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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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63 The White Tiger Family

Shen Tian returned to the Crescent Moon Inn, which as usual didn't have many people, and entered his room, he saw that Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao were playing cards, and smiled when they saw him.

"Welcome back!" The two said at the same time,"Hello. I did some scouting, and found out some quite valuable information." Shen Tian told them as he stretched his limbs, and took a seat,"We are near the territory of the White Tiger Family."

"White Tiger Family… Isn't that the family which is highly connected to the Black Lion Family? Aren't they literally just one family?" Xiao Ning'er pondered, her knowledge was rather limited about the underground city.

Feng Hao looked at Shen Tian and noticed that his clothes looked rather dirty,"Did something happen? I don't think you can get that dirty from tripping into the ground." Shen Tian rolled his eyes,"How do you think I found out about that?"


"So you fought members of the White Tiger Family?" Feng Hao sighed,"Now we have a lot of problem behind our backs… Well Done Shen Tian." He similarly rolled his eyes, Xiao Ning'er sheepishly laughed.

"And you also told them where we are?! Shen Tian, I knew of you as a very smart individual, but seriously my friend, that was a very dumb move!" Feng Hao sighed again, wrinkles appearing on his face.

Shen Tian smirked,"My friend, all of this was made under my motive to establish my own faction…" Feng Hao and Xiao Ning'er looked at him weirdly,"What do you mean?" They asked him.

"In this world, one won't live forever, Bronze Rank Experts live to about a hundred, Silver Rank Experts to around 150, Gold Rank to around 250, Black Gold Rank to around 300, Legend Rank to about 500. The greatest success one can have in life is, having your name mentioned even a thousand years later!"

Xiao Ning'er raised an eyebrow,"Doesn't that mean nothing, if in the end you are dead? Glory won't come to you when you die, neither will fame." Shen Tian chuckled,"The higher your cultivation, the higher you can live.

The higher the level of your sect, the more resources you can get from it, I plan to establish my own faction, the Five Elemental Dragons Sect!" Shen Tian raised a fist into the air,"This is how I am going to invade the Underground City"

Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao sweatdropped,'Is this the same Shen Tian we traveled with for several months? He suddenly sounds way more ambitious…' They thought at the same time, however Shen Tian was thinking otherwise.

When he had died in his first life, he had always been envious of how politicians and rich people were always at the top, in his second life, Sect Leaders were almost the same, monopolizing every resource.

In his third life, Kages held the power to use the library of their village to their full enjoyment, while normal shinobi and kunoichi could only access a small part of it, in his fourth life, he wanted to be one of those leaders.

In the end, The Five Elemental Dragon Sect wouldn't really be a long term plan for him, merely a way for him to control the Underground City in a very fast time period, through usage of genjutsu and Kotoamatsukami.

He would only be able to use the Rinnegan when he entered the realm beyond the Legend Rank,if the notes he had were correct, the realm beyond the Legend Rank was called the Heavenly Fate Realm.

The Five Elemental Dragon Sect would rely on the use of a few elements, those being : Fire,Earth,Water,Wind and Lightning. With those elements, it would be extremely hard for the top factions to eliminate it.

While he wouldn't go out and hand strong techniques to random people, with the usage of Kotoamatsukami, he could put everyone he deemed strong into a genjutsu, and force them to be part of sect.

"Yes, I have a powerful technique, which will help me into creating the most glorious sect this city has ever seen, and I also found several techniques of different elements, which will help me into doing this."

Shen Tian said,"Xiao Ning'er! Feng Hao!" The two others looked at him, and raised an eyebrow,"What? Did you finally decide that you went way overboard with your imagination right now?"

Shen Tian shook his head,"My Demon Spirit is not focused on several elements, and I will need your help if I want to acquire this city, I will help you increase your power quickly, and we can create our sect." He grinned.

He was really liking the idea of this,with his Void Attribute, he could use several elements, and he could also use Chakra to manipulate the basic affinities, however he could trust the two with some work after all.

"How do you want all of this to work?" Feng Hao sighed, he could work in the Fire Division of the Sect, however that did not mean his strength could support the height of that job. Shen Tian nodded,"You can be the Sect Master of the Fire Sect Branch, Xiao Ning'er can be the Sect Master of the Lightning Branch!"


The man coughed severely, Shen Tian had done quite a number on him, and he had underestimated him a lot, causing him to have a lot of internal wounds, however it seems he had gone easy on the man a bit.

He was named Bai Hu, and was the son of a Grand Elder of the family, who was a Legend Rank Expert, while his grandfather was one of the three Ancestors of the White Tiger Family, being a Demigod.

Which was why he told, Shen Tian, that he had a great influence over the White Tiger Family, not to mention that it was a very simple thing for him to recruit someone into the family with his reputation.

He had entered the Black Gold Rank, at the age of 20, he was only 23 at the current time, and could be said to be very close to the fourth star of the Black Gold Rank, he was one of the best talents of the clan at current times.

However, he was defeated by a boy, who was almost eleven years smaller than him, Bai Hu took a deep breath and asked one of his men,"Where the fuck did that small brat go?!" The man responded.

"He told us that if you wanted to search for him, go to the Crescent Moon Inn, that's where he was staying with his companions, but boss you are injured stay a bit more at home!" He responded nervously.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》