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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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44 The Fall.

"Chaotic Void Blast!"

Shen Tian coldly exclaimed, raising a claw on the air, as the air suddenly started to feel heavier than before.

He poured out Soul Force from his Soul Realm, and it immediately turned to Soul Force with the attribute of Chaos, and Void. After a bit of compression, it took the shape of a sphere, and it was dark purple and dark red.

It was not that big, just around thirty to forty centimeters in radius, however it had a very bright shine. Shenn Tian's cold expression continued,"This is your end, SHEN HONG!" He yelled out as he shot out the Sphere at Shen Hong.

An explosion was created, covering half ot the mansion. Luck was not by Shen Tian's side, as it seems he unfortunately had to destroy his mansion to win this battle against Shen Hong this time today.


Feng Hao noticed that the mansion… was not exactly in the best condition it could be, so he grabbed his sister's hand, carefully, and had his guard on. Maybe they were getting attacked by assassins.

His body integrated with the Demon Spirit Shen Tian had given him, Cursed Holy Phoenix, and he soared towards the mansion. Upon noticing the destruction, he grabbed his sister softly, not wanting to hurt her.

His eyes sharply looked at the scene in front of them. Shen Tian was almost naked, as his clothes had been scorched by Shen Hong's flames, and Shen Hong… He was basically a corpse now. The only reason he recognized him was due to his clothes and demon spirit.

"Shen Tian!" Feng Hao returned to his human form, and shouted, running towards Shen Tian, still holding his sister on his arms, however she was internally panicking, still not sure what was happening.

"The Sacred Family… needs to be cleansed. Send the letter to Ye Zong, I accept." Shen Tian's cold eyes searched around, and pulled out a scroll from his Interspatial Ring, handing it to Feng Hao who took it.

Feng Hao chuckled,"So you got fed up with this huh, it doesn't really matter anymore, since Shen Hong was the only peak Black Gold Demon Spiritualist of the family. The rest are way too weak to pose a threat to you."

Shen Tian took out clothes from his Interspatial Ring,"This man… Doesn't deserve to have this much in his palms. I shall take whatever the Sacred Family controls, and become an one man family."

Feng Hao nodded,"I'll go then, please take care of my sister until then. She's a bit shaken and scared from what just happened." Shen Tian took her from his hands and said,"Don't worry, I'll play with her in the meantime."

The fall of the Sacred Family was near.

Ye Zong, smirked upon receiving the letter from Feng Hao,"So the little fellow finally agreed… Fine, as agreed, he'll get 70% of all the shares of the Sacred Family, the rest will be divided by us!"

"Men, get ready! We are going to invade the Sacred Family, they have betrayed Glory City, and meet up with the Dark Guild, they are together!" Ye Zong roared, slamming his fist into the table, and the family leaders cheered.

That was the fall of the Sacred Family.


None were spared. Shen Yue and Shen Fei were personally executed by Shen Tian, however… Shen Xiu was not killed in cold blood, instead she was sent into a jail, personally managed by the City Lord's Faction,

Compared to what the others of the Sacred Family had done, Shen Xiu in fact was pretty innocent when you took that into consideration, but that did not clear her of all her crimes, so she still had to serve a few years in prison, using a system he had created sveral years ago.

The Sacred Family was still alive. The small portion which escaped, decided to run off to the Dark Guild. However, they were unsuccessful, as they were caught by the Scout Division just outside the city.

Shen Tian looked at Ye Zong,"Lord Ye Zong, I want to make a demand." He said with a calm face, and the man nodded,"It's your right, you have sacrificed so much for our city, as long as it's inside my limits, I'll accomplish it."

"I want to leave the Holy Orchid Institute and join the Scout Division." Shen Tian looked up at the sky and said. Yee Zong frowned,"But to join it you need to have a cultivation of at least the Gold Rank, due to the risks…"

Shen Tian chuckled," I killed Shen Hong. Lord Ye Zong, did you forget about that so easily?" Ye Zong started to laugh," I can't believe I was so fast to forget about something like that, so silly." He chuckled.

"Fine, I'll contact the leader Xuan Fei about it. I'm sure he will be glad to have among his people!" Ye Zong face turned serious,"Meanwhile, what are you going to do with your arrange marriage with Xiao Ning?"

Shen Tian rolled his eyes, but immediately understood to what he was getting to with that sentence. He looked at the City Lord's solemn face and replied,"I'll arrange a few meetings with her… I believe, we may have a spark between us."

Ye Zong nodded,"See you later than, Young Shen Tian, the future of Glory City stays in your shoulders, and not that… detestable fellow who goes by the name of Nie Li. Why does my daughter have a crush on him anyway? He is so… Annoying." He finished his sentence with a groan.

Shen Tian sweated slightly, he knew the city lord didn't have a favorable opinion on Nie Li due to his crush on Ye Ziyun. He couldn't justify it that easily either, he had to admit Nie Li was a bit creepy.

"Anyway, excuse me Lord Ye Zong, I have to leave and manage a few issues… The mansion I lived in with my father got destroyed today, and I want to rebuild it together with a few other workers." Shen Tian clasped his fists as he said that, and the City Lord nodded.

With permission, Shen Tian slowly left, being followed by Feng Hao who immediately started to whisper to Shen Tian after reaching a certain distance,"What are we going to do about the city starting rumors afterwards…"

Shen Tian replied, clearly not that worried about it,"The public can think whatever they want about this issue. They can label me a hero, or a traitor. Neither are a lie, so I cannot blame them at all."

"After all… I do not care about them."
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》