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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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54 Scout Division

God created humanity, he gave them the first emotions, which he called 'Emptiness', one of the first emotions created afterwards, was despair. It flooded humanity's hearts, practically every human had felt despair at least once in their life.

"Will I manage to complete this test?"

"Will I achieve a breakthrough tomorrow?"

"Am I a failure…?"

Demons feed of the negative emotions of humanity, and despair was one of the largest income of their powers.When God realized his mistake, he tried to seal despair, but instead was filled with despair!

Ages after ages, humanity experienced different amounts of despair, like when the Age of Darkness began, the humans who were used to a peaceful and superior life, began to realize they were now the prey.

In battle, despair could lower the morale of one's enemies, which made it far easier for them to be killed, it broke one's willpower to continue fighting, and that was what Shen Tian was exactly using to do it.

Despair was a formidable weapon, what better way was to use it than a scary looking warrior which piercing hollow eyes, and with a height of over twenty to thirty meters? The red eyes also did a massive work on that.

This was the power of the Perfect Susanoo, a being purely made to inflict fear and despair into one's body, it was the ultimate technique of the Mangekyou Sharingan, it had a massive physical strength.

"Devour." Shen Tian muttered, the entire scene in front of him and Xiao Ning'er had turned to one of barren wasteland, that was the power of the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword as maximum capacity, no… The best way to answer that would be the maximum capacity at his current power!

"You okay?" Shen Tian asked Xiao Ning'er who had already disabled the integration and blankly looked at Shen Tian, before nodding,"It was my first time… Killing someone, but I won't hesitate next time!" She said with resolve in her voice.

Sweat covered Xiao Ning'er again, her clothes tightly embracing her body figure, she blushed again upon noticing, and pulled Shen Tian's sleeve,"Can you please use that wind trick again?" She asked with embarrassment.

Shen Tian did not look at her, and waved his hand a bit, her clothes drying almost immediately, and the sweat also similarly disappeared and dried off in a moment. She sighed in relief,'Why is this happening to me so much…'

"We need to return to the city, speaking of that, Ning'er you know that I want to join the Scout Division right? Do you want to come with me there?" Xiao Ning'er who was already considering that, nodded.

When asked at the Young Generation Tournament hosted by the Divine Family, she was still unsure of her answer, so she delayed it and told them she'd answer a week later, and she had already decided to join the Scout Division.

"Let's go, the city is a bit far away from here, we don't want to make the others get worried, do we? I also need to find out how they managed to manipulate the teleportation array. It's suspicious, I'm sure the Sacred Family didn't have access to it." Shen Tian's eyes returned to normal.

Xiao Ning'er nodded, she thought the same it was very odd, the Dark Guild might've had connections to the Sacred Family, but neither party had access to the Holy Orchid Institute's core.

Especially since the Teleportation Inscription Pattern was re-made and changed every month, it would be very difficult for any party to manage to steal it and put it back inside a certain amount of time.

It was official, Glory City had far more traitors than just the Sacred Family, and Shen Tian was not going to let it end like that, he would chase the tail until he reached the head, he'd find the traitors no matter what.

He had searched the memories of every member of the Dark Guild, but failed to find out the base of the Dark Guild, it seems they took some pills to kill each other just before he neared them, he sighed,'Even after I went through all that pain in the ass to keep them alive…'

"Ning'er hold on for a minute, I want to give something to you." Making up his mind, Shen Tian decided to give Xiao Ning'er a treasure he made purely out of his soul force recently, it was an amulet which could receive ten attacks of an expert of the Legend Rank!

Xiao Ning'er gasped when she saw the amulet in Shen Tian's hand,"Take it, I made it purely for you,Ning'er." Although Shen Tian's expression was not that warm, Xiao Ning'er appreciated it a lot,"But…" Shen Tian did not accept a refusal and just shoved it into her hand.

Xiao Ning'er didn't know how to feel, Shen Tian had given her so many treasures, had even improved and given her a new Cultivation Technique, given her a new Demon Spirit which was very powerful… Yet, what had she done for him?

She'd have to repay him in a way or another… She bit her lower lips in bitterness, and put the Amulet on her neck, hiding it inside her clothes so that no one would notice it. She then started to walk together with Shen Tian.

She intertwined her hand with Shen Tian's hand, making herself blush, and the boy just looked at her with confuse, but shrugged and did not say anything, continuing to walk towards Glory City. There were far more important issues than this.


Feng Hao got very jealous, upon knowing that Shen Tian's cultivation had advanced immensely, and so had Xiao Ning's cultivation, however he did not know how high was Shen Tian's cultivation, it was still a surprise.

Feng Hao had recently entered the fifth star of the Gold Rank, while Xiao Ning'er was stuck in the fourth star of the Gold Rank, Shen Tian… Let's say he was far above the two others, it was not even a challenge anymore.

Shen Tian created his own team inside the Scout Division, and did not get any mentor, since he knew the plans of the Scout Division even better than it's own leaders, after all the division was his own idea.

Team Raven: Xiao Ning'er,Feng Hao and Shen Tian.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》