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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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32 Ancient City Ruins

Chen Linjian was in a dilemma, should he invite Feng Hao and Shen Tian to his expedition team to the Ancient Orchid City Ruins, which was also going to be accompanied by a few members of the Scout Division or not?

He had already invited Nie Li, the boy seemed to be quite knowledgeable, and that was always a good thing in his book, there was no reason to refuse his participation, while the two others were already at the Silver Rank.

He had already invited Shen Yue, so it would be very rude not to invite the two other, so he might as well just invite the two others, he needed more people to come anyway, the two were strong enough to take care of each other.

He now just had to look for the two… Great.

"Were you going to search for me and Feng Hao?" Shen Tian appeared out of nowhere, next to Chen Linjian who just visibly shook and looked at him, his eyes twitching,"Don't appear just like that." He sighed.

" I smell Holy Dark Grass, did you have some with you right now?" Shen Tian asked as he looked at his eyes, and the teenager nodded, he just gave some to a person, to lure him to his group.

"Holy Dark Grass can strengthen your soul force, but be careful in the usage of it, possibly, you could also have your Soul Realm destroyed due to an overuse of it. "Shen Tian yawned,"Also, before you ask, yes we are coming."

Chen Linjian was left behind stupefied.


Yang Xin pouted, Shen Tian was refusing to give her a pill formula, she tried her hardest to seduce the boy every time he came, but she failed every time, it was as if she was not that beautiful anymore.

Her mind was not currently in front of the letters she was reading, most of them were love letters, which she ignored, but there were always a few letters related to alchemy,"Purple Haze Grass… Other uses?"

"Applications in Alchemy, what is this?! Purple Haze Grass can only be used to repel insects… Interesting… This alchemist master has definitely researched very deeply into this." Yang Xin said excitedly.

" I need to try this." Yang Xin immediately wanted to try one of grass uses,but frowned upon remembering they only had less than one kilogram of this Purple Haze Grass, due to Shen Tian buying most of it.


"Shen Tian, your presence is demanded in the Sacred Family's Main Hall, you have been called by the Patriarch and the Council Of Elders!" A lackey of Shen Hong announced, and Shen Tian waved his hand,"Fine."

The lackey left, and Shen Tian slowly got up from his seat, he was eventually going to go talk with Shen Hong anyway, they had several stuff to discuss, as an example, the traitor Shen Ming, who was now in the Sacred Family's hands.

The issue they were going to discuss with him was probably the increase in cost of the Purple Haze Grass, they did not know that Shen Tian was the one buying the family properties left and right.

They probably wanted him to give the Purple Haze Grass to the family, so they could recover from the crisis they were in, and also stabilize the lost of an elder like Shen Ming, not like Shen Tian was going to give up to their demands anyway.


"We absolutely cannot allow the Purple Haze Grass to fall into the wrong hands, a kilogram of it costs almost an entire thousand Demon Spirit Coins! That's madness!" Shen Long, an elder shouted.

Shen Yuan, another elder nodded,"Shen Tian's entire storage of Purple Haze Grass, could potentially save us from our economic crisis, we are experiencing currently." He said with a frown on his face.

Shen Hong was silent, not making any comment at the moment, he was going to wait for Shen Tian to come to talk, right now he was thinking of what to tell the boy, he utterly hated with all his existence.

Shen Tian's footstep could be heard, as he entered the main hall, wearing black and white clothes, with a calm face, his eyes looked around, to meet Shen Hong's eyes, clearly expressing coldness.

Shen Hong decided to take the first word, and said,"Shen Tian, I assume you already know why you have been called in front of the council today, right?" Shen Tian nodded,"It's because of the Purple Haze Grass, am I right?"

He received nods from everyone.

"We want you to give the Purple Haze Grass to our family, The Sacred Family has been in an economical crisis for a very long time, with that large amount of it, we could recover, and even reach a new level!"

Shen Tian secretly rolled his eyes, as he said," I Don't have any Purple Haze Grass, elders." He cupped his fists as he said that,"Then, if you excuse me, please let me go to my room , I am tired."

The elders were silent,"You just bought a million kilograms of Purple Haze Grass, what do you mean by that!" Shen Hong slammed his fist into the table in front of him, creating a small hole, almost going through the table.

"I do not have any Purple Haze Grass, at least I do not have any in my possession anymore, if that is what you mean." Shen Tian said with a calm face, ignoring the angry look from the elders of his family.

Shen Hong's face was covered in a dark aura,"So be it… At least tell us who you have this incredible amount of Purple Haze Grass to, Shen Tian." He said with a dark voice, then Shen Tian shook his head," I gave it a friend, I cannot tell you who, because it wouldn't be fair for him."

"Then, I believe I am free to leave." Shen Tian did not even bother to receive permission anymore, and simply left the Sacred Family's Main Hall, leaving being a stupefied council of elders in anger.

"Shen Tian… It seems even Shen Ming failed to defeat this boy, and was even captured instead, I had to shamelessly claim to not know about this to escape suspicion of our Sacred Family." Shen Hong muttered to himself.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》