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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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43 I want you Dead!

Shen Tian took a deep breath. Several clones inside the Undying Cycles Realm suddenly sent their Soul Force towards Shen Tian, who effortlessly absorbed all of it. He had reached the 2nd star of the Black Gold Rank.

Due to his breakthrough to the Black Gold Rank, the Undying Cycles Realm suddenly opened the third area, where he effortlessly endured the gravity in it, which was several times stronger than in the outside world.

It was… Eight Times slower than in the outside world, 24 hours in there equaled just 3 hours outside. He could also modify the size of each area to his liking, and he put around two million shadow clones there.

He did not touch the clones in the first and second area, because they could still gather foreign energies for him. After all he had three areas, and he could use all of them to his liking, and having ten million shadow clones in each area wouldn't be hard for him.

With his current reserves, he could create a hundred million shadow clones before fainting from exhaustion of Chakra. However, there was no need for him to do something like that, because it would endanger his life.

As he was in deep thoughts, the doors to his mansion were knocked down, an aura engulfing everything around the mansion. Fortunately, Shen Tian was alone in it, since Feng Hao took his sister to buy some stuff.

Fire engulfed the entire mansion. Shen Tian frowned, and spread his own Soul Force to counter the fire, immediately stopping it from spreading. He did not want to see this mansion destroyed and ruined.

Suddenly, Shen Tian's eyes widened as he was sent flying away by a blast of fire, his clothes burning severely. He frowned as he stopped, hitting a wall. It seems he would be unable to solve this peacefully.

'So it is the Sacred Flaming Condor…'

Although the attacker was covered in flames, shining yellow orange ones, he could still recognize the person. It was Shen Hong, the patriarch of the Sacred Family. He wanted to kill him.

Shen Tian craned his neck and coldly glared at the massive appearance of Shen Hong, reaching about three meters, looking at him with sharp eyes,"So… It has reached this point, Uncle?" He smirked.

Shen Hong did not say anything, he only fired several fireballs at him, which he easily dodged. Shen Tian's gaze narrowed,"It seems I will have to deal with you the old style…" His eyes changed to the Mangekyou Sharingan.

' I don't want for this to last too long, after all.. I have Tsukuyomi, which can send him into a world of illusions, even a Black Gold Expert like him, will be unable to exit it! 72 hours of pain…' Shen Tian's eyes spun.

The entire dimension started to crack as Shen Hong looked into Shen Tian's eyes, his eyes immediately widening,"In this world I am in control… For the next 72 hours, you will experience pain you have never felt."


Shen Hong breathed heavily as he fell into the ground, his knees supporting his body,"What the hell was that…" He was in his human form, already losing the fusion with his Demon Spirit. He was in a state of shock.

Shen Tian calmly walked towards him, his right eye bleeding from the use of Tsukuyomi. He did not have the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, thus he did not possess the eternal light of the EMS.

However, with his power, it would be extremely hard for him to go blind, as his body could endure several hundred uses of the Mangekyou Sharingan, and perhaps even a thousand before going blind.

Shen Hong's face darkened," I WANT YOU DEAD!" He roared as he integrated with his Demon Spirit again, sending several waves of fire at Shen Tian, who snorted and exhaled a massive amount of fire,"Fire Style - Fire Great Annihilation!"

Shen Tian's fire proved to be superior, and the flames covered Shen Hong who roared and sent several bursts of flames out. His eyes turning red, he opened his bird-like mouth and exhaled fire in the shape of a beam, which shot at Shen Tian.

The boy groaned, as the walls of the mansion's courtyard fell down. He went through several hand seals just for fun, not even seeing Shen Hong as a threat, however he did acknowledge his power in Glory City.

"Water Style - Twin Water Dragons!" He shouted out, earning a frown from Shen Hong. He was surprised at the ability of Shen Tian to use natural elements without the use of a demon spirit, he was a threat!

The beam of flames meet the two water dragons, ferociously clashing with each other. Ultimately the beam of flames lost, earning a growl from Shen Hong, who retreated, to not get hit by the water dragons.

Shen Tian, however did not stop here. He immediately ran towards Shen Hong, catching him off guard, and slammed his foot at his stomach , sending him flying a way. He did not let the poor man rest here, and thrust his fist forward.

He used his Sharingan to start a combo, dodging Shen Hong's attacks, and continue the barrage of punches and kicks, to the point Shen Hong's face was completely deformed, not even his father would recognize him anymore!

Shen Tian felt very sad for his uncle. It was not due to him not wanting to kill Shen Hong, but due to the latter being so foolish, as to spare him for so many years. Shen Tian was far stronger than him now.

At his current level, Shen Tian was confident that even Legend Rank Demon Spiritualists will have a massive problem with dealing with him, and that was before he even included his tyrant demon spirit, the Abyssal Void Dragon.

Shen Hong started to take short breaths, his face extremely bruised and he roared, entering his Demon Spirit Form again,his body covered in flames,"If I cannot kill you with just this, I'll take you along with me!"

He let out a mad laugh. Shen Tian frowned as this attack was comparable to a 1st star Legend Rank. Although he had never seen a cultivator of that rank, he had researched a lot about it in the libraries.

He rolled his eyes, it seems his mansion wouldn't escape destruction this time. Although he probably had a few methods to stop the attack, with the little time he had, his brain couldn't think that much.

His cultivation restricted his thoughts, not intelligence. Shen Tian took a deep breath before he integrated with his Demon Spirit, the Abyssal Void Dragon who just opened his crimson slitted eyes.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》