An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
40 End Of The Year Examination
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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40 End Of The Year Examination

Upon returning to Glory City, Shen Tian secluded himself for two reasons- to reach the Black Gold Rank as a Demon Spiritualist and Fighter, and to decipher the language used in the books he got.

He did not know what was happening in Glory City during this time. His seclusion lasted for more than a month. It was time for the bet they made with Shen Xiu to reach its end, the yearly examination was nearing.

There were rumors that he was trying to breakthrough to the Gold Rank, but instead, he was trying to enter the Black Gold Rank. The irony, however was that time was running out, so he decided to rush it.

With a flick of his finger, ten thousand clones stopped refining soul force, and directly sent all of it to his main body. Feeling the massive amount of soul force enter his soul realm, he felt very comfortable.

He reached 1st Star of the Black Gold Rank. Soul Force became very confusing upon reaching the Gold Rank. The Bronze Rank was 100 to 599, Silver Rank was 600 to 5999, Gold Rank was 6000 to 17999, while the Black Gold Rank was from 18000 to 99999 Soul Force.

However, the numbers did not matter anymore, so it was going to be difficult to check his rank with simple soul crystals or machines. The Holy Orchid Institute had prepared an unique machine which would test his soul force just for him.

Feng Hao, had similarly reached the Gold Rank. Shen Xiu was up for a surprise when she saw that two of her students, which she did not even bother to teach due to a grudge and bet, would embarrass her personally, especially when one of them was her nephew!

Feng Hao and Shen Tian walked towards the Martial Field of the Holy Orchid Institute, and Xiao Ning'er joined them. Much to her dismay, she was slowly growing closer to Shen Tian, and worse still, the latter did not complain.

"It's Shen Tian! Has he managed to enter the Gold Rank?! If he has not managed to do it, he'll have to leave the Holy Orchid Institute! The Prodigy of the century, being forced to leave the institute! Laughable!"

"Maybe his friend, Feng Hao has entered the Silver Rank. Judging by his talent, he probably is around the peak of the Silver Rank. I wonder what Demon Spirit he chose…" The crowd murmured to each other.

"If he has not managed to do it… I fear the worse for him. Maybe the Principal himself will intervene to stop the bet from happening, however, that will ruin Shen Tian's reputation in the city completely!"

The crowd could be heard chattering across kilometers, Nie Li knitted his eyebrows, he felt a bit pissed that Shen Tian and Feng Hao were eating all of his fame so quickly. He rolled his eyes and looked at Du Ze,Lu Piao and the three commoner kids,"Try your best." He said to them.

Xiao Ning'er and Ye Ziyun arrived, the two were friends. Despite the two families trying to separate the two, due to the connection of Xiao Ning'er to Shen Tian, the Snow Wind Family had to be less harsh.

They couldn't risk pissing off Shen Tian, a future Legend Rank Demon Spiritualist, who could probably reach even beyond that. They even tried to recruit him into the Snow Wind Family, but failed.

Xiao Ning'er at the current time had reached the second star of the Silver Rank, all achieved due to Shen Tian helping her. Even during his seclusion, she had came to meet him several times, and received his help.

Shen Fei was also looking from a distance, obviously looking at Xiao Ning'er with hungry eyes, which expressed a lewd feeling. Shen Tian frowned, he'd have to teach him a lesson later. They might not be married, but he wouldn't allow someone to look at her like that.

She was his, to be more exact, no one besides her family could look at her like that. Even then, Shen Tian would be pissed at them, after all, she was supposed to be married to him. After a month of interaction, she had grown a small place in his heart.

He unleashed his raw pressure, and mixed a bit of his killing intent, equal to around 0.1% of his total, because he wouldn't be able to endure more than that, upon Shen Fei who immediately widened his eyes.

The Sacred Family heir immediately started sweating , his eyes showing panic. Suddenly, his entire body froze. His friends raised an eyebrow, not sure why the young man had suddenly frozen. They tried to touch him, only to realize that he was very wet.

They did not know that there was an immense raw intent aimed at him pressuring him, and Shen Fei- who was only a silver rank Demon Spiritualist- could only hopelessly face it and suffer from it.

Shen Xiu suddenly came to the scene, swaying her hips around. Her head was aimed at the sky, looking at the others as if they were beneath her. Shen Tian knitted his eyebrows, his aunt was being too arrogant.

"Everyone follow me, the examination is going to start soon, you don't want to be late do you?" She said, glaring at Nie Li and Shen Tian's groups with amusement,"We'll see if you two are ready for the bet."

To spectate the examination of the end of the year, several people from different classes had came, trying to see the talent of the various people, their curiosity overcoming their rationale. There were a lot of talented people in the Fighter Apprentice Class.

The teachers of the Holy Orchid Institute were present, alongside the Vice Principal who was viewing the scene from afar. He felt curious about how far Nie Li and the rest had reached, and whether any had the talent to enter the genius class.

Shen Yue went first, his results quite decent, reaching the hitting power of 135 at maximum. His soul force signified that he had already entered the 1st star of the Bronze Rank.

However, Lu Piao completely outshone him, reaching the hitting power of almost 400 Soul Force. He had the cultivation rank of the 3rd star of the Bronze Rank and a Soul Force of 367, way higher than Shen Yue's.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》