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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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31 Purple Haze Grass

"Purple Haze Grass?"

Shen Tian raised an eyebrow, Nie Li was asking him to buy the Purple Haze Grass which was available in the market, and that he'd pay him later, it was quite weird, but he was not going to ask him about it.

"Fine, although I don't know why you need it… Since we technically can be considered to be friends,I'll do it for you." Shen Tian said, with his eyebrow returning to its normal position, Nie Li grinned,"Thanks."

"I'll give you the money, double, afterwards, I really owe a lot to you, Shen Tian." Nie Li replied with a calm voice, however Shen Tian shook his face," There is no need to return anything to me." He said.

Purple Haze Grass was only known for its insect repellent use, and not for any other use… Surely Nie Li did not have a problem like that right? Even so, why did he need to buy all of it from the market?

Each Purple Haze Grass cost about three to five Demon Spirit Coins per kilograms, but when stacked up, it could cost quite a lot, but Nie Li knew that for the rich Shen Tian, it was almost nothing. He originally wanted to buy it using the five million he gave him, but he found other uses for it.

Others would call Nie Li very shameless for exploiting his friends like that, but Shen Tian did not mind, in fact he thought this was a better way of knowing the secrets behind him, he was very close to finding out.

Shen Tian was not sure, that if Nie Li was a reincarnated person, he was not from his homeland, since no one there knew of the Purple Haze Grass, or its use, and neither did he, however Nie Li knew other uses.

Shen Tian had connections to several high ranking officials, so he could easily buy a million kilograms of Purple Haze Grass, if not more, even if the cost could reach up to five million Demon Spirit Coins, it did not bother him at all.

The current Shen Tian had over a billion Demon Spirit Coins in his balance, and that money was safely stored in his Interspatial Ring, he was not worried that someone stole it, or tried to steal it at all.

"Then goodbye, Nie Li… May fate make us meet again, I'll send all the Purple Haze Grass to your place of living, just give me the address." Shen Tian said as he started to walk away,Nie Li replied,"Southwest, House Nr.32." He said with a smile.

'Now I just have to send that letter to the Alchemy Association, and we are done, I'll be rich with that idea, I'm a genius!' Nie Li had a calm face as he turned away,'My progress has been faster than expected, I might reach the Silver Rank tonight.'


The entire city was stupefied, Shen Tian's lackeys had bought a million Purple Haze Grass kilograms, which probably would cause a massive shortage of it in the city for the years to come, but they were not sure why he did it in the first place.

During this time, Shen Tian had fully healed Xiao Ning'er using the Daoyin Technique, a technique he learned through an old bookshelf of the Holy Orchid Institute library, although in the old Sacred Empire Era language, he had learned it through intensive studying.

Also, Feng Hao had recently pushed forward to the third star of the Silver Rank, becoming a full fledged Demon Spiritualist, unfortunately for him, Shen Tian did not have a very good demon spirit for him currently,with Shen Tian's cultivation, he couldn't pull out Demon Spirits from his soul,so they had to buy one for around 3-4 million Demon Spirit Coins.

It was actually a surprising buy, since Shen Tian thought it could reach up to dozens of millions, but they probably gave him face due to his identity, not like he cared about it that much, in fact he was a bit happy.

Xiao Ning'er was still cold to Shen Tian, not happy with their arranged marriage, but that did not mean she couldn't be nice to him sometimes, once, she made him a meal to eat at the Holy Orchid Institute.

That one act shocked almost everyone, besides Feng Hao, who already knew that Xiao Ning'er had met Shen Tian, and he obviously also knew what had happened between the two, but he was also a bit stunned.

Shen Xiu continued to act like before, ignoring Nie Li and his friends, expect Feng Hao and Shen Tian, the two were talents Glory City had never seen before, and Shen Tian was also her nephew.

Shen Tian's power had exploded, and Shen Xiu was a bit surprised to see that, while she did not know how much stronger he was, she did have an idea about that, at the end of the first month from the two,Feng Hao had reached the peak of the Silver Rank, while Shen Tian was beyond that.

Obviously, Shen Tian was already at the Gold Rank, and was nearing the peak, and could enter it whenever he so wanted, but he was using chakra and his mutated spiritual energy to hide his true identity.

Everyday, Shen Tian would pop out several Shadow Clones, but also make several more, for each he destroy, he created ten more, and thus he got stronger every day, at a much faster rate than others.

Even without the help of other foreign energies, Shen Tian could rival any Black Gold Demon Spiritualist just with his experience, and with perfect control over his power, using the Abyssal Void Dragon would simply be an overkill.

The Abyssal Void Dragon was something akin to a sovereign in his previous life, obviously not at the top, but it was not low tier either, among Dragons it was quite respected for their power of destruction.

He had managed to catch one only due to his immense power and strength, but even at the last breath he gave in his previous life, it was still trying to resist his influence, and it never stopped even now.

Lu Piao and Du Ze were very puzzled, not very sure with what Nie Li wanted to do with that much Purple Haze Grass, in fact if he did not take care of all of that soon, they might just become useless.

Nie Li just smiled, he had just written the paper, and sent it to the Alchemy Association, he'd sure make a ton of money by using this, after this maybe Shen Tian would be more aware of him, but it had more positives than negatives.

With this, he could also fully pay back Shen Tian, and even earn a massive amount of money back, alchemists just earned way too much money, if they had original pills like Nie Li or Shen Tian.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》