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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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41 An Unexpected Ending.

The next shock was Du Ze, who had entered the Silver Rank, something completely unexpected for someone with just a slightly above average talent like him, not to mention he was also a commoner.

The Strength Testing Stone shook, from the sheer pressure of Du Ze's punch, who was not going to try again, to check his strength. His hitting power was equivalent to the fifth star of the bronze rank.

When they tried to test his Soul Force, the crystal broke into small fragments. This meant Du Ze had already entered the Silver Rank! The teachers had to get an Intermediate Soul Crystal to test his soul force.

The crowd was incredibly shocked, after all, among them, there were people who had yet to step into the Silver Rank. To see a boy several years younger than them enter that rank was shocking indeed.

Shen Xiu immediately started to get questioned by other teachers and people with higher reputation and position than her. Her face started to slightly turn red from anger, she was being made fun of by some students!

The Demon Spiritualist Apprentice Class had just returned from an expedition to the Training Ground. They immediately went to check the end of the year examination, with great curiosity.

After they arrived there, they came to know that not one, but three soul crystals of the same grade had exploded in the examination of the Fighter Apprentice Class. It was insane, to the point that they all were shocked.

Nie Li was next, and Shen Xiu snorted, clearly confident that he had not reached the Bronze Rank,"We will see if you have managed to uphold your part of the bet, Nie Li." Her gaze narrowed as she looked at him.

However, Nie Li completely shocked her by getting 100 in all his attempts of physical strength, and 100 in his Soul Force. Shen Xiu's face turned red, and anger entered it,"We have to wait for Shen Tian…" She growled.

Nie Li smirked as he started to laugh,"My luck is so good, I actually managed to barely enter the Bronze Rank!"

Shen Xiu growled,"Next please…" She was the one responsible for the test, due to her being the aunt of both Shen Yue and Shen Tian, thus she had an incredible amount of prestige among the teachers.

"Then, I'll go next." Feng Hao raised his hand as he walked towards the middle, they immediately switched the machine, which could only endure the power of a Bronze Rank Fighter. He took a deep breath and…


His fist meet the Machine, shattering it in an instant. His fist had gone with almost the same speed as wind in that one instant, the crown gasped, as the machine showed a number,"XXX" It was broken!

Shen Xiu twitched, and said,"Switch the machines to the one for Silver Rank Fighters!" The lackeys nodded as they removed the broken up machine, and replaced it with a better looking one instead.


Feng Hao's fist hit the machine again…. Which broke for the second time, making everyone gasp,Shen Xiu groaned, if Feng Hao had the hitting power of the Gold Rank, what about Shen Tian?!

"Switch the Machine again!"

Shen Xiu grimaced, and the machine was switched again, for a better one. This one could endure the physical strength of a Gold Rank Fighter of the peak fifth star! Feng Hao took a deep breath.



A number showed, everyone gasped, it was barely into the Gold Rank, Feng Hao scratched the back of his head and laughed sheepishly,"It seems I was also very lucky, just like fellow student Nie Li!"

The rest started to laugh. Nie Li wiped a single tear from his eyes, and raised his thumb at Feng Hao,"I'm proud of you!" He started to laugh, even falling to the ground, unable to conceal his laughter.

Shen Xiu's face paled. The Vice Principal who was looking at the scene from a distance, immediately told them to make him part of the genius class. He was worthy of that, far too worthy!

Shen Tian was very proud of Feng Hao, after all he was the one who had shaped the current Feng Hao. He had given him his cultivation technique, and the boy was using all of it to the maximum he could!

"Then, I'll try it now." Shen Tian walked forward, he was the only one left to test his soul force and physical strength. His current physical strength was easily over ten thousand kilograms right now, his current soul force… Was at the Black Gold Rank.

He took a deep breath, and took a stance, it felt as if he was a predator about to catch its prey. He thrust his fist forward.



Shen Tian's fist hit the machine, however, it only showed a soul force equivalent to the peak of the silver rank. Why would he do something like that, was a mystery to everyone besides him and Feng Hao.

Shen Tian chuckled, as the crowd gasped,"Seems Teacher Shen Xiu won't be forced to leave the Holy Orchid Institute. I was too incompetent and was unable to enter the Gold Rank before the two months were up."

However, who among them did not know that Shen Tian did that on purpose? It was natural.

After all, Shen Xiu was his aunt, and even if he hated the Sacred Family, his aunt did not harbor hatred towards him, merely a bit angry at him for not supporting her when he was supposed to do.

Shen Tian did not hate his aunt either, he did hate Shen Hong, Shen Yue and Shen Fei, but Shen Xiu was a different case. She might be a bit dark, but she still had a bit of hope left inside her, or so he hoped.

Shen Xiu sighed,'My little nephew… I don't know whenever to hate your giving me this headache, or to thank you for sparing my little reputation in this institute?' She thought inside her heart.

Nie Li pouted, he wanted to see Shen Xiu outside the institute. But since Shen Tian failed to accomplish his part of the bet, Shen Xiu did not necessarily have to leave the Holy Orchid Institute just because of him.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》