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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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30 Sacred Family

Shen Hong threw the cup on his hand into the ground, spilling the content inside it, his face turning red with anger,"Our family properties are being bought left and right, we are losing money everywhere!"

"Our plans of becoming the overlord of Glory City are slowly falling apart, our influence is getting lower and lower… All because of a single tiny brat who goes by the name of Shen Tian." Shen Hong shouted.

""That's it! Shen Ming, I want you to ask the Dark Guild, to send several members of their guild, to attack that bastard, and decimate every single molecule of his." Shen Hong growled, Shen Tian was also affecting his cultivation.

Shen Ming's wrinkled face nodded,"If you say so… I'll go and kill him, Shen Fei, he shared the same name as your son, but he ended up in jail." He chuckled, remembering Shen Hong's former lackey.

"Just do it quickly, I doubt that my brother wants to wait more to be reunited with his son." Shen Hong let out a mad laugh," I'll torture him a bit before killing him though, so don't kill him immediately, just knock him out."

Shen Ming nodded,cupping his fists,"As you wish,Patriarch." And he turned his back, and slowly left the hall, leaving behind a very mad looking Shen Hong who was slowly calming up, and smiled weakly,"Soon Glory City will be ours!"


Nie Li was a coward.

That was how he was supposed to be in his former life at least, but he was not a coward anymore, strangely, he was not a brave man, that to him was nothing surprising, since he was a true expert.

Imagine his shock, when he was thinking everything was going to go according to him, but an unknown character who went by the name of Shen Tian appeared in Glory City, and literally everyone knew him.

Shen Tian had affected Glory City incredibly, anything he thought of was not as effective as before, he had concocted pills before, sold pill formulas to Glory City, had contributed heavily to Glory City in a way or another, and had an Indigo Soul Realm!

Nie Li was not dumb, he noticed that a lot of the time they were in the classroom at the Holy Orchid Institute, Shen Tian would look at his suspiciously, probably due to his sudden change in personality.

After his previous memories were assimilated, he noticed that Shen Tian knew him a bit from his previous years of living, and he was quite decent, while not friends, they knew each other very well from events, at least their personalities were known to each other.

He was not afraid of Shen Tian, despite him being of the Sacred Family, the boy had given him so much money, while not actually enough in the long term, it was enough to have a solid start, and now he could full repay him.

The test at the end of the next month would reveal if Shen Tian had reached the Gold Rank or not, Nie Li had never seen a person with an Indigo Soul Realm before, but he was sure that was not his soul realm, because it was far deeper.

He even had a friend, called Feng Hao, who he did not remember at all in his previous life, the boy had either died off young, or was never born in the first place, all those events were very strange.

However, the boy had an Azure Soul Realm, even he had not seen such a strange soul realm before, the highest rank one he had seen was of Ye Ziyun's Cyan Soul Realm, and even that was quite amazing.

However, he was still sure, he'd solve the enigma known as Shen Tian.


Shen Tian looked coldly at the scene in front of him, several men in dark cloaks, were trying to kill him, he was sure they were from the Dark Guild, he even recognized one of them as an elder of the Sacred Family.

'Fine… I'll keep them busy for a while, maybe even kill them'

Shen Tian thought, as he took a stance and one of the Dark Guild Members dashed forward, towards him, trying to attack him, he was using his Demon Spirit, a Scarlet Lion, which uses flames to attack.

"Feng Hao!" Shouted Shen Tian, getting the focus of several Dark Guild members, to look away, he then slammed his fist on the head of the transformed demon spiritualist, and jumped behind. 'I could use Chakra to decimate this guy, no use in wasting Soul Force, they practically are the same too.'

He had to dodge a fireball and he smirked,'So we are playing with that sort of stuff huh…' He started to go through hand seals just for fun, and his eyes looked sharp,"Fire Style - Great Fireball Jutsu!"

He exhaled a massive amount of fire from his mouth, which almost immediately took the form and shape of a ball, which soared towards the members of the Dark Guild, who all jumped away, trying to dodge it.

They were surprised at how he was using different elemental techniques, fighters could use Martial Arts, but only Demon Spiritualists could use their Demon Spirits to attack with elemental affinities.

Shen Ming's eyes widened,"He is a Gold Rank Demon Spiritualist! At age 14… If he had left him grow a bit more, he could take care of all of us, and even the Sacred Family perhaps." He immediately felt his desire to kill Shen Tian grow.

Of the nine or so people sent to assassinate Shen Tian, one was immediately killed by the flames, while another one was injured, and was feeling his legs get slowly burned, and screaming in pain.

Shen Tian did not stop here, using his Sharingan to put everyone here on a genjutsu, this one was far more mysterious than previous ones he used, this one fooled everyone with Soul Force, and basically was a second reality.

Unless their cultivation was far above his, there would be no hope of them breaking it, especially since they still thought they were in reality, when in fact they were inside an illusion created by Shen Tian.

Shen Tian created a rasengan, and slammed it into Shen Ming, who finally broke out of the genjutsu due to the ninjutsu and coughed a massive amount of blood, slamming into a nearby tree.

Shen Ming was only in the Silver Rank, a Demon Spiritualist with a common Demon Spirit, when compared to Shen Tian, who basically was undefeatable in the Gold Rank, there was clear difference between the two.

Shen Ming fell unconscious almost as quickly as he regained control from the genjutsu, it was quite said. Shen Tian then also knocked out the other Dark Guild Members, besides the two who were basically dead.

There was no use in healing wounded enemies, the other 8 were enough for Glory City to interrogate, Shen Tian already knew who was the cause of this, but he had to make Ye Zong even more suspicious of the Sacred Family.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》