An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
39 Military Ground“s Treasury
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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39 Military Ground“s Treasury

Chen Linjian was very depressed, and hit the walls of the Stone Fort with his fist, anger entering his face very quickly. They had lost Ye Ziyun,Xiao Ning'er,Nie Li,Shen Tian and Feng Hao, important people of the Holy Orchid Institute.

They had lost over thirteen people due to this, of course, it was understandable for him to be a bit angry. Huyan Lanruo was also very sad, but she did not give up, waiting for Nie Li to appear suddenly.

"Alright, let's go to the military ground, perhaps we will be able to find them there. Shen Tian wanted to go around that area, so he should be there if he was not attacked by the Demon Beasts." Chen Linjian said as the rest followed him.

After they reached the military grounds, Chen Linjian gave several men shovels and told them to dig down to see if there is anything important buried in those ancient ruins of the military ground.

Around this time, Shen Tian and Xiao Ning'er decided to head to the stone fort, however upon noticing the shadows of people in the military ground, they decided to see what was there, and they saw the group.

"Shen Tian! Xiao Ning! You two are safe, thank god!" Chen Linjian cried out in happiness, as he walked to the two, hugged Shen Tian, and shook hands with Xiao Ning'er as it would be awkward to hug her.

Huyan Lanruo was a bit disappointed, however, she did show a bit of happiness upon seeing them. Despite being older than them, she still had not seen the death of many people before in her life.

"What are you guys doing?" Shen Tian asked with curiosity apparent in his tone. Chen Linjian immediately answered," We are searching for the treasures. I mean, aren't they usually buried underground after all?"

Chen Linjian, noticed that Feng Hao was missing,"Where is your other buddy, was his name Feng Hao? Don't tell me he…" Without even managing to finish his sentence, Feng Hao appeared in front of them.

Shen Tian looked at him and nodded,"So you managed to find a way out, I presume?"

Feng Hao grinned," Yeah, I even managed to enter the Silver Rank." He said, secretly making hand signs,'I've already entered the Gold Rank.' Was the meaning of it.

Shen Tian chuckled,"Chen Linjian, I assume you are trying to mine downwards? I have a method to immediately crack the ground up to ten meters down open." Chen Linjian had an astonished face.

"You can actually do that?! Please do then, we've been trying to do this for several dozens of minutes already, with this pace, it could go on for hours before we have any sort of results." He said with a pleading expression.

Shen Tian chuckled as he walked in front of the hole they started to dig and made a sign telling the rest to leave. They took their shovels and pickaxes and silently left, and Shen Tian was left alone.

He inhaled fresh air, and exhaled it, his eyes gaining a certain shine. The others silently looked at him as he raised his fist above at the same level as his head, a blue aura slowly coating it, chakra. He was using the normal chakra, he normally used a different chakra.

"Heavenly Fist Of Pain!" Shen Tian shouted out as he slammed his fist into the soft ground. With a blast, the dirt was lifted into the air, several small rocks doing the same, and in less than a second, a massive hole was created.

It was at least ten meters deep, and twenty meters long. It was very massive, and not to mention it was created by a single punch of a Gold Rank Demon Spiritualist, obviously they did not know the last part.

Xiao Ning'er widened her mouth, her jaw seemingly touching the ground, a similar expression was seen in almost everyone besides Feng Hao who just chuckled, as if this was a common occurence to him.

" I could've gone deeper… But I can sense something just below here, I was scared I might ruin the roof completely, or cause the lower building to get destroyed, which we don't want, right?" Shen Tian smiled.

Chen Linjian tried to act cool, and calmed himself forcefullyand nodded,"We can use pickaxes to pierce the roof, boys let's go to work! We have treasures to uncover!" The rest of the men cheered as they continued their work.


In less than two minutes, they managed to crack the roof and open a gate, which was stuck under the massive amount of dirt and rocks which came with the passing of time They used force to open it and…

"Nie Li!" When they walked deep inside, Shen Tian shouted, noticing the orange haired boy and Ye Ziyun, who were both sitting under a massive amount of gold and treasures, the rest gawked at the sight.

Nie Li raised his head above when he noticed them. Shen Tian immediately looked around and slightly smiled, it seems he and Ye Ziyun had already looted what they wanted, which was why they were just sitting.

Chen Linjian immediately decided to send the men to gather items. Shen Tian did not see many stuff of importance, so he just chose a random red crystal he found on the ground and put it in his Interspatial Ring. He felt it was a bit special, he'd research about it later, it had strange patterns on it.

He helped Xiao Ning'er choose an item, she choose a jewelry in the end, although Shen Tian couldn't see through it's use, he thought it probably made her cultivate way faster, but he was not sure. It was a bit better than Feng Hao's.

Feng Hao himself choose a sword, which was made of good materials. Shen Tian was not a very experienced blacksmith in his previous life, but he did have a bit of knowledge, he had read a lot of books about blacksmithing in his previous life.

The rest of the expedition was quite uneventful, after a while, they decided to return to the city. Huyan Lanruo had been very happy when she saw Nie Li had returned, even hugging him closely, making Ye Ziyun pout.

"The Dark Guild!"

Outside the Stone Fort, which they had just reached again, several black cloaked men appeared in their sight. Chen Linjian's face was covered by a frown, he lead the group to the dense forest, and outside the stone fort.

The group of the Dark Guild did not manage to reach them, however, they had run so fast that after a while most of their soul force was wasted, burned out trying to escape from the grasp of the Dark Guild.

Soon They reached Glory City…
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》