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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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35 Ancient Ruins

"Demon Beasts?" Shen Tian raised an eyebrow,"Yeah, we found a demon beast nest just a few minutes ago, Chen Linjian wants us to move forward, as to not let the demon beasts catch up to us." Feng Hao said.

"Judging by the fur found, Nie Li thinks it's the fur of a Fox Bear." Shen Tian nodded, he did smell a strange smell before, he just shrugged it off as some random wild beast, and didn't really care about it.

"Are they even that much of a problem? We two can easily deal with any horde of such Demon Beasts, I'm already at the silver rank, while you have entered the gold rank, Shen Tian." Feng Hao frowned.

"We cannot create suspicion towards our ranks, our cultivation is already very high, they'd be surprised if they found out we have been hiding our true cultivation, calm down." Shen Tian rolled his eyes,"Let's go."

Shen Yue had gloomy eyes as he followed the rest of the group, as if he was thinking of something, Shen Tian walked to Nie Li and patted his shoulders, whispering into him,"Shen Yue has something up his mind, be careful." The boy nodded.

Shen Tian then noticed that Xiao Ning'er was among the group, and decided to near her, wanting to talk to her about something, he touched his Interspatial Ring, and with a nod to himself said:

"Ning'er,I need to talk to you about something." Shen Tian had a calm face, and Xiao Ning'er turned to meet him, with a similar looking face, which was soon covered by a slight frown,"Don't call me that. I did not get you permission." Shen Tian nodded, but was not really planning to do as she said.

He then lead her to a place between some trees annoying her even further, she was not exactly sure what he wanted to do with her, he couldn't be thinking… Of doing it, right? They might get married, but they were still young!

A blush entered her face, and she slowly turned red, Shen Tian raised an eyebrow, not sure about what she was thinking, perhaps she was sick. He then took out a scroll from his Interspatial Ring, and handed it to her, leaving her frozen.

"Here, I was going to give it to you earlier, but I forgot, and I also didn't have much free time, so I apologize, it's a modified version of your cultivation technique, added some words to the chant, and removed some others, should be better than the other one."

Xiao Ning'er nodded, not really sure of what to do at this moment, and just grabbed the scroll, opened it for a moment, to check the contents quickly, and was very surprised, it was way better than her current one.

Then she put it inside her own Interspatial Ring, and looked at Shen Tian's different colored eyes, Silver and Orange, any sign of doubt disappearing from her eyes, she no longer viewed Shen Tian in a bad way.

Maybe she wouldn't mind getting married to him anymore… She immediately removed that thought from her mind, she wouldn't surrender to him so quickly, she'd put a good fight! That sounded like she was going to give up anyway…

The two returned to the main group .Shen Tian sensed several people behind them, tracking them silently. He noticed that Nie Li had felt the people behind them, who then informed Chen Linjian.

Shen Yue had a very ugly expression on his face. It seems those three people were from the Sacred Family. Shen Tian did not recognize them because they were far older than him and Shen Yue.

However, Chen Linjian had misunderstood the situation, and due to Nie Li's cheeky words, thought they were from the Dark Guild. He was a very strict man, so he immediately wanted to kill the suspicious individuals.

Thus, Shen Yue was left with just six more people comprising of the 1st star and 2nd star of the Bronze Rank. Last time when he was caught off guard by Shen Tian and Nie Li, the latter had a bronze rank armor at that time.

Luckily, only one of the three had died. The two others were heavily wounded but managed to somehow escape into the forest Their fate remained unknown, but they probably would die from the wounds.

He saw how Nie Li was getting friendly with some of Chen Linjian's friends. Some tried to talk to him, but he basically ignored them. Since they had met him previously, they knew he was a rough person to talk to due to his calm and cold personality.

However, there was one of them who refused to give up - the pink haired girl, Huyan Lanruo She had a very beautiful body which appeared to be made to seduce men, and she did not waste even a single ounce of it at all.

The girl pouted, when Shen Tian continued to ignore her after having a single word of discussion with her.It was as if she did not exist to him- as if her beauty was nothing to him. Looking at the farce from far away, it made Xiao Ning'er feel better.

Huyan Lanruo, noticing that Shen Tian was not interested into her, decided to have fun with Nie Li. He almost similarly ignored her but at least he was willing to have a discussion with her Her opinion of him increased.

Just a bit later, Shen Tian witnessed Nie Li beat the hell out of a Chu family member called Chu Yuan, who despite using martial arts, did not even manage to touch Nie Li's clothes. It just made Nie Li become less and less of an enigma.

The result of the battle shocked everyone besides Shen Tian, who already knew that Nie Li was a Silver Rank Demon Spiritualist. Which meant that Chu Yuan, who was only at the third star of the Bronze Rank, could be easily defeated by him.

After the battle Huyan Lanruo, as an example, tried to seduce Nie Li even more, to the point he almost gave up, and due to that, Ye Ziyun was also jealous, for reasons she didn't even know, Shen Tian just looked from afar, with amusement, and so did Feng Hao.

It would be a very long six days it seems, in one day they already had Demon Beasts attack them, have a fight between two Demon Spiritualists, fought three members of the 'Dark Guild' and barely slept.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》