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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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56 Journey To The...

The First Hideout outside Glory City had an special meaning, it was the first step humanity had made to reach beyond the walls of Glory City, even Ye Yan had been proud of the Scout Division.

Ye Yan, had been researching a lot about the current state of Glory City, and for the last ten years, Shen Tian had been influencing the state of Glory City by a massive amount, to the point even he couldn't recognize the current Glory City.

Each Hideout, was practically a very small city, covered by well built defenses, and each hideout took around two or three months to build, and the combined efforts of over a hundred cultivators to build.

Shen Tian,Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao were about to enter the first one. Shen Tian had put the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword into his Interspatial Ring, not seeing an use for putting that flashy sword in his back.

"Welcome to the first Hideout of Glory City, you are the three members of the Scout Division, aren't you?" The leader of the first hideout was called Jian Feng, a peak gold rank demon spiritualist.

Jian Feng, was very excited, they did not receive new members a lot of times recently, mainly due to the lack of Gold Rank Demon Spiritualists, most of them wanted to leave for Hideouts far away from Glory City.

"We received a mission from the main Scout Division headquarters, to venture deep into the St.Ancestral Mountain Range, and find out about new territories, we are only here for a short amount of time of a few days." Shen Tian said as he shaked hands with Jian Feng.

Jian Feng gained a slight frown, but did not let it show on his face,"That's great… I do not advice for you to explore new lands though… Even if you have the power of a Black Gold Rank Demon Spiritualist, consider that the wisdom of an elder."

Jian Feng was a middle aged man, entering his forties, he did not want to see the three juniors before him enter the bad way, and eventually die due to it, he had seen enough people die so easily.

Shen Tian smiled brightly,"I thank elder for the advice, however we are determined to finish our mission, after all it is our first mission among many others! I do not want to give up on it." He told Jian Feng.

Jian Feng sighed,"If you juniors want to do it… There is nothing else I can do to stop you three, however, I definitely want you to rest in this hideout for a few days, do not refuse my offer!" He looked at the three and said.

"Of course." Feng Hao grinned.


In about three days or so, the three finally decided to leave, they had already extended their wait for a very long time, in their original plan, they had decided to leave from the first hideout in the second or first day.

"Our next stop won't be close for a very long time, about a week, the distance between each hideout is not that long,each taking maybe about a day worth of walking,we will be stopping in each one." Shen Tian told the rest of the team.

Xiao Ning'er nodded," I don't see a need to stop in every Hideout anyway, we have enough food to survive for several months, and inside our Interspatial Rings they won't go bad from a very long time."

Feng Hao grinned," I think I am nearing a breakthrough to the Black Gold Rank, it seems the wild nature of the St.Ancestral Mountain Range is helping me, the Soul Force is much more dense."

The trio, were cultivating at a far higher speed, Shen Tian always had his millions of Shadow Clones, but he occasionally also liked to cultivate, it calmed his soul down, he had already stated this before.

After an entire month of traveling, the had finally gone through the Inner Layer, and reached the Outer Layer, they had passed through five Hideouts. He used shadow clones to receive news about Glory City.

It seems it was recently invaded by the Dark Guild, however it was extinguished with the help of the Array set up by Nie Li, and the combined effort of every faction in Glory City, and the young master of the Snow Wind Family, Ye Han had appeared again.

He was Ye Zong's adopted son, he was not liked that much by most people of the family, and Shen Tian had met him before, however his opinion of the boy had not been that good, he could see the greed inside Ye Han's eyes.

Ye Han was currently in the Gold Rank, compared to Nie Li, he was lacking a bit, Shen Tian already knew that he'd be very jealous of both Nie Li's achievements and relationship with Ye Ziyun.

It seems the trio were going to miss very fun times in Glory City, however their mission was not any less important compared to this, Shen Tian couldn't afford to simply abandon it. During this time, Xiao Ning'er had also reached the peak of the Gold Rank.

Feng Hao had broke through to the first star of the Black Gold Rank, and was in a very good mood, that meant he was a step closer to Shen Tian, who had already reached the fifth star of the Legend Rank.

Shen Tian was not sure what lied beyond the Legend Rank, according to the notes he found in different ruins, he needed 'Spiritual Roots' to continue cultivating to the next rank, called the Heavenly Fate Rank, or realm, his Spiritual Root was mysterious, but he could still sense it. However he couldn't use it, meaning he was left to find another method of cultivating.

Neither did he think he had the ability to become a Spiritual God, so his ability to harness Heavenly Energy… Which was the energy needed to enter the Heavenly Fate Realm, was almost null.

Shen Tian would have to think of another way to increase his power, if going the normal way did not work, then he would simply cave his way to create another way to reach the apex, it was not something he was unfamiliar with.

However, he had noticed that Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao might have this so called 'Spiritual Root', good for the, creating new ways to increase one's power was truly a headache, even for him.

However, he had already made his resolve when he died in his first life, he wouldn't leave such simply problems obstruct his path to becoming the greatest under and higher than the heavens, he was going to reach the apex.

Finally, after a month and a half of journeying across the St.Ancestral Mountain Range, they had reached a new location, a place which had been never seen before in any map created by the Scout Division, in fact, with their speed, they had even passed through the Outer Layer.

The Dark Ruins.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》