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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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27 Xiao Ning“er Disease

Xiao Ning'er coughed,"Shut up! It's an arranged marriage, and I do not approve of this, my father and my family did not ask about my opinion in this marriage at all!" She shouted with an embarrassed face.

Shen Tian looked at her,checking her body, making her blush,"Stop staring at me like that!" She shouted and then snorted, a cold look entering her face,"I'm going to continue cultivating again." She said, and continued what she was doing a moment ago.

This awkward silence continued for several minutes, until Xiao Ning'er broke the silence, shouting at Shen Tian,"When are you going to leave?! Don't you have something else to do?!" She had a cold expression.

She noticed that Shen Tian was looking at her legs, making her blush, then he replied with a calm voice,"I've noticed that you have deep red marks on your legs, is that perhaps a side effect of your cultivation technique?"

"No… That's a disease, none of the library books spoke about such a disease,at least, I have yet to read about it fully, maybe my method might be able to fix it" Shen Tian neared her and sat down, looking at her legs with great interest, making her blush,"What the hell do you think you are doing?!"

"Why are you not wearing shoes? I understand that you can use Soul Force to protect yourself from the rocks, but it still is weird, also why do I feel a very high heat emitting from your legs?" Shen Tian looked up to face her face.

Xiao Ning'er growled,"It's none of your concerns!" She then retreated back, Shen Tian stood up, and sighed," I guess you don't want to have that disease cured? That's a shame then." He turned around, and was going to leave.

"Wait!" She extended an arm, grabbing Shen Tian's shoulders, making him raise an eyebrow,"What do you want now?" He said with a cold tone making her flinch for a moment, she was never talked to with that kind of tone.

"You know… How to heal my disease?!" Shen Tian nodded at Xiao Ning's question, who grew excited,"While I am not sure which or what kind of disease it is, I have a technique which can heal pretty much any disease."

Xiao Ning'er bit her lower lips and said,"Then please heal me! I don't want to feel that kind of pain again… It makes sleeping very hard, and cultivation gets a hundred times harder ever since I kept feeling this pain."

Shen Tian shifted his lower body and asked,"Can I touch your foot? I want to see the temperature." Xiao Ning'er slightly blushed before nodding,"Yes you can." Shen Tian touched her red spot, and frowned.

"I'm no doctor or an expert, but from what I can see, if you had continued to cultivate, with those wounds, it wouldn't have taken long for you to fall out in health." Shen Tian exclaimed with a bit of coldness.

Xiao Ning'er paled, her face whitening, she definitely did not like the sound of that,"Can you already heal it, please! I do not like how that can end up for me." Shen Tian nodded,"I'll try right now."

His eyes changed to the Sharingan, not that she could see it, and he looked at her body system, and noticed the impure marks on her foot,'She has been hurting herself every time she cultivated.' He frowned.

"It's going to hurt a bit I guess." Shen Tian warned, to expel this impure energy, it would require him using his mutated Spiritual Energy to forcefully enter her system and push the impure energy out.

Xiao Ning'er yelped, feeling the immense pain which she was currently experiencing to be very high, she was used to the pain due to feeling a lot of pain on her feet daily, but not to this level. Shen Tian continued the healing, ignoring her yelps and small screams.

After about fifteen minutes, Shen Tian stopped, his eyes returned to normal,from the Sharingan, and he looked up,and saw the red face of Xiao Ning'er who was trying to hold her screams back.

"It's finished, I refined all the impure energy in your body, and also removed it from your body, in all parts of it, not just your foot." Shen Tian said with a calm voice, not noticing Xiao Ning's red face.

"Thank You…" Shen Tian then finally remembered some type of disease which was accompanied by such heat, if he remembered correctly it was called the Arctic Disease, but he had yet to fully read that section, so he couldn't be blamed.

"I finally remembered the disease, this is called the Arctic Disease, I'll need to have another treatment if you want it to get rid completely, it's a bit more complicated than what I thought it is." Shen Tian snorted,"Meet me at the same place tomorrow."

"Also, make sure not to cultivate at night." Shen Tian said, that was one of the side effects of the Arctic Disease.He then decided to do something, he looked at Xiao Ning'er and told her,"Show me your cultivation technique, I might be able to fix the issue with it."

The girl looked confused for a moment before nodding, and taking out a scroll from her Interspatial Ring, which Shen Tian received, almost touching her tender white fingers, making her blush slightly.

"This is really messed up, mind if I borrow this for today? I could fix the mistakes in it here, but it would take a bit of time, and we don't really want to stay up late do we?" Shen Tian looked at Xiao Ning'er who nodded.

Shen Tian did not really know much about the cultivation techniques of this world, but he certainly could modify this to be more useable, he could feel the mistakes in it from miles away, he did not like that.

"Just be sure not to lose it… I'm sure my family won't like the Sacred Family having a copy of their cultivation technique." Xiao Ning'er glared at Shen Tian who acted as if he did not see that. 'The only reason I'm doing this is because you are going to be married with me anyway.' Shen Tian thought.

"Then, goodbye, my friends are probably worried about me, I told them I wouldn't be really late." Shen Tian yawned, took the scroll and put it inside his Interspatial Ring and waved at Xiao Ning'er before leaving her speechless.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》