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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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42 Sacred Family Compound

Nie Li hated Shen Xiu, since she was part of the Sacred Family, and did not seem to be much different from Shen Yue and the rest. After all the Sacred Family had betrayed Glory City just when they were needed the most.


The Holy Orchid Institute had planned larger holidays due to the small amount of interactions students had with their families. The holidays were just about to arrive, and Shen Tian was ready to return to the Sacred Family Compound.

He had a bit of territory in the center of it, which was the mansion belonging to him and his father- who was now dead. Despite him typically living outside that part, he wanted to go for a visit there.

Xiao Ning'er walked towards Shen Tian, holding a ruby with a delicate pattern on it, which was red. She looked very shy, and her face was very red, she was blushing heavily and sounded unsure"Shen Tian, I have something to give to you."

When Shen Tian started to stare at it, Xiao Ning'er was already nowhere to be seen. She had immediately ran off, leaving him very confused, before remembering what this ruby meant to couples.

In the Divine Continent, a ruby represented a girl's love. This basically told Shen Tian, that Xiao Ning'er had fallen in love with him. Shen Tian couldn't say the same, yes, he did have some affection for her, but that was it.

Shen Tian sighed, as he was elbowed by a grinning Feng Hao,"It seems your arranged marriage is just working fine ,isn't it? I'm happy for you, Shen Tian." He said as he gazed at the sky," If I'm coming with you, I need to take Little Mei with us."

Shen Tian nodded,"You can get her, after all we still need to gather our stuff before leaving for there, and I have a few issues to solve before that, I need to go to the alchemy association." He told him.

Feng Hao smiled,"Afterwards, what are your plans, I assume you don't want to waste your time in the Holy Orchid Institute, I mean… You are already at the peak of the Gold Rank." He had yet to know Shen Tian was already beyond that.


The days passed quickly. The group had already left the Holy Orchid Institute, and were having a good time at Shen Tian's mansion, which was basically empty besides the occasional visits of the servants who worked there.

Shen Hong was in a very bad mood. Shen Ming was caught by Shen Tian, and was now still guarded heavily by the City Lord's Faction. He couldn't risk sending the Dark Guild to kill him, as it would raise many eyebrows, increasing his suspiciousness.

He was basically a trapped animal. Even in his own house, he could barely move without noticing people staring at him. It was affecting his breakthrough to the Legend Rank, more than ever right now.

The sad part was that he couldn't even cultivate without subconsciously thinking about those issues, leading to him slowly losing his sanity. Ever since Shen Tian was born, he had problems like this.

"Shen Tian…" He growled in a low voice.

It was at the point that he would have personally take care of the boy. He'd cover it up saying it was an incident, by creating a massive fire in the mansion, claiming Shen Tian was asleep at the time of that happening.


Shen Tian was discovering the limits of his Black Gold Rank strength. He now had access to his Mangekyou Sharingan. It was not the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan sadly, he'd have to become stronger for that it seems.

In his previous lives, he had awakened the Mangekyou Sharingan by killing his cousin, who had betrayed the leaf, he had been quite close to the boy, which served as another hit to his belief towards other people.

In this life, he did not have to worry at all, as his Mangekyou Sharingan and the later stages, would awaken according to his strength, he had modified it that way, so he wouldn't use it for pointless struggles.

For now, he was more worried about the total terror his Soul Form gave his Demon Spirits he had in his Soul Realm. It was as if they were very scared of it, but it wouldn't wouldn't even harm them anyway.

Shen Tian was confident in his ability to stop his soul form. He was an expert in the art of controlling Void, after all he had once comprehended the Grand Law of Void, and still had knowledge about it.

The main issue were the strongest beasts he was in control of,were still shaken by the pressure which covered his soul previously , the Abyssal Void Dragon, was just sleeping, he was resigned to his fate as a demon spirit for him it seems.

One of the abilities he could use with the Abyssal Void Dragon was the Chaotic Void Blast. It could decimate a radius of over two kilometers with a single hit, depending on how much power he used .

Another one was enhanced eyesight. Using the Abyssal Void Dragon form, gave him the eyes of a dragon, which were a million times better than that of a human, meaning he could see even a hundred kilometers away if he so wanted.

One of the reasons why he integrated with it and not any other Demon Spirit, was due to its powerful abilities, and he had only started to scratch the surface. With it, he could probably defeat Ye Mo, with some effort.

Ye Mo might be a Legend Rank Demon Spiritualist, and Shen Tian had yet to meet him, but from what he had heard of him, and what he read about him in books, he was an old man, who was focused on cultivation, so he could use that to his advantage.

He had quite the good relationship with the Snow Wind Family, however he was never given the chance to meet Ye Mo. He was offered the chance to become his disciple, which he of course decline respectfully.

Ye Mo might be at the apex of powerhouses in Glory City, however in the massive world, he was probably one of the weakest, comparing to Shen Tian's knowledge and wisdom, how could he even have enough face?
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》