An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
46 The Divine Family“s Tournamen
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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46 The Divine Family“s Tournamen

"You were looking for me, Nie Li?" Shen Tian walked into the scene, his eyes showing signs of sleepiness. It seems he had not slept a lot recently, Nie Li noted,"Yes, I want to return the money I borrowed from you."

He threw twelve Demon Spirit Cards at Shen Tian who caught them with a smirk,"Seems you got rich,huh?" He asked Nie Li who innocently whistled,"Mayybeee?" He said with an extended wait.

Shen Tian stopped walking, his expression changing to one of calmness,"You are also going to participate into this Tournament organized by the Divine Family?" Nie Li nodded,"I will participate."

Shen Tian smiled,"Then, we will be opponents, and I shall not show mercy to you, Nie Li. Remember that… Let's show our best in that stage." He extended his hand forward for a shake, and Nie Li nodded.

The two shook hands.


Divine Family Main Hall

"Chen Linjian, you were in an expedition with Shen Tian, can you tell us how he was like? After all.. He is practically a powerhouse on his own now!" The Patriarch of the Divine Family, Chen Zhenlong asked his son.

Chen Linjian's eyes widened when he learned what the topic of this meeting was going to be about. It seems Shen Tian had managed to pierce his way into the talks of even the high ranking people of the city.

"Well, Shen Tian was a very mysterious man. Throughout the expedition, he was very cold to most of us. He did not hesitate to speak his honest opinion though, and was soft at a few others. He has a good relationship with Nie Li,Feng Hao,Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning'er from I've seen."

Chen Wei, one of the elders who was going to be responsible for the Tournament made a question,"If I may interrupt, Young Master Linjian. I want to ask you- What is Shen Tian's true power level?"

They all knew that Shen Tian had managed to defeat Shen Hong- a peak Black Gold Rank Demon Spiritualist- who was rumored to be in top 3 strongest experts of the City, just below Ye Zong and Ye Mo.

At this question, Chen Linjian hesitated a bit,"This… I am not sure myself. However he was capable of creating massive holes, around the size of two average houses in width and three average houses in length!"

"He was also not scared of Demon Beasts and even left the main group just with his friend, Feng Hao. I assume his cultivation rank around that time was peak of the silver rank- or even early gold rank." Chen Linjian did not know what Shen Tian had done, however his guess was not that far away.

Chen Wei pondered,"That means he broke through from the Gold Rank to the Black Gold Rank in less than two months. As expected of an Indigo Grade Soul Realm prodigy of Glory City." Chen Linjian's eyes widened.

Black Gold Rank!

That was absurd, that was a realm even he was not sure he could reach, because that was the dividing line between simply experts and the absolute rulers of Glory City. There were less than 30 such people.

"You mean he reached the Black Gold Rank?! But in the end of the year examination, he only showed the power of an apex Silver Rank Demon Spiritualist, how is this possible?!" He exclaimed in shock.

Chen Zhenlong nodded,"It was confirmed that just a while ago, Shen Tian was attacked by Shen Hong, the former patriarch of the Sacred Family. The two engaged in a fight, and the former defeated the latter, with barely any visible damage."

Chen Linjian was truly amazed. Despite knowing Shen Tian was extremely talented, even to the point of being called the greatest prodigy Glory City has ever seen, to reach the Black Gold Rank at age 13 was shocking!

"Anyway, Linjian, you can be considered friends with him, after all you journeyed for almost two weeks together. Try to strengthen the ties between him and you, it will benefit our family a lot." Chen Zhenlong ordered, and the boy nodded.

Chen Wei, however was not satisfied with just this, and said,"I'll tell the other elders to be more careful when around Shen Tian, we cannot afford to piss him off, or he could even possibly destroy our family too!" Chen Wei had another identity, Chen Zhenlong's father.

He was the second greatest person with influence in the family, just behind Chen Zhenlong, and he was also the previous patriarch of the Divine Family, before passing off the role to his son after forty years in lead of it.

Chen Zhenlong nodded, he did not feel that Chen Wei was making unnecessary preparations. After all Shen Tian did indeed have the power to vanquish the entire Divine Family if he was provoked.

Shen Tian might be very powerful, however he was still a kid. He still had that childish, hot blooded personality, is what they thought. It was better not to try to provoke a boy like him for no reason, he could prove to be useful to them after all.


The arena prepared by the Divine Family was already almost fully full, with over ninety thousand people present. It was one of the largest Glory City had ever created and it was the Divine Family's proudest work.

People from the Snow Wind Family, Winged Dragon Family, Heavenly Marks Family, Huyan Family, Alchemy Association, Scout Division… and many more factions arrived at the arena and held a certain aura of superiority.

The VIP area itself contained over a thousand people, each being from various families of the city, which held considerable influence over the city. A large chunk were from the Scout Division and the Alchemy Association.

It was told that even Gold Rank Demon Spiritualists would make an appearance in this Young Generation Tournament, and it was a great chance for the powerhouses to recruit new members to their families and organizations. After all not every person was part of an organization here.

The crowd was murmuring about several topics, which included the extermination of the Sacred Family and their connection to the Dark Guild. They were called the betrayers of Glory City, traitors.

Shen Tian arrived, next to him was Feng Hao.

The two silently walked down the stairs, going towards the area designated for people who wanted to participate in the tournament, noticing the dozens of people already there, who were staring at them.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》