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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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49 The Winner..

In fact, the Winged Dragon Family itself was very surprised at the achievement of Xiao Ning'er, Nie Li was known for absolutely shattering several young masters who tried to piss him off with the Fanged Panda.

This meant, the final was Nie Li against Shen Tian… A very interesting final, which many people were curious to see the ending of, who would win, the Prodigy of the fallen Sacred Family, or the new dark horse of the Heavenly Mark Family?



Nie Li looked calmly at Shen Tian, it was going to be a very difficult battle for him to win. The current him had just broken through to the Gold Rank, while Shen Tian was already in the 3rd star of the Black Gold Rank.

Shen Tian relaxed,while Nie Li knitted his eyebrows, he was underestimating him far too much. He took a deep breath and surged forward,attacking him with his limbs, it became a taijutsu fight it seems.

Nie Li used his Fanged Panda Form, and attacked Shen Tian, who jumped behind, and still did not enter his Abyssal Void Dragon Form, however Nie Li used his Gravity Field, making it harder for him to move.

Nie Li wanted to end this almost immediately, and threw his palm forward, which had claws, Shen Tian snorted, he was not really affected by the Gravity Field, and he was going to use his chakra and soul force to beat him.

'Xiao Ning'er got inspired by me to create that attack she uses with her Lightning Sky Dragon, It's Rasengan, I will add an elemental affinity to it, let's go with fire, since my Abyssal Void Dragon Form has it.'

Shen Tian raised a hand above his head, and smirked," I wonder if you can deal with this." Nie Li, who was closing to him raised an eyebrow, there was no time for Shen Tian to make any attack right now.

Shen Tian focused a massive amount of chakra and soul force, as he formed a Rasengan, which took the shape of a sphere, and added fire chakra to it, making it look red, and had a very high temperature.

Nie Li widened his eyes, but he couldn't stop himself, so his palm clashed with Shen Tian's Rasengan.

The ending was obvious.


Ultimately, the tournament was won by Shen Tian, defeating Nie Li was a ferocious battle between the two, with the Chaotic Void Blast, Nie Li never stood an actual chance against Shen Tian if he went all out.

Shen Tian won several different kinds of pills, some advanced Soul Crystals, capable of counting his Soul Force up to the peak of the Black Gold Rank and a few ancient books they had found in ancient ruins.

Everyone was expecting a result like that, only the Heavenly Mark family were a bit disappointed, but the Alchemy Association and the Scout Division both invited both of them, Shen Tian decided to join the Scout Division together with Feng Hao

The Principal of the Holy Orchid Institute was visibly disappointed when Shen Tian declared that he was resigning from the institute, proclaiming there was nothing the institute could teach him anymore.

The principal was named Ye Long, he was part of the Snow Wind Family, showing how massive the influence of the family was, they had a major influence in the Scout Division and Holy Orchid Institute!

Shen Tian had decided to enter the Heavenly Sacred Border, for no particular reason, he wanted to see what was inside it before leaving the Holy Orchid Institute, to make even Ye Mo want to take any genius who managed to enter it as his disciple.

Learning what he had done, Shen Tian was asked by Xiao Ning'er if she could follow him to there, Feng Hao also wanted to join, but he still was healing from a few injures, so he was forced by Shen Tian to stay at home and rest properly.

The two entered the Heavenly Sacred Border after Shen Tian filled both his and Xiao Ning's Interspatial Rings with pills and all required items for survival in the wild, you never knew what could happen after all.

The two, noticed that the Heavenly Sacred Border was filled with grass and occasionally you could see a few trees in the distance, Shen Tian started to get a massive headache almost immediately after entering it.

He immediately understood what it was, he was getting overloaded with Soul Force, due to him accepting soul force from millions of Shadow Clones, he was pretty immune to it, soon he discovered his cultivation had reached the fifth star of the Black Gold Rank already.

He looked around and noticed that Xiao Ning'er did not have a similar headache like him, in fact she was very confused. She could sense the overflow of Soul Force in their direction, but not at where it was going.

"Shen Tian what is happening?" She asked with a bit of fear in her voice, for a girl her age, this was very confusing, although she could feel a bit of soul force enter her too, the majority was aimed at Shen Tian.

"I'm not very sure myself, but I think the two of us just dried this entire realm of it's Soul Force for at least an entire month." Shen Tian said as he looked around, noticing no difference besides the depletion of Soul Force.

He did notice, that his Soul Realm had grown by at least two times, however he received no pain from it due to his identity as a Black Gold Rank Demon Spiritualist, it was natural for his Soul Realm to grow as one.

"Young boy… Why can't I access your consciousness?! It's absurd! I am a soul, a spirit, how can you obstruct me like that?" A hoarse voice rang out, it was quite close to them, Shen Tian narrowed his eyes.

Shen Tian did not immediately answer, instead his hand formed a claw, and he swung it in the air, pulling something down, it was a soul,"How are you capable of touching my Spiritual Form?!" The soul exclaimed.

Shen Tian however, still continued not to answer, and instead used his mutated Spiritual Energy to create a cage, which he put the soul inside, much to the soul's annoyance,"What the hell are you trying to do to me?!"

The soul didn't have a way to fight back, despite having a lot of knowledge, his actual physical appearance was lacking, which meant he couldn't fight Shen Tian, and even if he could, he was not trying to.

"Do you even know who I am?! I am one of the five founders of the Glory City, im one of them, Lord Founder, Ye Yan, I am also the founder of the Snow Wind Family!" The soul said with anxiousness.

Shen Tian slightly paused, he knew that something was sealed in the Heavenly Sacred Border, but was never exactly sure what, he had always felt a strong aura from it," So what, that doesn't give you a reason to invade my consciousness!"

Ye Yan was silent for a moment before roaring," I was about to ask you, if you were willing to become my student, you goddamn stinky brat!" Shen Tian frowned,"And my answer to that would've been no."

"You are regretting that now, I can see that in your face, don't worry, the great me will still accept you as a disci- Eh… Did you just say no?! Are you sane my friend?!" Ye Yan started to boast before he coughed on his own words.

Shen Tian rolled his eyes,"Let's say you are my teacher, what can you even teach me?I'm already in the Black Gold Rank, basically nothing you own will be effective on me!" He said, as Ye Yan's eyes widened,"What?! You are already in the Black Gold Rank?!"

Shen Tian nodded as he sent a wave of his Soul Force towards the cage Ye Yan was inside, making him get shocked,"Brat, quickly free me from this cage, and I'll give you a manual on how to reach the Legend Rank!"

"As if, just stop embarrassing both of us, I'll let you free, but just leave, I don't want to do anything which includes you in it! If you can't even break out of a cage… What is your worth?" Shen Tian coldly stated.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》