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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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55 A New Chapter in Life

Nie Li was setting up an array in the City Lord's Mansion, however Shen Tian was not interested in hearing the details, he had done enough for the city, he could leave the rest up to a fellow… Reincarnator.

His first Scout Division Mission, was considered A Rank, however , with his strength put at peak Black Gold Rank by the Scout Division, and with a two peak Gold Rank Demon Spiritualists, there wouldn't be much trouble with it.

Ancestral Founder Ye Yan, had already contacted the Snow Wind Family, to tell them not to worry about the recent changes in the Heavenly Sacred Border Realm, and that it was going to return to normal soon.

Shen Tian was communicating with Feng Hao, so there would be no problems with the resources they'd have in this mission, Feng Mei, Feng Hao's little sister was put under care of the Snow Wind Family during this time.

One of the reasons why Shen Tian did not ask for the Scout Division to add a few more people to their team, was because he was more comfortable with showing his powers to friends, rather to some team members he had not known before.

"Let's leave." Shen Tian told Xiao Ning'er, who was wearing black clothes, which made it easier for her to move, and Feng Hao, who similarly was wearing black clothes, Shen Tian also did the same…

The gates of Glory City opened, allowing the team of three members to leave, with nothing on their back, there was an entire St.Ancestral Mountain Range for the trio to explore, they were very excited.


As the group journeyed, Shen Tian turned his head back for a slight moment, knitting his eyebrows,"Is there something wrong?" Feng Hao noticed his expression and asked with worry in his voice.

"No… I felt like we needed to go back for a moment… Who knows why I felt like that." Shen Tian shrugged it off, what could happen to Glory City anyway? The most important thing was to finish their mission.

Xiao Ning'er also looked at the horizon, from where they came, Glory City couldn't be seen anymore, but Shen Tian was sure he left the city in good hands, Ye Yan was still there, and the city had two Legend Rank Demon Spiritualists now.

"Let's go, I don't want for us to be caught by the darkness of the night, we need to reach some shelter, the Scout Division set up a hideout at a nearby mountain, the map I have will send us there." Shen Tian said as he pointed westwards.

"The Hideout is populated by a few Gold Rank Demon Spiritualist of the Scout Division, they are trustworthy… I believe. They'll give us a few more materials we might need in our mission." Shen Tian said.

"Also, be wary of the darkness, there could always be Demon Beasts lurking around, waiting for us to lower our guard, and suddenly attack us, for them we are their prey." He pointed out and sighed.

Feng Hao nodded,"From what I've heard, those hideouts are covered in strong material, so the Demon Beasts cannot pierce them, hopefully… They'll also hold on even if we encounter a demon beast horde."

Xiao Ning'er also tried to put herself into this discussion,"Doesn't each hideout also have at least a peak Gold Rank Demon Spiritualist? Isn't that like amazing?! I've heard there are over thirty Hideouts."

"The Scout Division was created several years before, since then, it has risen with an immediate popularity, it also has a massive library, which the City Lord Faction helped to make, and it also has ancient books found in ruins." Feng Hao said.

Shen Tian looked around,"The Scout Division, has over ten Black Gold Rank Demon Spiritualists and several dozen Black Gold Rank Fighters, most of them are spread in hideouts though."

"That's really fearsome… No wonder they don't fear the Demon Beasts outside Glory City… With a power like that , they are not worried about most Demon Beasts, and only the few Legend Rank ones are dangerous to them."

"Be careful!" Shen Tian shouted suddenly,"You were about to step in a poisonous plant… Next time be more careful, you could've been heavily wounded by the plant's poison!" Shen Tian reprimanded Feng Hao.

"You don't have to only look out for Demon Beasts or the Dark Guild in the St.Ancestral Mountain Range, there is also the danger of the plants out here!" Shen Tian said with another sigh."Just be more careful next time."

"Can this poison even hurt Gold Rank Demon Spiritualists? I mean.. Feng Hao has almost reached the Black Gold Rank too, there are not a lot of poisons capable of hurting him, are there?" Xiao Ning'er asked with curiosity in her tone.

"Yes, do not underestimate the look of this purple grass, it's one of the most powerful poisons in this area, and can even kill Black Gold Demon Spiritualists, however it is extremely rare." Shen Tian said with a frown..

Feng Hao sighed and looked at the two of them,"Thanks god that you warned me, I Don't know what could've happened if I decided to make that one step… I could've died." Shoes wouldn't have stopped it.

"Anyway, the Hideout is not that far away from here according to the map, let's go a bit faster, I'm sure the scouts there are getting worried about us too, they were informed we'd go there by the Scout Division." Shen Tian said, as he started to run faster.


The Hideout of the Scout Division, was located in what the Scout Division called the 'Inner Layer', where Demon Beasts were not that common, and were of the weak levels, not of a dangerous level.

There were a total of five Hideouts in the Inner Layer, after that, there were a total of twenty five hideouts outside the Inner Layer, and were called the Outer Layer,where the influence of the Scout Division was far lower.

Each Hideout outside the Inner Layer, had a Black Gold Rank Demon Spiritualist or Fighter among its ranks, sometimes even having both, Glory City had reached a new age of prosperity currently.

All of this was thanks to the boy known as Shen Tian, who had created this complicated system of the Scout Division, he was fully responsible for all of this, he was truly the greatest prodigy of Glory City.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》