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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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45 A Demon Spirit To Someone

Shen Tian yawned. Due to the mansion being half destroyed, they had to resort to sleeping inside tents. Shen Tian had a few in his Interspatial Ring due to the recent expedition at the Ancient Holy Orchid City Ruins. He had forgotten to get rid of them.

Feng Hao walked towards Shen Tian,"Are you going to participate in the tournament?" He asked with curiosity visible in his tone,"Tournament?" He was not paying attention to the recent news due to his work with the ancient books.

"Yeah, sometimes, there are Younger Generation Tournaments organized by different families. This time it was supposed to be the Sacred Family which was responsible for it, but… We all know what happened to it, so instead the Divine Family is holding it."

"The Divine Family invited you to join it… Since the Sacred Family is only made by you… And me and Little Mei, which you invited as honorable members." Feng Hao explained as he gave Shen Tian a letter.

Shen Tian also learned that the Heavenly Mark Family, from which Nie Li was coming was also invited. Nie Li was among those who was invited, it seems his connection with the Alchemy Association was deep.

After all, the boy had managed to fork out over a hundred million Demon Spirit Coins to help his family's situation, however, what was that amount to Shen Tian now? Due to the Sacred Family falling down, he had transformed most of the Sacred Family's possessions besides land, to money.

He had over thirty five billion Demon Spirit Coins in his balance, an insane amount, he practically was a moving bank, he could easily fork out five billion DSC, let alone a hundred million of it!


Winged Dragon Family.

Xiao Ning'er was calmly using the cultivation technique given to her by Shen Tian, who she still had conflicting feelings about. In a corner, she had given him a ruby, which represented a woman's love, and in the other corner was unsure.

She was very sure, that this cultivation technique given to her, with a wind lightning attribute was very precious. After all, it had basically boosted her cultivation speed by over a hundred times. It was simply insane.

At the moment, Xiao Ning'er was at the peak of the Silver Rank, however, she had yet to integrate with a Demon Spirit. Shen Tian promised to give one which was suitable for her when he saw her next.



Xiao Ning'er suddenly yelped, when from a window, Shen Tian appeared out of nowhere. She jumped backwards, and thanked the deities that no one was in the compound right now, so she was not heard.

"You scared the hell out of me! What the hell is wrong with you?!" Xiao Ning'er shouted demanding an answer, while Shen Tian chuckled,"Calm down, I promised to give you a Demon Spirit, didn't I?"

She rolled her eyes,"That doesn't give you the right to suddenly intrude into my room like that." Shen Tian had a calm expression," I already told your father that I would be here today, it's not a problem. Really, stop making a big deal out of it."

Shen Tian's Interspatial Ring shone for a moment, as an orb appeared in his hand.It was white, and you could see a small creature inside it,"This is a Sky Lightning Dragon, which suits your attribute perfectly."

Xiao Ning'er gasped, any creature with,'Dragon' in it was simply very rare," I cannot accept this! It's too valuable, I can't pay this back…" She sounded like she wanted it a lot, but her conscience wouldn't allow her to accept it.

"If you want to pay for this, you can just kiss my cheek. I think it's enough payment to equal to this." Shen Tian chuckled, and said jokingly. Xiao Ning'er blushed, before quickly moving forward and kissing his cheek slightly, and immediately retreated, leaving him frozen, as she took the Demon Spirit from his hands.

"I did not really expect that from you… Who thought you always wanted to do something like that?" Shen Tian's expression turned to a teasing one, as Xiao Ning blushed even more heavily than before.

"Shut up! I only did it because it was the easiest way to pay for that Demon Spirit,you… You are so immoral! I hate you, dumbo!" Xiao Ning'er blushed heavily and started to softly hit Shen Tian's chest with her hands.

Shen Tian chuckled, for once in this life, his laugh was a true one,"Then, if you excuse me, I have to leave you. Ning'er, I have some other problems to take care of today." He said and without waiting for a response jumped out of the window.

"Silly Fool…" Xiao Ning'er muttered as she looked at the leaving figure of Shen Tian, and she grasped the Demon Spirit, Sky Lightning Dragon and smiled,"It seems… I cannot dodge that." She chuckled holding her hands closer to her frantically beating heart.

She was sure now, she loved Shen Tian.


Nie Li grinned, he had gained an incredible amount of money through the Alchemy Association due to Purple Haze Grass. He was currently walking towards the Sacred Family Compound, wanting to meet Shen Tian to pay him back.

He was deeply surprised after he had learned what Shen Tian had done. He had always felt like Shen Tian did not really like the Sacred Family, not like him, but close to that. He was in a very good mood.

A major reason of why Glory City fell, was the Sacred Family, and with them no longer here, Nie Li was confident that he could protect the city in a better way. He was planning to get rid of them anyway.

"Nie Li?" Feng Hao called Nie Li, with a bit of surprise visible on his face. He had not been expecting him to come here, just before the tournament organized by the Divine Family. He was expecting him to be training for it.

"Feng Hao! Can you please tell me where Shen Tian is? I need to meet him for a certain reason, I want to pay him back for all the money I borrowed from him before, twelve million Demon Spirit Coins!" Nie Li said, he had borrowed a total of around 12 million DSC.

"He just left the compound a while ago… I'm sure he will return if you wait for him though. He told me he wouldn't take much time to return." Feng Hao said as he played with his sister, he didn't have much free time, but whatever little time he had, he spent most of it with his sister.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》