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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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33 Shen Tian“s Soul Form

Inside Shen Tian's soul, there were several changes happening, his Demon Spirit, the Abyssal Void Dragon was cowering in fear, something even Shen Tian had not managed to do even in his peak of his power.

Even his Soul Realm was shaking, the different Demon Spirits he held in his soul, were also shaking to a degree, even one of the most powerful Demon Spirits he had, an Ancient True Phoenix was cowering in fear.

The cause of it… Was a Soul Crystal, it was… Shen Tian's hollow shape of his Soul Form, Void. The shape of his Soul Form was merely a dark purple energy, in random shapes, which changed every moment or so.

His Soul Form was Void, nothing else, but emptiness, it was not an energy, in fact the only thing which could be considered 'something' was the name itself, only the user of it could actually 'fill' Void with something.

That was why Shen Tian's cultivation technique, suited him perfectly, because the technique, [Gates Of Void] filled Void with various elements and properties, which would make it stronger and stronger than before.

At his current level, he had every single Shadow Clone modified, in a way they couldn't even be called shadow clones anymore, and had them open the first Gate of the Gates Of Void every time they gathered Soul Force.

The first gate was known as the Gate Of Darkness, and as implied before, used Darkness to gather Soul Force, it was not fast, but it certainly absorbed a massive amount of Soul Force when used.

However, now that he had entered the Gold Rank as a Demon Spiritualist, he could open the second gate, the Gate Of Light, which was almost the size of a molecule, and was close to the Gate of Darkness.

When released, it does not release any kind of pressure which makes one suffocate, it's actually an aura which makes others relax, however, it is very deadly, as it grants the user the light element.

Unlike the Gate Of Darkness, this one uses speed over quantity, but with the speed of light, it was actually a bit more efficient than the first gate, Gate of Darkness, just like it, it could raise the user's power by several times if not more.

It can only be opened when one reaches the Gold Rank as an Demon Spiritualist, if used below it, it could cause several damages to one's physical body and even Soul Realm, thus you need to be careful.

Shen Tian was now starting to resort to making every Shadow Clone use the Gate Of Light, and in the 2nd area of the Undying Cycle Realm, which was four times slower than outside, meaning a hour there was just 10-20 min here.

A day there, was just six hours outside, Shen Tian was confident he could achieve a breakthrough to the peak of the Black Gold Rank in a flick of his fingers, it was no longer even an achievement to him.


As the days passed, the time they had to leave for the Ancient Orchid City Ruins slowly was nearing, Shen Tian decided to spent a bit of his time in the library reading about the city ruins. He also noticed Nie Li trying to get near Ye Ziyun.

It really made Shen Tian even more confused, if Nie Li had reincarnated, it meant that he had a previous connection with Ye Ziyun, or had he just recently fallen in love with her, but the first moment he started to act weird, he looked at her.

Nie Li was a reincarnator, and in both lives was in love with Ye Ziyun. That was the conclusion Shen Tian reached, connecting the information he had right now with each other, it was not really that hard.

Shen Tian looked as Shen Yue was beaten to the point he wet his pants in front of Nie Li and Ye Ziyun, and a chuckle escaped his face, although he could also do it, that killing intent was indeed another quality a reincarnator has.

Nie Li was a reincarnator with killing intent and loved Ye Ziyun in his previous life, this was very important. He could get information from Nie Li, in a good or bad way, it would be the best if he cooperated fully.

Nie Li also knew of Ye Ziyun's birthmark, which was not visible from one's clothes, which confirmed his identity as a reincarnator even deeper, Nie Li was not even trying to hide it anymore.

He found it rather weird, when Nie Li started to randomly shout,"Murder!,Murder!" As if he was dying, and when he went to check what was happening, he found it amusing. Nie Li was using armor, to hurt Shen Yue's men.

Shen Yue had a confused expression, not sure of what to do, when he saw the many people gathering, murmuring about how the Sacred Family was shameless, then he saw his cousin smirking at him.

Shen Yue's lackeys did their best to try to hurt Nie Li, but instead they were the ones getting hurt, Shen Yue started to get angrier and angrier,"You damn morons! You can't even hurt a Red Soul Realm trash!"

Shen Tian saw Xiao Ning'er in the crowd, looking at the scene in front of her, that reminded him, he had to go modify the technique for her, he had already returned the cultivation technique to her, but found no time to modify it.

Ye Ziyun suddenly dashed in front of Shen Yue, interrupting his lackeys from getting beaten by Nie Li. Shen Yue tried to desperately argue with Ye Ziyun, saying that Nie Li was the one to blame here, not him.

Who'd believe him, basically no one. Shen Yue and his lackeys were found here, trying to beat Nie Li, who was only saved due to his armor, who then used that to his advantage, and beat the hell out of them.

Xiao Ning'er just looked silently, before glaring at Shen Tian, as if understanding what she meant, he rolled his eyes,'Is she really telling me to go help Nie Li, I mean sure... He is my friend but...' She probably was just in a good mood.

Shen Tian frowned,'Shen Yue... You are passing your limits! It seems that as the strongest of the young generation of the Sacred Family, I have to teach you a lesson, I'm the oldest cousin as well.' He walked up to the scene.

He was going to stir up the scene even further... He could feel that from a distance.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》