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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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37 Exploring The Tomb

According to what Shen Tian found, the tomb owner was called Kong Shen and possibly was from the same family as Kong Ming- a famed emperor of the Sacred Empire Era- whose relics existed even up to today.

The large chest the two had found had a few books,a treasure map, some jewelries, some pills and some gems of various uses. The books were written in the Sacred Empire Era's language but Shen Tian could understand it. However those books were only a few, the majority of which were not of that language.

He had no use for the pills and gems, so he just gave them to Feng Hao. While he kept the books, he also kept an amulet which seemed very precious He took it from the statue's neck, only noticing it a second ago.

Feng Hao suddenly shouted in surprise as he fell to the ground on his butt, earning a laugh from Shen Tian. Indignantly he retorted, "Shut up! There is something behind this wall... I felt the wind touch my skin… It was creepy." He shivered thinking about it.

Shen Tian's face became serious, his laugh quickly stopping. He walked to the wall Feng Hao was pointing at and touched the dusty wall, musing to himself, "It has been opened quite recently. The dust is far less when compared to other parts of the tomb."

He started to touch different parts of the wall, and continued, " If the books I've read are right… There should be some kind of a hidden mechanism somewhere here, which will open the secret door." Finally, a part of the wall was pushed deep inside. The wall moved behind and further continued going into the right side, opening up a path to the two.

"I told you." Shen Tian said with a calm face. Feng Hao decided to rush inside, however Shen Tian stopped him by grabbing his clothes,"Do not rush, there could be some traps inside it." He said.

"I'm not sure where this pathway sends us to, but judging by the map Chen Linjian showed to us, it sends us into… the place he and Nie Li wanted to leave for, strangely." Shen Tian chuckled as he said.

" Please stay behind me for a moment. I'll check if there is any trap using a special ability of mine." Feng Hao nodded as he moved behind Shen Tian, who activated his Sharingan, a special one.

His dōjutsu, the Sharingan was unlike the other dōjutsu owners. He had modified the dōjutsu to the point it's sight was comparable to the Byakugan. It had even already surpassed it and was far more effective than the former dojutsu.

He could use it to check was lied beyond the walls. Using it, he did not find any trap. It seems the person who built this pathway and the tomb did not mean to hurt them in anyway, at least that made him feel a bit better.

"It's safe… I'll continue checking the walls beyond this section later, but this one is safe at least." Shen Tian's eyes turned to their normal colors and then he started to walk towards the pathway, without a worry. Feng Hao did the same.

Shen Tian was playing with a gem in his hand.He inclined his head towards the young boy beside and said, "It's filled with Soul Force, whoever has this, will probably cultivate faster for a certain amount of time,I'm not sure if it regenerates afterwards or not."

"Feng Hao, you can have this. I have another one, this will make your cultivation faster." Shen Tian did not really have an use for such gems, since he was already in the Gold Rank. Although it could still help him, he had over a million shadow clones working for him instead.

Feng Hao raised an eyebrow, but did not refuse the gift. He took it, examined it for a moment before nodding happily. He then put the gem inside his Interspatial Ring, which was bought by Shen Tian for him, as a gift.

"This pathway is really long… I think it was supposed to be constructed as a way to safely leave the Ancient Orchid City Ruins in case of an invasion, which would explain the skeletons we saw in the corners." Shen Tian said.

In the meantime, Shen Tian decided to check the map they found in the treasure chest. It certainly was not of the Ancient Orchid City Ruins since it did not match with the map Chen Linjian showed them.

He'd have to investigate more about this issue, but for now, he could just read the books he found at the treasure chest. A lot of them belonged to eras before the Sacred Empire Era which Shen Tian did not know much about.

He needed to learn the languages of the previous eras, if he wanted to read the books, and he sure wanted to do that. In the beginning it might be difficult, but afterwards he would easily be able to decipher the characters.

"Let's go a bit faster, I think that there is a chance the top will fall on our heads. It's very old, and it feels uncomfortable to stay under such a dilapidated structure knowingly." Shen Tian told Feng Hao. The two started to walk faster, to the point they started to run.

When they finally reached the top, there was a wooden door for them to go past. Shen Tian and Feng Hao stopped to take a deep breath. They ran for several minutes at a considerable speed, so they were a bit tired.

Feng Hao panicked, as when he decided to rest by supporting himself beside the wall, the wall got pushed and he fell down. Shen Tian did not move to help him, just shouted,"Don't worry, there is no traps down there, there should be a way to leave! Look carefully, I'll wait for you outside!"

Shen Tian had seen that, however, he decided not to act. That area was a cultivation section of the Ancient Orchid City Ruins, however it had not been used for a very long time, so Soul Force was very dense there.

Feng Hao sheepishly laughed as he shouted,"Okay! But If I don't return, please come and get me! I don't want to stay in this creepy place for a very long time, if you don't I'll kill you! I swear!" He took a deep breath.

Shen Tian smiled weakly, as he took out a bracelet from his Interspatial ring,"Here, this is one of the jewelries we found, it can endure four hits from anything below the Legend Rank, be careful!" He said and threw it to Feng Hao who caught it with surprise.

Shen Tian then opened the door and left,"Goodbye for now Feng Hao, I'll wait for you at the gates of the Ancient Orchid City Ruins. If you don't return in less than two days, I'll come and get you from here somehow."
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》