An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
48 The Battle For the Finals!
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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48 The Battle For the Finals!

Shen Tian blocked Feng Hao's fist who used his arm as support to jump into the air and shot his foot forward, trying to kick him, Shen Tian chuckled as he sent out a burst of Soul Force, interrupting him.

"Do your best!" Shen Tian screamed as he slammed his fist at Feng Hao's face. He gnashed his teeth, enduring the hit and sent a punch at him, however Shen Tian dodged even this hit with little difficulty.

He grabbed Feng Hao's leg by his foot and started to spin, finally throwing his body several meters away, almost outside the arena, however, Feng Hao did not get bothered by that, and immediately started to attack Shen Tian again.

Shen Tian dodged a barrage of punches before kneeing Feng Hao on his chin, making him freeze for a moment, however he quickly recovered and sent a fist towards Shen Tian who did not manage to dodge it this time.

He had restricted his strength to that of the 1st star of the Gold Rank,two stars lower than Feng Hao, so they could have a fight where both could enjoy the strength of each other without any problems.

The crowd started to roar, when Feng Hao landed a hit on Shen Tian, despite Shen Tian restricting his power level, Feng Hao was also doing a very good job at fighting him, and he liked that.

Shen Tian moved backwards slightly, to dodge another of Feng Hao's punches, before his eyes flashed red, and black flames started to cover Feng Hao's body, which almost immediately disappeared.

It was just an element of surprise, as he suddenly shoved his fist forward, sending Feng Hao flying away.

"Feng Hao is being beaten so badly!"

"This is weird… Didn't Shen Tian only show the power of the first star of the Gold Rank?! Isn't Feng Hao in the 3rd star?!"

"Feng Hao! Let's take this to another level, shall we?!" Shen Tian roared,as he changed into his Abyssal Void Dragon Form, he was obviously going to hold back, since Feng Hao would be exterminated if he went all out.

Feng Hao grinned and integrated with the Cursed Holy Phoenix, his body coated in flames, and a certain death like aura surging out of him,"Let's do this, SHEN TIAN!" He roared as he spewed flames at him.

Shen Tian roared as he did the same, the flames of the Abyssal Void Dragon were purple, and could reach incredible temperatures, turning everything into ash, it was one of the hottest flames, which was one of the major reasons he choose it.

The two attacks clashed, ultimately Shen Tian's purple flames won, however he did not stop here, and jumped forward sending a scale filled fist at Feng Hao, who blocked it with his feather filled hand.

Chen Zhenlong chuckled,"Those two… At their age I was only at the second star of the bronze rank, while they are at the gold rank and black gold rank respectively! I'm so jealous." He grinned loudly.

Ye Zong nodded,"At their age, I was also only at the second star of the bronze rank, even my father was only at the fourth star of the Bronze Rank… They are extremely talented, and Glory City's future it seems."

'Shen Tian basically can stay in the same level as us… He defeated Shen Hong, I for one, don't doubt he'll surpass even my father, he will bring Glory City into a new age of revolutions,a golden age!'

Ye Zong's focus was on the battle, however he did speak a bit sometimes, after all Shen Tian, was tightly connected to Glory City, and the chances of the Dark Guild stealing him from them was very low.

Shen Tian took a deep breath,"This has gone for too long, Feng Hao, I am going to finish this in one blow!" As he said that, he started to create a Chaotic Void Blast, and coldly looked at Feng Hao.

Feng Hao roared, as the entire arena shook, his figure suddenly increased in size, and behind him dark orange flames gathered to create a phoenix, which screeched and glared at Shen Tian, flying towards him.

"Cursed Phoenix!" Feng Hao roared.

"Chaotic Void Blast!" Shen Tian muttered.

Chen Zhenlong,Chen Wei,Ye Zong and Gu Yan all opened their eyes wide, this clash was far above the level of a Gold Rank spar, it was nearing the level of what Black Gold Rank Demon Spiritualists could use!

Smoke and dust covered the arena, the elder responsible for this coughed a lot as he used his Soul Force to gently push the smoke away, he wanted to make sure none of the two were wounded by this that much.

The smoke slowly left the arena, and the crowd was curious to see who won the battle, eventually even the small amount of dust disappeared, fully revealing the scene in front of them. The winner was… Shen Tian!

Feng Hao was exhaling and inhaling air as fast as he could, and way laying in the ground, both his arms and legs spread,"You defeated me...In a very convincing way." He bitterly said with whatever power he could muster.

"You fought well, I did not expect for you to force me to use one of my ultimate attacks." Shen Tian said as he looked at Feng Hao, he barely even had a scratch on his body, the latter chuckled,"Stop trying to comfort me…"

'I know that you were holding back… Far too much.'


The other semi final between Nie Li and Xiao Ning'er was a very interesting one, Nie Li had the Fanged Panda Demon Spirit, giving him an advantage in a physical match, however Xiao Ning'er had the Sky Lightning Dragon.

Their cultivation was also closely matched, thus the result was very unclear, in they end they fought for over thirty minutes, exhausting their entire reserves, and the elder called for a tie between the two.

However, before the fight ended, Xiao Ning'er and Nie Li unleashed their strongest attacks. Xiao Ning'er took several breaths, feeling the incredible aura and pressure around her and smiled slightly.

Her integrated form, started to crack, however she did not care, extending both arms forward, Soul Force started to gather around the two, creating a perfect sphere of pure Soul Force, it was around the size of a palm.

Nie Li was charging his own attack, the Yin Yang Blast, thus he was focused on his own attack, and did not notice the incredible amount of Soul Force gathered at Xiao Ning's final attack.

Nie Li sweated, and noticed that if he wanted this to be over in his advantage, he needed to extinguish Xiao Ning's perfect Spherical Ball, which made out of pure Soul Force, it was a very dangerous attack.

If she somehow managed to add an element, like Lightning or Wind to it, Nie Li was not going to win this, however since it was just soul force alone, he stood a chance. He threw the Yin Yang Blast forward, meeting the Spherical Ball.

In the end,Nie Li's experience won, as the Spherical Ball was deflected into a side of a wall, and the Yin Yang Blast went forward, hitting Xiao Ning'er who dodged it using her wings, however she was still hit by it.

The elder suggested for the match to be fought again, due to him declaring a tie earlier, but both sides ignored his suggestion, Xiao Ning'er knew she had lost fair and square, but the main cause was her Soul Force Reserves!

However, Xiao Ning'er declared that she didn't want a re-match, her soul force reserves were low, and there was no use in defeating Nie Li with that, and then fighting Shen Tian, who was in full power.

The entire arena was very shocked by the end of the fight, no one had expected for Xiao Ning'er to achieve the third place in the Tournament of the Young Generation, in fact there was a high chance she could've achieve second place!

Xiao Ning'er had the Sky Lightning Dragon, as mentioned before, which gave her the advantage in terms of offensive power and speed, she also had air superiority, and she was not afraid to use any of those.

However, the fact her Soul Force Reserves were lower than Nie Li at the moment, was the cause which made her lose this fight, that was due to the Sky Lightning Dragon demanding a ton of Soul Force to use.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》