action.

Maybe he felt offended that Nie Li was trying to get close to her, but there was no point in him being dramatic, there was no connection between him and her, but Nie Li… Knew a lot about her body.

She'd have to investigate a lot more.


Shen Tian opened his eyes, he had slacked off the group, and had found a random place to take a nap, he told Feng Hao he'd return later, and with his cultivation, the boy had no reason to worry.

He looked at the sky, and he noticed it was visibly dark,"I overslept…" Shen Tian rolled his eyes,"I guess he is worried about me, I kind of am late." He muttered to himself, and then he noticed a soul force.

He was curious, so he decided to check the source of the soul force he was feeling a moment ago, and the result was quite surprising, the person was his fiance, Xiao Ning'er, she was very focused.

"Who is there?!" Xiao Ning'er suddenly stopped her cultivation session and shouted, her face showing carefulness, Shen Tian was a bit surprised, it would take a very sharp sense to notice his presence.

The atmosphere was tense, until Shen Tian walked out from the shadows, making Xiao Ning'er sigh in relief,"It's just you… For a moment I thought it was a demon beast or something like that."

"Do I look that ugly to you? You've hurt me." Shen Tian said with a hurt voice, but his expression said otherwise, Xiao Ning'er rolled her eyes,"Can you please leave, you interrupted my cultivation session!"

"What are you doing though, cultivating in the middle of night, did you even ask my aunt if you have permission to enter the Training Ground at such a late time?" Shen Tian asked with a curious voice.

Xiao Ning'er frowned, it was true that she had no permission to be here, she had basically sneaked off from the rest of the group, and had decided to spend the night here,cultivating, she had not expected Shen Tian's presence.

"How does that concern you?" Xiao Ning'er coldly looked at her fiance, she was not going to spare even him. Shen Tian replied,"I'm your fiance, duh." Xiao Ning'er froze for a moment not sure how to respond.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》