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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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36 The Ruins

The rest of the trip was the rest of the group looking at Huyan Lanruo desperately try to catch Nie Li's attention. Even after she declared him to be his, she did not even manage to get out a single word from him.

Soon, the expedition group reached the Ancient Orchid City Ruins. Silence engulfed everything. Nobody liked the sight of the city, some of them might've been here before, but still the view was as haunting as ever.

Gold Rank Demon Beasts did not live here anymore, only Silver and Bronze Rank Demon Beasts were still inside the city ruins, making it not that dangerous to people like them, but they still had to be careful.

They soon took out a map, and started to think of where to search. Nie Li was thinking of somewhere else, while Shen Tian wanted to go somewhere else,"So be it, Nie Li, you guys can go that way, I'm sure that with my Peak Silver Rank Cultivation I'll be safe."

Feng Hao walked together with Shen Tian,leaving behind a surprised group. They did not expect for him to leave so suddenly. Xiao Ning'er was fighting her urges to follow Shen Tian, but finally chose not to since it was more safe this way.


Shen Tian heard the roar of an ape, but did not get on guard, the roar was far away from him and Feng Hao. The only one he was worried about was Xiao Ning'er, but with Nie Li there, he could protect them… Probably.

He and Feng Hao were heading towards the Ancestral Tombs of the Ancient Orchid City Ruins, one of the few buildings barely touched by the Demon Beasts, who ignored it due to the death aura around it.

He had read an ancient book, which was in the Sacred Empire Era Language, which talked about how Tombs were used to bury people together with a large part of their wealth. There was a chance they were yet to be discovered.

When he looked at Chen Linjian's map, he guessed that this was probably the place where the Tomb was. Judging by the construction style used to make it he was probably right, as it looked exactly like in the book he had.

The Tomb in the Ancient Orchid City Ruins, however, mostly looked like a Catacomb, probably used by the religious faction in the city at the time. It additionally had a holy aura at the same time fighting the death aura.

There was a massive hole inside the Tombs, heading downwards, with several old stairs leading to the underground. They could just jump down, but judging by the fragile look of the building, it could possibly fall down from the pressure.

Shen Tian was afraid to light up a torch in this building since it could burn something fragile. So he used the flames of his Abyssal Void Dragon to create a light, albeit very weak, but they could see something at least.

Feng Hao and Shen Tian were very careful of the steps they took, with each step different noises could be heard from the old stairs. They continued to remain vigilant for several minutes until they reached the end of the stairs.

When they reached the end of the stairs, they could only see darkness around them. Shen Tian deemed the area a bit more safe, and engulfed it in Soul Force, which embraced the walls softly. The torches were lit up in fire.

Feng Hao was amazed by the sight. The area was around five to six meters wide and around three to four meters high. It could not be called incredible but the statues and pictures around the walls were quite amazing.

They walked around and Shen Tian frowned,"This is not a Tomb, this is the grave of someone important, in the Sacred Empire Era, they used to create constructions like this to honour a single person, this man probably was someone very important."

They walked forward. Feng Hao was visibly shaken by the statues. Some of them were made with scary faces and Feng Hao, despite being very strong mentally, was just 13, so they still affected him a bit.

Shen Tian neared a wall, which held some sentences. The most surprising thing was that they were quite similar to the language used in Glory City, probably something made between the Age of Darkness.

Meaning, this building, this tomb was modified to create this grave, shortly after the Age of Darkness. Someone lived in the Ancient Orchid City Ruins, even after the Age of Darkness it seems.

"I am a conqueror,I died fighting that disgusting man's minions… I might be a tiny Heavenly Axis Cultivator, however, I never will regret the way I lived my life!"

The first sentence was read, Shen Tian frowned, 'Heavenly Axis… What is that? IS that perhaps the realm after the Legend Rank? No, the books did not talk about something like that at all.' He thought as he continued to read.

"If you have managed to reach this place, it means your luck is not quite bad. I personally influenced the men who created this city, and they built this tomb for me, which I later modified , coating it in Holy and Death Aura." Shen Tian read out loudly.

Feng Hao raised an eyebrow, "Is the man who wrote the passage here the statue behind this wall?" He looked behind the wall, and noticed a statue of a man with rather short hair and trimmed beard, who was rather tall.

It was originally painted but after several hundred years, it seems the paint had started to slowly disappear. However there was still an incredible aura coming out of it. It was quite magnificent even according to him.

Shen Tian continued to read and quickly came to the end of the wall. With a frown he walked behind the wall and started to look at what was there behind the wall. Besides the statue, there was a large chest.

"Feng Hao, we need to be careful. Whatever is inside that chest could be potentially dangerous. Coat your body with Soul Force using as many layers as possible as there could be poison inside it, and could possibly be a trap."

The boy nodded and braced himself for any unexpected situations. Shen Tian extended his arms forward, slowly reaching for the chest. With a deep breath, and with several thoughts, he decided to push the chest, and open it. A massive amount of dust covered their sight…
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》